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  1. Guess I can cancel my trip to spring training. I was really excited about the return of Ozzie.
  2. It will be fun to go back in this thread after we win the next 5 World Series’s with Ozzie as manager and see all the hatred some of y’all had fro him
  3. Since Ozzie appears open to accepting the position, I will be so disappointed if the Sox don't make him the manager for 2023. This team can win with a brilliant mastermind like Ozzie calling the shots and It would be worth every penny to make him the highest paid manager in MLB.
  4. This all could have been fixed if Ozzie was manager. We’d be playing out the season with a division title clinched and just waiting for the playoffs. Instead, we have our HOF caliber manager in the broadcast studio.
  5. My bet on the Sox and the over today was never in doubt!
  6. What a great piece of hitting! Hit it where they ain't!
  7. I think this has been a great addition for us in recent weeks. He's hit well and played solid defense. I imagine he'll move to 2nd base when TA comes back and if this works out, I hope they'll look at resigning him for that position in 2023 (assuming he's open to the idea). What do you think the market will be for him? How much money would it take to sign him for next season?
  8. Ozzie will save this team and the organization if given the opportunity. I dont think its arguable that if he had stayed our manager all these years, the White Sox would have at least 8-10 more World Series titles. And this team has more talent than most teams we fielded in the last 15 years. It's time to realize it.
  9. We need to look outside the current regime to light the fire under this team. And just as Jerry realized he made a mistake firing Tony, I'm sure he realizes he made a mistake not giving Ozzie a lifetime contract. Now is the time to rectify that before it's too late.
  10. And this interim manager should be Ozzie Guillen. As the only manager to win a world series on the south side in most of our lifetimes, let's see if he can create similar magic or if this team needs to be blown up. Tony may be done forever and it's not too soon to start thing about the future. Br>ng back the greatest manager ever and let's win a ring in Tony's honor.
  11. When the A's move to Vegas, if you want a girl to do that at the game, you'll have to spring for better tickets
  12. Anyone else have the feeling we are going to explode for 7 or 8 runs in 4th or 5th inning?
  13. I like the way we've been playing the last inning. I'm sensing the biggest comeback in a while.
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