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  1. That's tough. A lot of pressure for a freshman. Just need to learn from the experiences.
  2. My season tickets did not go up much and parking is still at a discount with season tickets. Attendance is the only unknown variable when it comes to the team revenue. Everything else is set prior to the season. Depending on how much of the budget Hahn spends during the season, they can only add salary if there is a higher than expected attendance thus a higher than expected budget. You can argue the reason for the increase or decrease in attendance but the budget is the budget. It will awalus come down to winning with Sox fans. If the team is winning, they will show up. If the team is losing they won't show up and will find anything to complain about.
  3. April is going to be a tough month. Within 5 games of 500 and it will be a good start.
  4. That is a healthy outlook to have. Enjoy the game.
  5. They had a losing record against KC last year, they never can beat KC. Not saying them as often is a plus for the Sox.
  6. Trying but even they have utility players and others that are in the "not as talented" category.
  7. I disagree. He was a decent enough utility player with a 760 Ops in 2021.He had an awful year last but overall was a decent ballplayer. I always root for a guy like that who works his tail off just to make it and stick in the MLB. Not everyone on the roster can be the most talented. No team can afford that.
  8. The point of dialing it down would be to improve the inconsistent command. If the command doesn't improve there is no point in decreasing the velocity. He'll find out once the season starts. I think we'll see all velocity decrease with the decreased time between pitches. Only a few will be able to maintain it.
  9. If he's not then he'll have to ramp it up.
  10. Taking some off for better control? He has had better command today then I've seen in awhile.
  11. Congratulations! Always satisfying as a coach to see them doing well.
  12. That usually shows up as damage and at least discomfort. Possible though. I'm sure not in favor of the short arm action he used
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