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  1. Kyler Gordon might be the worst NFL player I’ve ever seen
  2. Is it really “being able to play through it” if it impacts his velocity so much
  3. Snell is a scumbag. Your love for the Padres and their team full off a-holes is so strange.
  4. They need to move on from Andrus. Bring in a lefty hitting 2B, and let Romy platoon with them.
  5. You can’t say get quicker and better defensively and mention Vaughn. He plays like he’s 38.
  6. Let’s not also forget that Kopech was allowed to lose a game when he was clearly hurt
  7. Wait, so Hendriks can get a ground ball against Arraez?
  8. One of the Twins beat writers in earlier in the week thought for sure he’s going to the Cubs
  9. Crazy that he was relied on to pitch in the most important game of the season.
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