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  1. I really have to be prepared for a couple months of “Elvis Andrus is an awesome player and moving Anderson to sign him is my cheat code for this season, I get him for like $5 million and he’s an all star” don’t I?
  2. I would like to take a moment to laugh at the idea that a team with an infield LH side of Burger and Andrus is in the middle of a path to anything other than the draft lottery.
  3. Josh Harrison will be a free agent in a week.
  4. You're right it isn't. Good luck finding money to pay for that.
  5. The requirements for a backup catcher to have value are so low though that it doesn't take a big breakout for him to be a useful piece for the next couple years...a .600 OPS backup catcher can be a 1 WAR player if he's not making errors or letting the ball fly past him all the time. It costs money to bring guys like that in.
  6. Teams will take that on...but they're not going to give you a prospect for it.
  7. Vaughn? Yes. 4 years of control, still pre-arb. He would return value. Jimenez? No. He's played less than 1 season in the last 2 years and is due $27 million over the next 2, as a DH. A team with money could gamble on taking him on but they won't give you anything of significant value back. Graveman? Maybe. He's affordable, but his ERA in the 2nd half is 5.40. People would take him on again, but his value has gone down since the deadline and there are more relievers available in the offseason than there are at the deadline. Hendriks? No. He's definitely movable, but he's one of the highest paid relievers in the league, he had an elbow injury this year, and his contract actually makes things worse because of the luxury tax shenanigans. If he's dominating next year in the first half, he'd be more movable for value at the deadline.
  8. See that's the problem - they can't sell off 2 to 4 players. They don't have replacements for the expensive guys! They can't sell off Lynn because they don't have anyone to replace him. They can't sell off Grandal or Moncada because no one will take their deals without sending equally bad money back. They can't just sell Anderson or Giolito, because that doesn't save them a ton of money and they don't have replacements ready for them. It doesn't help the White Sox save money to sell off Anderson to move Moncada's deal and then have to go out and sign Correa for the same money, or to sell off Anderson and Moncada to make their IF into Burger and Andrus. Making moves like that while still being competitive can happen if you're the Rays or Guardians and you have a strong system with guys who can replace the ones you're trading away. The White Sox don't. If they are selling off bad contracts to clear money that they're going to spend on free agents, they save very little money. If they are selling off for prospects, they won't get much back for the guys you've mentioned. And importantly - if they sell off guys and make their roster worse, they are also wasting control of Cease.
  9. Willie Harris was interviewed because the White Sox had decided to hire Tony LaRussa and MLB has a "Selig rule" that requires you to interview a minority candidate. He was not an actual finalist, he was given a sham interview to check the box required to be allowed to go hire the white guy they wanted to hire. Being a "finalist" would imply he had a shot, he was never actually in the competition.
  10. I agree several of those contracts are sheddable. The White Sox could probably get their payroll down to $100 million, or $140 million, whatever. But how is that anything that makes them better? There aren't guys coming up who can replace these guys, and if you're expecting the Dodgers to take on $100 million in payroll this year how exactly do you think they're going to give back players? You now have no starting SS, Davis Martin is your #3 starter, Jake Burger is your 3b. Grandal, Pollock, Kelly, and Leury are included in a list of "could net some solid prospects as well if Hahn isn't involved." Please continue Governor.
  11. Yes, someone will take a flyer on taking Lynn's contract on. If they're willing to pay Syndergaard $20 million then someone would take Lynn on for $19 million. But you won't get anything back for him more than money, and I ask you this what is the point? The White Sox have no one to replace him! Signing Quintana for $14 million after dumping Lynn's $19 million - does that make the White Sox better? Eloy would probably bring back a small return. He has hit well this year, but you are talking about a guy due minimum $27 million on his deal over the next 2 years, while having played 134 games over 2 seasons. Would you pay $27 million for less than 1 year's worth of plate appearances for a DH? One who has an OPS in the mid-800s this year in the best stretch we've seen from him? And oh by the way he's only hitting .214 since the team quit. Oh and yes, he has option years on his contract - for $16.5 and $18.5 million. Depending on what happens with some other guys, picking up any of those options would make him one of the highest paid DHs in the league. I would take that deal on if I was the Mets or Dodgers, and you can have a reliever or something like that back for him, but something of real value? Not with that contract. If I were a low salary team like the Brewers or Marlins? Not a chance. Moncada is not movable unless you take back comparably bad money. My examples are still guys like Corbin (too much money remaining), Hosmer, etc. Moncada for Hosmer is a deal the Red Sox do.
  12. Yoan Moncada has trade value? Eloy Jimenez does too? C'mon now. Eloy goes into "Might get something in return", you won't get much for him above his contract, not with his injury history. Moncada goes into "Won't get something in return." While I'm at it, Bummer won't get you anything in return either. Lynn probably won't either - you could possibly move his contract.
  13. Does sending Anderson and Grandal to the Dodgers, or Hendriks and Grandal to the Dodgers, make the White Sox better in any way? Are the White Sox going to go sign Correa to replace Anderson?
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