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  1. I hope you are right about Pedro but Nightengale is reporting otherwise and i doubt JR wants to pay for 2 years of him golfing.
  2. Hawk Harrelson and Tony LaRussa replace Hahn and Williams! (I seriously hope not....but you never know what JR will do!)
  3. If Jerry hasn't seen enough already this season to let a new GM show Pedro the door, another 65 win season isn't going to do the job. He's either gone come October or he'll be around at least 2 more seasons to fulfill his contract.
  4. I won't be back until Grifol is gone. His performance this season has made us all forget how bad Tony LaRussa was last year.
  5. This blows any chance of obtaining a good GM. No one is going to want this idiot leading a club they assemble. It will never win.
  6. Middleton should get a standing ovation if he comes into a game this week. We obviosly knew much of this already but fans saying this wasnt going to change anything. Now that a former player of ours has brought this to the forefront, may e some changes will happen to this organization in the offseason. Than you Kenyan for being one player here who had a desire to win.
  7. If we arent going to fire Grifol anytime soon (and if we havent by now, we arent going to do so) trade anyone with value for prospects and maybe we can contend in 2030
  8. This season has been disappointing....no doubt about it. However, I still believe in the talent. I think the coaching is the problem. Blow up the staff and bring in a new manager, hitting coach, and pitching coach. Bad leadership is a recipe for disaster no matter how good the team is and we have a clown show leading our team.
  9. Have the teams hop on a plane and move the games to Chicago or a neutral site like Las Vegas
  10. Probably not getting fired. That’s why I’ve written off this season and cancelled my plans to travel from Vegas for a series in 2023. Hope springs eternal for 2024 though…..although if Grifol is allowed to finish his contract, I may just wait to see a game in person when the Sox visit the Las Vegas A’s in the future.
  11. This team needs a manager that would hold players accountable and get them to play with emotion. We had the opportunity to rehire Ozzie in the offseason and he would have been perfect. Instead, we hired a younger clone of LaRussa (who is producing the same lackluster results)
  12. First and foremost, this news really sucks and all our thoughts and prayers should be with Liam. I know he's a fighter and am confident he can kick cancer's ass and be back as a dominant closer. On a secondary note, if he's missing the season, do we have an insurance policy that covers his contract? If so, let's hope we spend this $18 million on other improvements to the team and not just put it in Jerry's pocket. If nothing else, let's donate these funds to the American Cancer Society. Get well soon Liam. We'll be praying for you!
  13. Guess I can cancel my trip to spring training. I was really excited about the return of Ozzie.
  14. It will be fun to go back in this thread after we win the next 5 World Series’s with Ozzie as manager and see all the hatred some of y’all had fro him
  15. Since Ozzie appears open to accepting the position, I will be so disappointed if the Sox don't make him the manager for 2023. This team can win with a brilliant mastermind like Ozzie calling the shots and It would be worth every penny to make him the highest paid manager in MLB.
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