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  1. There is just hardly no offense up and down this organization.
  2. Vaughn with the solid approach of taking fastballs over the plate and chasing the slider
  3. He’s even worse than I thought was possible.
  4. Eloy making some of the softest contact of his career right now. Why exactly did they rush him back? Another panic move
  5. For an organization that has made a ton of horrible decisions, trying to make him into an innings eater right off the bat is one of their dumbest.
  6. Guys coming back from injury that maybe can show some progress is what they should have been signing, not guys like Maldonado who clearly were cooked.
  7. Someone as big as Eloy should never hit a 91 mph high fastball that poorly
  8. He will leak to Bruce that it wasn’t his decisions
  9. Who would even want to go meet these fucking losers
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