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  1. I think this situation is a disaster right now. Not in terms of talent, but in terms of excitement, expectations, and fun. We were supposed to be the Astros and Phillies but we really are a lesser version of Seattle. There is no excitement around this team and no one mentions their name for anything. This is the season that will determine the ultimate fate of this rebuild and organization. I am going to support them 100 percent until they show me they don't deserve it. I can understand why Sox nation has forgotten baseball starts this week but I agree, let's give these guys one last chance. Support them and give them a chance, until they show us otherwise. There will be plenty of time of be angry and blast the organization if this season falls apart.
  2. 1 position player and 1 pitcher ranked in the top 90 players. Ouch for a team that was supposed to be dominant this season. I don't want to go back and look at Espn's 20's preview they did before 2020.
  3. I mean some people pass out because of the awkward pain and inability to breathe. Moncada could have just needed a moment to adjust to the quick change in breathing and pain.
  4. I broke several ribs in getting hit from behind by a semi. Also tore my PCL and messed the back up. It was very painful to breathe but I certainly didn't fall out.
  5. This team is owned by JR and ran by his loyalists. That means there is a 90 percent chance if major disappointment.
  6. This doesn't mean he is innocent. It is next to impossible to prove abuse without calling the cops to the scene immediately. Something likely happened here even if more evidence isn't available. The MLB is having him be evaluated for potential abusive behavior and drug usage.
  7. I'm speaking a what if. This could even go to civil/family court.
  8. I'm saying they could have put him on some exempt list until further notice. If they didn't do this with the evidence they have available now, this thing could drag out with Clevinger playing. It may take time to get this through court, and I'm not sure anymore pictures of the abuse are coming in. So MLB may end up needing to wait a few months to make a decision when they could have put him on leave already.
  9. This was my point. They needed to pick a lane and picked the lane of no punishment without more evidence.
  10. MLB has had more than enough time to act. I think they are either waiting for more substantial evidence, or this case isn't looking strong legally. This is a very serious situation and strong allegations were made. MLB picked their lane and it's the wrong one.
  11. Dang, I don't like this dude at all.
  12. That's because without substantial evidence and court appearances, Clevinger is going to play. The Union won't have it any other way, so the hate for it has to stick somewhere. It's just a sad situation all around.
  13. I agree with this. They may even be cutting backdoor deals with his baby momma. No way he isn't booted off the team or not invited to camp if there was enough evidence against him.
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