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  1. We don't acquire players like him. A waste of thread space.
  2. We are used to being cheap. It's always better to sign elite players when you can. We sign guys past their primes looking to catch lightning and that rarely works.
  3. Why is Aaron Judge speculating about the White Sox?
  4. This organization is s%*# soft served. Good luck to him.
  5. Gio is gone next year anyway. If you can get a nice piece for him then I'm okay with it.
  6. 2020 may have skewed his stats playing against crap opponents with minimal pressure. On a team trying to win a World Series he is a 3, maybe a 4 at this point. But that is well worth his current salary, not 200 million that he probably wanted last year.
  7. They need too badly. Also get a hotel or resort as well so our fans that commute can stay for a weekend home stand.
  8. You don't give credit for getting rich by taking advantage of fans?
  9. Please rename this thread. I damn near had a heart attack.
  10. How many aging, slow and injured players does Hahn have to acquire before he realizes they rarely work out for us?
  11. Hahn is need desperate need of firing from his GM role. He can move somewhere else within the organization. I have no faith that he can ball on a budget.
  12. FIFY. His entire legacy is lucking into Jordan in basketball.
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