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  1. This organization is toast. Just a spinning wheel of cow s%*#. Grifail was an awful pick and hasn't proven otherwise. Getz is a shiny yes man that they tried to make us think is an intellect different from Hahn.
  2. I had no idea the season was starting.
  3. They may avoid 100 losses, but not many fans will know about it. Fans have forgotten spring training has started. I've never seen people this checked out, there isn't even false hope.
  4. It's sad, but at this point none of this matters. We don't trade for high impact proven talent and won't spend even 100 million on a quality free agent. Feels like there is no hope to be a consistent winner and like we are wasting our time on this organization.
  5. He doesn't need to let it out either.
  6. Bears, Bulls, Hawks, Illini, and of course, the Cubs. All choke hard when it counts or comes down to it.
  7. Oh. So it is missing an r at the 3nd.
  8. A Sox Winter Fest at the Four Seasons.
  9. Because in 3 years you hope to be really good? And you have to have someone on your team that is really good.
  10. Good luck having a fanbase doing this. We couldn't make a rebuild work when the stars aligned for us with trade chips, big spenders being out on Harper/Machado, weak division, added playoff teams, and Robert in his prime. The truth is the Cubs may steal half of our fan base if not more. Sox fans are really done this time.
  11. For the 1st time in my life I just don't care anymore. This owner ruined baseball and basketball for me.
  12. Yoan Claypool shows up when the pressure is off and when the check cuts. Low effort pretty boy looking to stunt.
  13. Woman snuck in the gun in her belly fat the other night.
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