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  1. Savage is tearing up ACL. Promote him to Kanny.
  2. If Fedde keeps it up its very possible we could get a backend Top 100 player. Need LHS that can play RF badly.
  3. Wolkow the young savage 2-4 with a double and a walk and only one K.
  4. Strike quick on Flexen before he comes back to earth if it's really a hot market.
  5. Schultz 4 IP, 1 ER, 5K, 3H, 0 BB. Solid outing.
  6. Wolkow the young savage! Just get that K rate down
  7. Our old offseason friends the Orioles are having closer issues. How bout Kopech for Beavers straight up?
  8. He doesn't like it when Aly talks s%*# about him.
  9. Gallo at his peak was a very useful player.
  10. It would be a waste of his power. He's a much better fit at 2.
  11. I know people were saying it's only been a month or whatever but with an ERA south of 1, he's obviously not being challenged at this level. I dont think we have a sample size issue anymore. Dude has killed it in almost every start. Charlotte is a band box but it will be a good challenge and he needs to be challenged.
  12. Fedde should bring back something decent.
  13. Montgomery has also added 2 BBs in addition to his HR.
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