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  1. The good news is the White Sox have an excellent record of helping pitchers avoid leg injuries recently. (Recently = I don’t think any of them have been hurt since mid October).
  2. According to DJ last year Lopez has previously talked about how he would like a shot to go back to the rotation. This came up in a game where they were talking about Kopech having done the bullpen to rotation move.
  3. So is “having to defer $4 million to 2023” a sign that they are really tight on money for 2023? Any other reason why they would do that?
  4. Conversation breaks BMags’s brain, leads to the phrase “historically power year” being posted. 😉
  5. But Colson Montgomery is listed as a 50 FV on Fangraphs right now so he would not count if dealt by your standard?
  6. (presumably this has nothing to do with any trade rumors).
  7. While this is a solid slogan, that teams are hoarding prospects more than ever, when you check numbers this doesn’t hold up. https://www.mlb.com/news/top-prospects-traded-at-2022-trade-deadline At the 2022 trade deadline, there were 7 top 100 prospects traded. That was the highest since 2017. That’s the same number as when the White Sox were doing their big moves. This year, the number 17 and number 22 prospects were guys acquired in trades. Looking back a year, at the midpoint in 2021 12 top 100 prospects were guys who had been traded. This includes Top guys such as Sixto Sánchez and O’Neil Cruz. https://www.mlb.com/news/best-prospects-acquired-in-trades You might be able to convince me that teams are less likely to trade top 10 prospects right now, but Montgomery isn’t that. With what the Dodgers and Padres have done in recent years, I think you will have trouble supporting a statement that teams are less willing to trade top prospects than they were 5 years ago, and the last trade deadline supports that. Do you have any data that you can cite that supports your intuition that teams do this less than 5 years ago?
  8. We have a really good recent comparison. Adam Eaton was a guy with 3 years of control coming off 2 five win seasons. He returned a guy who was recently a top 10 prospect but who had a down season (Gio), a consensus top 50 prospect, and a borderline top 100 prospect, plus another wild card. Right now, Montgomery is #60 by MLB.com, and Vaughn although he has substantial value still he has put up two negative years, clearly can’t play anywhere other than 1b, and has already lost two pre arbitration years. Those two have clearly less value than the Sox got for Eaton. Numerous teams can match that with two top 75 prospects. Cleveland, LAD, St Louis are some I noted earlier, and those offers would have a big advantage over Vaughn for Pittsburgh because they have two extra years of control on a guy.
  9. Montgomery and Vaughn as the core is a strong offer. Might still not win but a solid offer.
  10. Come on man. This team is projected to be below .500 for the season by ZiPS, lost Abreu and Cueto, was under .500 last July, and has a tougher schedule this year. There is certainly a chance of that, a solid one.
  11. I would say the White Sox do have the pieces to get this guy, but with how barren their organization is it makes little sense to give up that many pieces.
  12. If they were actually moving him they should be able to do better than that elsewhere. Cleveland has 6 top 100 prospects and could use the offense, two of those guys and a decent third piece is well better than that offer. The Dodgers have 7 top 100 prospects and could use a big league outfielder to replace Bellinger, same setup. The Cardinals have 6. The Orioles have 6.
  13. A promising young 4th piece like that helps. Crochet is a worry there though for the Pirates because the White Sox have already burned through two years of service time for him. The Pirates might be more inclined to accept a comparable offer from another team if they’re getting back a second piece with a full 6 years of control. Montgomery, Colas, Crochet, and one of those two guys you note or Vera in their place would seem like a very competitive offer to me.
  14. This is like Montgomery, Colas, Perez, and maybe a 4th piece to be in play for it for the White Sox.
  15. Meaning that’s the goal for him this year?
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