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  1. When you play 3 rookies in the secondary, some due to injury and have no pass rush, they most have to play zone.
  2. Is it the scheme or the players in the scheme? In this case I don't think you can solely blame the scheme. It worked pretty well in Indy. Not that he doesn't have fault but it isn't just the coach in isolation. The GM can fire him but he sure didn't really give him much of a chance.
  3. Yeah, but also look what he has to work with. This is one of those situations where the GM knew they were going to tank last year so he can't hold that against the coach. And this year he knew they still weren't going to be good but expects improvements. Poles is going to get a bad rep with coaches when he fires the coach when he told the coach they weren't going to be good.
  4. That's the typical time frame for a MD MCL sprain. Standard answer.
  5. Yeah, he has to say that for the team. As much as everyone talks about transparency and being honest. This is not the time.
  6. Agreed QB is #1. I was referring to the second first round pick.
  7. It's not just team needs. A top of the draft pass rusher will have a greater impact than a receiver. It's probably the second most important position on the field after the QB.
  8. Yep, all depends on the earning potential.
  9. One of the picks really needs to be a pass rusher. Whether they use it there or trade down a bit with one.
  10. I agree. Most teams are using the data more not less. Not that the scouts aren't important, I still think they should have more say than straight computer analysis, but it's important to get data from all perspectives not drown one out.
  11. That's why baseball is such a great game. It's not like football, basketball or hockey where the team can pick who gets the opportunities in the big situations. It's all random based on the batting order. One player or even two can't make a team.
  12. What kind of player will he be once he gets his money again? The timing seems awfully coincidental.
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