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  1. Just like George Hallas and the Bears helped chase the Cardinals out of Chicago in the late 1950’s they are now helping to shaft the White Sox into oblivion.
  2. My understanding is that it was a proposal made by both the Sox and the Bears.
  3. The answer to the question as to who would own the land if a deal to build is successful remains unknown. Would this guy still own the land or would some other entity?
  4. Sounds like this team needs to move somewhere. Four straight years of paper loses means it’s time to back up the moving van and head to greener pastures. Fresh air somewhere. That’s the ticket. Most of Chicago hates the White Sox. Even the majority of so-called Sox fan hate the Sox and want them to leave town. The media and in particular the sports media hates the Sox and wants them gone as far away as possible. They’d prefer Chicago as a one team mlb club city.
  5. https://www.chicagotribune.com/opinion/editorials/ct-editorial-chicago-white-sox-78-moving-guaranteed-rate-field-20240122-4czd3eyv3fe6voqgxdtwgo432e-story.html/
  6. It’s easier for elected officials to say yes to an organization that’s willing to put up 2Billion as opposed to and organization (the Sox) that won’t put up their own money.
  7. The Bears never intended to work together with the Sox regarding public funding as the state requested them to do. This is billionaire vs. billionaire which means a dog-devour-dog back alley knife fight over public funding.
  8. Papa Bear Hallas drove the Chicago Cardinal out of town (intentionally). The current Hallas Family may (intentionally or unintentionally) drive the Sox out.
  9. It sure doesn’t look like the bears have any interest in working together with the Sox. The bears are playing poker while Jerry is playing checkers. The bears are calling the Sox hand. They know Jerry isn’t now going to come out with a +billion dollar announcement for private funding for a new Sox stadium. Jerry is getting ready to fold.
  10. Looks like the bears are telling the Sox to go f*** themselves. While it would still take tons of taxpayer money to build the bears this new facility in the lake the bears stating that they would spring for 2 billion dollars (whatever that might mean) they (the bears) have snatch the headlines in a way that makes them look like the good guys and Jerry Reinsdorf remains the cheapskate.
  11. The hotel tax thing isn’t going to be extended to help the Sox. If it were extended it would be to help the bears. My bet is that the hotel tax won’t be extended. Helping a billionaire by using or extending a tax is political suicide. Do you believe Reinsdorf is going to accept anything less than what he already has?
  12. Yeah. It won’t happen and another thing that will never happen is the state and Reinsdorf reaching a negotiated agreement on extending the stadium/property deal after it expires in 2029. With no new stadium deal the state can tell Jerry “this is our offer, take it, or go f*** yourself”. Jerry would then tell the state to “go double f*** yourself” and then the state would sell the property to a developer who will bulldoze the stadium and build a residential community. The white Sox would be “the team without a home” until they find one, or one finds them.
  13. The Score has been pining for the Sox to leave for years. It’s just with more regularity now. I think the overall psychological status of some their hosts is something to consider when hearing their proliferations on the subject.
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