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  1. Seeing how many players make up both the DSL & ACL rosters at the moment really reiterates how badly they could use second teams in these complex leagues.
  2. ACL & DSL Opening Days. Not a particularly good start for Luis Reyes in the DSL, ACL kicks off at 8 CT. https://www.mlb.com/prospects/stats/affiliates?teamId=145&date=06/05/2023 https://www.milb.com/scores/all/all/whitesox
  3. That slider is looking goooooood from Schultz. Strikes out two more in the second for five total.
  4. On a big fart of a day for the Sox and their affiliates, at least Ramos went 3-3 with a BB and a SB.
  5. There's not an exact time frame, but he's playing so that's encouraging.
  6. I think Temp IL is temporary inactive list, or like the developmental list that the Sox use frequently to skirt around the roster limit. Could be wrong, but I think that's what it's referring to.
  7. This team stinks. I want playoff baseball here since this franchise routinely deprives us all of that far too often. I also want this team to fail miserably so that some sort of change is forced to happen. Ultimately, it's mostly indifference that I feel towards the team now and it sucks.
  8. Could've been due to the part where he was quite possibly pitching last year with cancer.
  9. India was a big pop-up guy that year, as his #s at Florida prior to that year weren't eye opening (.808 OPS in 16 and .783 in 17). I think most of the blame can go back on Hostetler/staff's player evaluation and projection capabilities.
  10. To be fair, OSU moved Madrigal to 2B as they had Cadyn Grenier playing SS because he was better at it...but yeah the pick stunk and luckily they traded him when he still held some value, although the trade they made also stunk so it sucks even more.
  11. They can't DFA Marisnick fast enough to give Clint a look.
  12. Correct, but I like the staff picks here more than the mock draft.
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