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  1. He was suspended without pay and the suspension lasts longer than his contract so probably didn't "need" to void it.
  2. I made sure to catch it, figured the question couldn't be ignored with that amount of interaction. I was pleasantly surprised with how much they didn't push back on it.
  3. For a team that's rumored to be operating on a limited budget, I would not be a fan of that. He's not much of an OFer and does nothing to help address the lineup balance. He'd be perfect for the Sox 16" softball team though.
  4. Yeah when I check it out I noticed that as well. Seems like internal projections for open spots. Still figured they'd defer to 40man guys, but that's just picking nits.
  5. That doesn't make sense to me. He's not on the 40man so why would he be listed on the active roster?
  6. Luis was the Domino's guy, Mocada was (allegedly) Twinkies. Nonetheless, team munchies for sure.
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