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  1. Why not? If Bradfield was the 3rd piece in a BAL deal why would we refuse that if we liked the top two pieces? If Teel was paired with Mayer or Anthony, why would we say no? You can't cry over spilled milk. Hahn sacrificed the pick in a last ditch attempt to get an allegedly close to MLB position player with an allegedly high floor so he could fill a roster spot on the cheap to save himself, and it didn't work. He didn't save himself and the player turned out not to be anywhere close to MLB ready, what does that have to do with Getz evaluating a trade package now? It's over. We choked or in Teel's case, Boston stepped on our dick with work boots. I would absolutely love to still have Kyle Teel. The draft is what it is.
  2. If he signs with CHC that will be a massive punch to the dick. I dont think he likes cold weather tho and I don't believe the Cubs will be able to outbid the Dodgers.
  3. Yeah I don't believe we are getting garbage offers right now. Rosenthal is reliable. If there's a dozen teams in the hunt and LAD is "most aggressive" there's no way we are getting garbage offers. I believe LAD has likely offered Busch plus a pitcher of our choice in the Top 100. I have a strong feeling that's already on the table. I think Chicago might be a bit squeamish cause even with a savage bat he's likely to end up at 1B and each of the pitchers have issues and they don't want to pick the wrong one. I think if LAD also throws in Pages it will be tough to resist, unless BAL gets serious. IMO, if BAL offers Cowser/Hjerstad, Norby and Hall, this will be a winning offer even if LAD throws in Pages. But there's no way we are going to accept just one Top 100+. That's garbage.
  4. Well Rosenthal etc have said they are going to get a massive haul, and if ARZ wants to have a real shot to win the bidding that's what it will prolly take. It will take BOTH Pfaadt and Lawler to just have a shot to win since LAD could conceivably offer 3 Top 100s and if BAL gets its head out of its ass they could easily win this bidding if they are willing to stop prospect hugging. If Arizona is serious they have to put all their chips into the middle.
  5. Lawler + Pfaadt plus a decent third piece (Thomas)?
  6. Haha...no prob....I got excited there, I was thinking no way Elias would give away both Mayo and Hjerstad.
  7. No one on this board or in the Sox FO would say no to that deal. I wonder if that's truly a "hypothetical" or something Heyman actually heard.
  8. And hotel/flight/meal expenses will be deducted from the 50k.
  9. He's a smooth talking corporate boot licker. It should be no surprise that he's kept his job. That dude is totally out of his league and is getting by on buzzwords and doing exactly as he's told from mgmt. He knows he will never get another MLB manager job or salary so he will do whatever he can to string it out as long as possible. He's basically just like the guy that hired him in a sense.
  10. If BAL doesn't want to trade Cowser they should strengthen the rest of the package. how about... Kjerstad, Norby, DL Hall and Bradfield For Cease and Santos. And I know Santos elbow could be damaged but that's a risk BAL has to take. If he's OK you got a closer on the cheap. BTV has this as an almost identical tradd in terms of SV. Who says no?
  11. Red Sox would be great...2 of Anthony, Mayer, Teel.
  12. Thank you. Interesting writeup. Surprised they have his power at only 50, I've read elsewhere the power was really good. I guess maybe they would rather have 45 glove at 2nd with Corby than 40 glove with Busch?
  13. That's kind of the flipside. LAD could say "you know we don't have to have Cease, we could easily sign X pitcher for just money and if we don't do a deal now we will turn our attention to that guy instead" So maybe some of this is pressure by parties who have a good offer on the table trying to convince us they will pull the deal and look elsewhere soon. BAL could not do that and CIN also could not do that because they don't spend, but the LAD could make such a credible threat.
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