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  1. Not stretching, off season training is the issue, I think.
  2. This is accurate especially with the warm-ups. Research shows that one of the most sure ways to injure a muscle is to do passive stretching. Hence the dynamic warm-ups you described. I don't think any of these issues is related to the in season activities. It's all about what type of training they are doing in the off season. Similar to what you described. What are you training for, strength is great but there needs to be functionality. A basic principle od training is SAID, Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands. If you don't train for explosive running out of the box, your body won't be able to handle it.
  3. There is something to be said for this in a contract year. They will push it more than a player with a guaranteed contract.
  4. Holy crap. He must have a grade 3 tear. The particular muscle here is a big issue. If it's the adductor magnus or one of the bigger ones, he should heal fine but could be a long term issue. Similar to Robert and the hip flexor. However if it's the adductor longus, a muscle that is long a relatively thin, that may not heal well at all. He will still have good function but could decrease the strength and change lateral movement. Could be really significant for a 3B.
  5. It's possible. The amount of scar tissue will impact both the flexibility and the ability of the muscle to generate force. It's impossible to tell unless you feel the muscle or look at imaging but it's a good possibility.
  6. Probably accurate. 6 weeks of healing then ramping up. They will be cautious due to the previous one and this being a lost season anyways. Sounds like it's a high end grade 2 then. Probably an early June return.
  7. Not surprised as the previous spot is probably locked with scar tissue. The overall flexibility of it is decreased due to the previous one.
  8. In 2021, he tore the muscle in the midsubstance not from the bone. That's why there was no surgery. It would have been easier if he would have avulsed it. This is probably a 6 week injury. They may be more cautious due to the history of injuring the same muscle.
  9. No, it's just an elbow superficial bursitis. He hit it on something. It's all external to the joint. They will drain it and it will be fine. I've seen them the size of a baseball.
  10. Thank you, I appreciate the sentiment. That's pretty aggressive language when answering someone's opinion. And obviously you have no respect for me so that Wil be the end of it. I'm am willing to give the new FO a chance, you are under no obligation to.
  11. Yes, it's great if they are only looking for one year and he's good. If he sucks they are stuck for 2 more years with him and if they sign Alonso I'm not sure where bellinger will play. The OF is set and with Alonso at first there aren't many options.
  12. I would as well. However that doesn't mean these opt out contracts are good for the team unless they only want him for one year. He leaves if he's good , they are stuck for 50 million if he's bad.
  13. I would disagree Benintendi had much better years in 2021 and 2022. His AAV and the total contract is also less than Bellinger.
  14. Well of course it is only a one year contact and the people who deal hindsight evaluation will agree. Lao Tzu said (paraphrased as I am not that eloquent) Those who live in the past suffer depression. Those who live in the future suffer anxiety. Only those who live in the present will be at peace.
  15. I always wonder why teams sign these deals. It's really a no win. I guess they are willing to pay 27 million per year for a bad player. This is what they pay if he is bad. If he's good he's gone.
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