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  1. Again, I don't anticipate this to happen but going 6-2 in the last 8 games is nice. Keep that pace up and they'll win 88 more games this year. Miracles do happen and I'd love to see Grifol, Getz, and company prove us all wrong.
  2. If the White Sox come back and make the playoffs, Grifol deserves to be named manager of the year and given an extension. Again, I don't anticipate it happening and anything less deserves him being put out on the streets. However, I am giving him an out if they can keep winning at a .700 cllip into October.
  3. Is there a parade on the Southside today to celebrate yesterday's victory?
  4. Being shutout 6 times in the first 16 games, the 2024 White Sox are on pace to get shut out about 61 times this season. The major league record is only 33 by the 1908 St Louis Cardinals and the American League record is only 30 by 1909 Washington Senators. The AL and MLB records have both stood up for over 100 years but we may earn a place in the record book by the all star break the way this season is going. This team is an absolute joke and its amazing that this organization can put together a roster that is this bad.
  5. I'm hoping for Ribbie. Or Rhubarb if Ribbie ends up on the DL
  6. Does anyone think that part of the blame for these injuries may be on Grifol instead of the training staff? Maybe programs are designed for these with continual injuries and just not being followed. The training staff may be on the locker room dealing with injured players (taping, massages, etc) pregame and Grifol needs to make sure they are following recommended pregame routines. Since players obviously have no respect for him and don't listen to him about anything else, why would they listen to him if this is the case. I know the player still holds a great deal of responsibility if this is the case but we need a leader for this team to make sure these young men don't make mistakes.
  7. This isn't the first time Grifol has looked bad. Seems to happen 3-4 times per day minimum
  8. If this team is going to suck so badly, I figured I might as well start making money off them.
  9. I knew this team was going to historical bad before the season started. I pegged them for about 30 wins and am now thinking that was generous. That's why I didn't even think about a spring training trip this year and have no plans to see a game at all this year in Chicago or on a west coast road trip. I'll save my money for things that can be enjoyable (and right now White Sox baseball is not on that list)
  10. This is what happens when a low budget owner hires a low budget GM.
  11. We did gat a bonus point for the milkshake though. At least this organization did one thing to improve in the offseason.
  12. That game was fun but I still keep the over / under at 30 wins for the season.
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