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  1. They aren't tight on money they just don't want to spend it on payroll. Either out of greed or just JR screwing the FO over for pushing out his friend. But they aren't legitimately tight on cash that can't be possible with all the different revenue streams. There's no fucking way.
  2. So unless we start unloading serious money we are one league average signing away from not having enough payroll room to afford a plate of Nashville hot chicken.
  3. Im not saying Q is inferior to Manaea. Instead, as JR told RH when they were booking flights for the Winter Meetings "you can't buy first class when you can only afford economy"
  4. I like Q but after last year he will be too expensive and his HR/9 numbers suggest regression. Manaea will be a more affordable LHP alternative.
  5. Because if you can get a decent cost controlled position player for multiple seasons, the benefit likely exceeds the cost of losing 1 year of Giolito.
  6. This is very possible. They wanted him last year and now that he struggled, they might be able to get him on a cheap 1 yr deal where the money is basically a wash with Giolito leaving, assuming whatever major leaguers we are getting in return don't substantially eat up his salary space. Cease, Lynn, Kopech, Manaea and Clevinger would be pretty solid with potential for great if they are healthy and the latter two bounce back.
  7. Why didn't Tosar get the hitting coach job?
  8. Target a quality young cost controlled catcher in the Giolito trade that might be otherwise blocked.
  9. If you're RH, there is NO hill on which you die on. Your job is to give a lawyerly and thoughtful gloss on BS decisions made over your head so as to make chicken s%*# seem like chicken salad. In exchange you get a very good salary and more importantly job security for life. Sure there may be other GMs that make 3-5m a year and you might be stuck between 1-2m but so what, those checks are guaranteed for as long as JR is around, rain or shine. If you've got that gig you don't "die on a hill" ever. You milk it until its absolutely dry.
  10. We might think it's a price worth paying but the math is still gonna have to work out when the FO has to account for every penny and even a slight overpayment is likely to result in robbing Peter to pay Paul again.... RH: So Jerry we got Mike Clevinger, a former Cy Young winner for only 12 million and.. JR: Yeah, but how are you gonna pay for that. I said payroll is only 180 million. It isn't even December and you're already over it. RH: Don't worry, Giolito is on his way out and that's a 10 million savings. As you know he just got also elected to the MLBPA executive committee so we're killing two birds with one stone there. JR: Yes I agree that's great except for one problem. RH: Whats that? JR: What about the other 2 million?
  11. Perhaps this is why it was rumored the Kepler trade was expanding to include a SP coming from MIN also.
  12. Wong prolly doesn't cost anything....MIL just wants to dump salary. Kepler does cost something tho.....how much remains to be seen.
  13. My bad. I thought they were around 16m combined. Still, 20m for Kepler plus Wong is still better use of limited resources than 16m just for Conforto....plus there's an option for Kepler for 24 too. BTW, if Clevinger is at 12m that's not our no.5 that's 1000% Giolito's replacement. If SD wants him, we need to get Campusano out of the deal so that we can address C. They aren't gonna be able to afford even a halfway decent catcher on the open market next year when Grandal is gone. Address the issue now. Have Campusano catch 5 games a week, Grandal 2 and he can 1B/DH 2 other days.
  14. At this point, the best bang for the buck would prolly be the Kepler trade assuming it only costs something like ReyLo. Kepler plus Wong at about 16m combined > Conforto for 16m all by himself. Adding in Clevinger at 12 means you added 28m to payroll but likely subtracting 10m for Giolito and I dunno what people would project for ReyLo this year...last year it was like 2.6, maybe he gets a raise to 4...so deduct 14 and its a net payroll add of 14. Weren't we at 172 and the budget was 180...so we'd be at 186....which means maybe another high priced RP would need to go since no one will take Grandal. Honestly, if budget really is 180 this is about the best result we can ask.
  15. Yep....no way JR will have an MLB exec committee member on the team.
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