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  1. Orioles, Braves, Dodgers/Cards, in that order, according to Jesse Rogers a few minutes ago on the radio. “Informed speculation”
  2. Can’t imagine how upset Angels and Jays fans are. I’m pumped it wasn’t the Cubs.
  3. Basically saying Ohtani is very stubborn and has no flexibility with the press. He implied Ohtani isn’t interested in the Wrigley circus.
  4. Really hope the Cubs aren’t being secretive and go and get him. Kaplan was highly critical of him the last two days.
  5. Yanks gonna spend big on a starter it sounds like
  6. Speaking of Royals, Merkin also mentioned Maldonado today and of course linked Pedro to him from his KC days
  7. There will always be a market for Cease. Again, why do people not listen to NBB, and frankly, common sense? No reason to trade him with all the top pitchers still available.
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