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  1. Wait, so Hendriks can get a ground ball against Arraez?
  2. One of the Twins beat writers in earlier in the week thought for sure he’s going to the Cubs
  3. Crazy that he was relied on to pitch in the most important game of the season.
  4. They’ve totally quit. Astonishing that it sounds like Hahn will keep his job. This is the most pathetic Sox season of my life.
  5. Especially since I don’t believe for one second there wasn’t bad blood between him and the organization last offseason
  6. I haven’t followed the box scores too closely the last week. It’s amazing to see how everyone’s stats have cratered. Andrus is something like 3 for last 33. Vaughn is on his way to a .750 OPS. Eloy and Abreu about to fall below .300 It’s so crazy that this team is as mentally weak as us pessimists said they were.
  7. Find that fastball by altering his mechanics again. There are a few teams that thrive at increasing velocity, and god knows the Sox aren’t one.
  8. Giolito desperately needs a change of scenery
  9. Just for fun, tuned in to see Giolito’s first fastball was 88.8 mph
  10. He needs to find a way to stay strong for a full season. Looks like he’s swinging a 20 pound bat these days.
  11. Have zero interest in Cueto or Andrus returning
  12. Never seen a team quit this much. The few at bats I’ve seen have been pathetic, like if you or I was seeing a slider for the first time ever.
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