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  1. There was a lot of movement today, Camilletti and Goosenberg to Bham. Veloz, Gordon and Connor to WS. Mason Dinesen to Kanny (Burrowes placed on IL).
  2. Personally it's not hindsight, I thought that at the time when it was announced. I believed he could've used more time in AA considering he missed a chunk of time due to injury.
  3. Unnecessarily pushing him to AAA to begin the season was a choice I wouldn't have made.
  4. A .463 OPS with a 30 OPS+ in 234 ABs this season is wild, a fall of epic proportions.
  5. I don't think he'll be anywhere on it expect for a just missed portion
  6. FWIW, Carlos Collazo was on the FutureSox Pod with James and Ian and they talked about Cags, he didn't seem to bullish on the idea of shifting him to the outfield.
  7. Grant Taylor was transferred from the 7 day IL to the 60 day apparently, know he was out with a lat strain.
  8. Just gotta bring in someone like Bannister on the hitting side, then baby you got a stew going!
  9. The team is 32 under on June 5. If they aren't extremely embarrassed already letting this debacle get to this point with 0 action, a fan vote trying to "John Scott" Maldy to the ASG matters none.
  10. I don't think it's unfair to be skeptical. He was aggressively pushed to AAA but is still young for the level so I'm not panicking that he isn't dominating the level at this moment. IMO I think a lot of the negativity is drawn from unhappiness surrounding everything with the ML team, which I understand. Hard to separate the two sometimes.
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