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  1. They traded away six pitchers at the deadline. Losing since then is expected and not a factor in anything.
  2. If not having a robust analytics department that actually has influence on personnel was a KW/Hahn decision, then this is a positive sign. If it's a JR decision, then this won't change anything.
  3. Wow! That's all I can say right now.
  4. Still think it would be funny if everybody bought upper deck tickets and left the lower deck mostly empty.
  5. Speaking of the Marlins, they just had a game rescheduled due to a hurricane. A road game. In Los Angeles.
  6. That's why that stat is so all-encompassing--it describes both how bad the pitchers and hitters have been when it comes to commanding the strike zone.
  7. I was coming here to post exactly this. I can't think of a single stat that sums up how bad a team is better than this. This is an organizational failure, both in acquiring players and developing them.
  8. Is Canada's pit bull ban a thing that's widely known? I never knew it until reading this thread. If Buehrle did know about it and didn't negotiate a no-trade in his contract, then that's on him. If not, then that's unfortunate luck. I don't expect the Marlins to take a lesser deal just to accommodate dogs.
  9. Fields threw three balls, all behind the line of scrimmage, and ended up with 129 yards and 2 TDs.
  10. Depends on how far SW in Michigan. Berrien County is in the South Bend Market.
  11. If you're not interested in anything other than Bears games, I think you can stream the games on FOX/NBC/CBS without subscribing to a service. You would need a subscription in order to get games on ESPN, and for that I think Sling is the cheapest.
  12. He may just end up being one of those guys like Abreu that takes a while to get going.
  13. Would be a fun visual if everybody bought upper deck tickets and the upper deck was packed with a nearly empty lower deck.
  14. PAC 12 was never going to survive in a world where there's so much TV money in the Noon ET time slot. In hindsight, they should have tried to get the BIG to do a joint TV deal/scheduling agreement. BIG may not have gone for it but it was at least worth a shot.
  15. So far we've only heard from Middleton and Lynn, who weren't around when Ricky was, but I would think that things weren't this way under him.
  16. I'm not going to downgrade him for not trading Cease because he can still be traded after the season and they could get a better return. For a guy with that much control you set a high bar and if nobody meets it, you keep him rather than letting him go to the highest bidder.
  17. The profile clearly states this is a parody account.
  18. Couldn't they have snuck Grandal into this one?
  19. Lineup just got released with TA leading off.
  20. Odds I would give that each is traded today: MIddleton 99% Grandal 60% Jimenez 25% Clevinger 20% Bummer 15% Cease 2%
  21. By the time the trade deadline passes, not only will the Central champs be incapable of winning a playoff series, a Central all-star team might have trouble winning a playoff series.
  22. That's really stupid. Your only chance to get even a little bit of salary relief for him is to tell teams you'll keep him if nobody trades for him.
  23. Sox being stuck with half his remaining $ is better than being stuck with all of it.
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