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  1. Im not saying these are great examples, but they immediately come to mind : Dead - Jermaine Dye. Which was usually followed with references to the Altered Beast video game intro “Rise from your grave.” Choke Crede Jizz Can - Luis Vizcaino Botch - Billy Koch
  2. Imagine an alternate universe where we end up with the Carolina pick after #5. We’d likely keep Fields and go on with the narrative of building around him. And I think most would’ve been content with that scenario. Whatever happens with the QBs at the top of the class, we are very fortunate to be in this position.
  3. A source told ESPN that five teams in addition to Pittsburgh reached out to Chicago, and the majority of those teams had envisioned the former first-round pick in a backup role. Additionally, the Steelers had been in talks with the Bears throughout the week of free agency and reached out again after sending Kenny Pickett to the Philadelphia Eagles on Friday. The Bears had an additional offer with stronger draft capital from a team with an established starter, per a source, but chose to send Fields to Pittsburgh with the hope of putting the 25-year-old in a position to continue his development -- first as a backup to Wilson and eventually as a starter. In Indianapolis, Bears GM Ryan Poles said he wanted to "do right" by Fields, which included not keeping him on a team with a rookie and finding a spot where he could continue developing. In Pittsburgh, Fields will have that chance. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/39747405/nfl-justin-fields-steelers-bears-trade-russell-wilson
  4. I’m so glad we’re past the Fields issue and can move forward. It has occupied the entire offseason and divided the city. I’d be happy with Williams at #1, Lathum/Olu/Al or Odunze at #9.
  5. Poles was always on the wrong end of the deal. There was no option of keeping Fields if the Bears didn’t like the offers. I don’t know if this was all an attempt to “do right by Fields,” but if anything is going to motivate Justin it’s this weak return.
  6. I think by evidence of teams not using the same strategy as GB suggests the NFL knows (for the reasons you listed) it’s not as simple as just sitting a QB and letting him absorb knowledge. Also, Williams (or whomever they draft) has the benefit of starting behind a team which should be in playoff contention. Not many QBs drafted #1 have that situation
  7. Guys, just because they said Fields has been traded….doesn’t make it true. Poles is playing chess on another dimension, here. Why hasn’t he said anything yet?! Poles said he is building through the draft. And don’t you remember that picture of both of them hugging each other!? It’s because Fields is our QB1, and we’re trading our #1 pick (to avoid the future bust) for a HAUL.
  8. Right, they’re not “shopping Fields”; they’re just answering phone calls from other teams shopping for him.
  9. It will be very telling to see what the compensation is, Fields should bring something similar
  10. I’d love for the Titans to be the one’s trading down out of the Top 10. They’re consistently linked to him.
  11. Someone will take him in the Top 10. Whether it’s the Giants, or from one of the other teams (Atlanta, Bears, Jets) trading down.
  12. Outstanding trade! I give Poles a lot of credit for patience here. My hot takes from a few hours ago have aged terribly. It would seem this places us out of play for Odunze at 9. Is a trade down inevitable now?
  13. There’s no reason to throw everyone off, though. If we have to use the logic of, “this makes sense if A,B,C and D happens,” then there’s a problem.
  14. It is becoming inexcusable at this point. What is he waiting for? There’s a lot of positions to be upgraded and there are only so many picks in the draft.
  15. We should know from years of Rick Hahn offseasons that there’s rarely a master plan. Everything is as it appears. Sure it’s possible he is holding back from top tier FA targets because he is going to trade the #1 pick, and use the draft capital. But it’s easier to accept that than the alternative of not signing the best options in positions of need and high cap space
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