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  1. Bears D coordinator have any clue how to defend a bootleg…….guy was pathetic in Minnesota at his job.
  2. Ok Tony is gone that’s only a part of this management/team issues.
  3. Should of been on 1 yr deal in 22 and gone, but Nooooooo
  4. This group of guys get hurt by a hangnail, it will continue
  5. Until Jerry goes the way of Bill Wirtz nothing will change with this organization
  6. How many pitchers have had career nights against the Sox this year 20?
  7. Nice home stand chokers, Hahn sees no need for change just better health is all.
  8. Fields missing wide open guys even on designed role outs. It may be time to start questioning his overall ability to play the position, no touch at all on balls. This GM and coaching staff did not draft him and may move on if no improvement soon.
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