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  1. I'm still betting on "Bye, Mom" rearing it's head several more times this season.
  2. If we get the high OBP low slugging Moncada, he should be at 1 (sorry Tim). I expect Colas to eventually be at 5, right behind Jimenez.
  3. Giolito and Cease yes that's not happening esp Cease with Boras. But Kopech hasn't made much money in his career so he'd be a good candidate for being open to a relatively team friendly extension.
  4. McDouche is a loser....im glad he is ruining a division rival now. I hated him when he was our (DEN) coach.
  5. This is the young left handed savage I've been waiting for. Montgomery next. I need MOAR
  6. He's in the best shape of his life, Twinkies notwithstanding. The girls in the music videos also helped "work out" his hamstring issues too. Scott Merkin winning!
  7. I wouldn't sign Anderson to an extension at his age. If Montgomery can't play SS and has to play 3B, play Moncada at 2B and if he cries about it that's too damn bad.
  8. Merkin certainly will need some kneepads during camp. He reminds me of Mike Klis from the Denver Post.
  9. I'm not sure Hendriks will necessarily miss most of the season. Obviously, the length of his recovery is somewhat uncertain but back in 1993, Mario Lemieux missed about 2 months of play undergoing treatment for the same disease. Obviously each person's timeline is different but if Hendriks started getting treatment already, maybe he won't be out too long. Best of luck to him. We will see. Hopefully he can get cancer free ASAP and anything else after that (baseball) is gravy.
  10. 84-85 wins seems somewhat optimistic if Hendriks and Clevinger are out of the equation.
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