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  1. Agreed. Trading fir a single bat will do no good if the current group doesn't start hitting or stays mostly dead.
  2. He had leg issues before the season started than back issues. Going to decrease the power.
  3. I didn't create it but I like the name they chose.
  4. If that's what it is. I have no idea if it is. His symptoms are similar to this bit it could be many other rhings.
  5. It is the inner ear. It's the position of the otoliths (little rocks) in the semi-circular canal. The tests and exercises are usually the Dix-Hallpike maneuver. Although there are others. The episode is usually resolved with 2 weeks or so.
  6. Yes, the reason is they have the most revenue in the league, thus can take those types of chances. Give KC thise revenues and they'll be there too. Unfortunately, it's not realistic.
  7. Could be a BPPV benign paraoximal positional vertigo where he only has issues with his head in certain positions. The looking up over his shoulder in the OF would do it.
  8. Another thought is the significant number of lower extremity and abdominal injuries. This will rob players of power. I wonder if that is part of it. Moncada missed a great deal of time early with the oblique injury and leg injuries later. TA, Robert, Grandal, Jimenez, Engel and Pollock have all missed significant time with leg injuries. Vaughn has missed time with a back injury.
  9. Excellent analysis. This approach was instituted for the team for a reason. Two that I can think of are: 1. They thought that pulling the ball less would make for a more consistent offense, maybe score fewer runs overall but win more if there is more consistency. 2. The rumored change in the ball was going to decrease the HR numbers a great deal so they would "get ahead of the curve" by instituting the different philosophy and win more. Neither is currently happening so the offense looks lost.
  10. And a Cuban sandwich. That's my go to at the park.
  11. Usually people on this board aren't a fan of high floor lower stuff pitchers. I like the control pitchers.
  12. That and only 62 innings in his 2 years of college.
  13. Similar to Crochet with very few innings pitched in college. At least he'll have the advantage of a year of rehab before beginning his career.
  14. At least it happened early. He'll be ready on time for next year.
  15. That is a really low arm slot. Everything else looks fairly clean though. That is a great deal of elbow stress.
  16. Mono can be worse. It can really change someone's endurance. It has ruined careers if runners. That's why his performance after returning was so important.
  17. I don't think so. I think they will keep the good defensive, LHH catcher.
  18. These comments are somewhat if a misnomer.He is being evaluated daily but they are giving him time to recover. Really what they are saying us, he is still having issues. We want him to take time off until Monday to help the symptoms resolve. On Monday we will determine if he can ay again.
  19. I disagree. I think they are trying to build him up and will have more time off in the second half. I dont think he'll get to 150. That's probably a little high.
  20. Not saying that. Just saying that wasn't part if Herm's job description.
  21. Trying to build stamina after hitting his previous high in innings?
  22. Herm Schneider had nothing to do with their conditioning. He was the athletic trainer. He took care of them after injuries. Strength and conditioning staff is responsible for conditioning.
  23. I disagree about the MO of the FO. They showed they would DFA a player if needed in Keuchal. The more pressing is who would trade for a catcher with a bad knee and spine?
  24. Talent wise I don't think there is a question. However the most important ability is availability and they both may have an advantage over Jimenez.
  25. Reasonable considering the surgery and short rehab it's where it should be. Not great but where it should be.
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