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  1. Too bad baseball is a great game to watch and enjoy. But to each his own.
  2. If you watched that game and took that from it, you can't enjoy baseball.
  3. That was one of the weirdest games I've seen in 50 years of going to games, including the ones I've worked. It was hilarious.
  4. Sorry, haven't run into too many of these. Orthopedic injuries are my specialty. I'll leave this one to the other experts in this board.
  5. He could that guy. However, until he has sufficient at bat's at the MLB we won't know. Plenty of guys hit in the MiLB and not in the MLB. Plenty of guys have struggled for a couple of months or even their first year and have had good careers. You can't say anything about his MLB potential after 90 at bat's.
  6. Very selfish. You can't pull the ball there.
  7. We did not disclose much of anything when it came to injuries. I suppose it may have changed some with partnerships with sports books but I know part of it isn't how they report injuries.
  8. The primary issue is the personal trainers. Baseball has a unique skill set that not all of them will truly understand. Being fit in general does not necessarily correlate to preventing injuries throughout a 6 month competitive season with few days off.
  9. Do they need the players permission? Personally, if the reason to disclose or not disclose injury information is for gambling, I would tell them as little as possible. I'm going to pull the old guy card, "that's what we used to do in the old days"
  10. I really don't think they should share medical issues with the general public. It's probably against many HIPAA regulations as well.
  11. Do you know that Anderson isn't feeling some soreness from playing after his return? There are many reasons that we will never know for why players aren't in the lineup. The manger will probably says it's a day off to take the heat off the player. But that is frequently not the case.
  12. The new ticket resale for the season ticket holders is seat geek. They switched from stub hub.
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