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  1. Jesus Christ. This team can't go one day without pissing me off.
  2. If you aren't going to spend money with the big boys then you need to rebuild again. The only shot we have for sustained success is if almost all of our young guys reach their full potential. If too many don't, then we are screwed.
  3. Keep your private fantasies to yourself sir.
  4. What? Everyone is already disappointed and frustrated with this team. We expect nothing, and will still somehow get kicked in the sack.
  5. Bread sandwich? We are having canned sardines with oyster crackers.
  6. We can make a few nice moves but still be mediocre sadly. We can't just spend so we'll be spinning wheels and hoping for a ton of luck this year.
  7. I said it a few weeks ago and will say it again. The Cubs are gonna pass us this offseason. This organization is a complete joke and I wish there was something the fans could do about it.
  8. This team is flailing right now. It is likely the end for this rebuild and contention window. We were far behind too many teams when the season ended, And those teams keep getting better.
  9. This is a salary dump most likely. We aren't getting any useful pieces for him unless he is a part of a deal with Vaughn or Eloy.
  10. Do these teams have blank checks or something? Feels like other teams get a few hundred billion to spend and we get about 200 hundred million.
  11. We don't acquire players like him. A waste of thread space.
  12. We are used to being cheap. It's always better to sign elite players when you can. We sign guys past their primes looking to catch lightning and that rarely works.
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