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  1. This summer will be more miserable than last year…….90 plus losses and no chance at a draft pick higher than 10 in 25.
  2. Soxfest

    ST Thread

    Bor-ASS starting to learn baseball does not revolve around his clients inflated asking prices forever.
  3. Grifol still arrogant after losing over 100 games, no other team would of brought him back.
  4. LaVine out rest of season of course
  5. I’m willing to give him a chance, thank goodness Sox math and stupid Nationwide song is gone!
  6. Packers never even punted…….fire Eberass not prepared a 2nd time for GB.
  7. Continued Green Bay door mats Eberass, Fields and Poles. ZERO wins against GB. Time to make some moves.
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