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  1. I never said the fix was in, but the missed block in the back resulted in a 30 yard difference. Game almost assuredly goes to OT with the proper call there.
  2. Ridiculous no call on a block in the back on the last punt return. The late hit was the right call.
  3. This is easy, play Yoan at 2nd. Without the shift, his strong arm on plays up the middle will be beneficial.
  4. Could you imagine how many fans would try to dunk Hahn, but only if JR or KW would take the fall for him
  5. Since they had the LaRussa Lounge after the DUI, I fully expect the Clevinger Day Care Center to be next
  6. Wouldn’t it be more because the Bears want to draft Young?
  7. It’s crazy, isn’t it? Didn’t take long for them to tire of Madrigal’s antics either.
  8. He would have been my pick to click for doing something very stupid
  9. Another crazy aspect is we’ve gone from the first question asked in the spring being “how is Hendriks (one of the nicest people on the planet) doing in his battle” to “what’s going on with the terrible human”
  10. Hahn has been practicing his lawyer speak for two decades for this moment
  11. But what has changed since when MLB found out about it last Summer? I’m surprised Padres aren’t getting more heat for continuing to pitch him. One of the things that still baffles me is how this scumbag negotiated in good faith with a new organization, knowing this would come out and tarnish the new team.
  12. It’s going to be so awkward when Clevinger is participating in Spring Training as if everything is fine. Doesn’t sound like the Sox have many options to sit him down.
  13. So is it true more people are coming out to say Clevinger abused them?
  14. Yep, way to get off to a trusting start with your new employer
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