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  1. Well Grifol has already proven himself loyal to JR by keeping his mouth shut. Was there any publication, tweet, blurb or even whisper that hinted he interviewed for the position? We knew everything about Guillen, which probably says more about him and his camp leaking information than anything else. Personally, I’m glad to have some open to analytics and outside the organization. Maybe it won’t work out, but of all the issues surrounding the Sox they’ve addressed one so far.
  2. Reinsdorf strikes me as the type to purposely pass information (true or false) to a limited amount of people, just to see if makes it out to the public. Hahn and KW have been around for a long time, and knowing what we know about loyalty with the White Sox org, I really doubt Hahn (or KW) would leak information as some roundabout way of influencing a decision. Unless….the tweet was given the thumbs up by Reinsdorf and purposely leaked to push forward the decision. Which I’d be more willing to doubt, because it didnt achieve anything… My belief is, whenever an important personnel decision is made and leaked to a twitter account, it’s done by someone who knows enough people have the same information that the source cannot be identified. Hahn, KW and company understand losing JR’s trust is a quicker route to being fired than anything that happens on the diamond
  3. I haven’t watched much of Davis Martin, but he looked great last night. He was seemingly able to throw the slider out of the zone and in the zone at will. Also, he had a good fastball and (when thrown) changeup. If nothing else, he has earned the right to battle for a rotation spot next year. Especially if Cueto leaves
  4. It must be difficult to summarize the problems of the White Sox in only ten minutes. I was atleast expecting some reference to the two, 1-2 count IBB from TLR, but yeah, overall an accurate take on the White Sox
  5. I like the idea of playing more teams outside the division. I honestly don’t have any sympathy for how often they'll be traveling. And for the few fans that follow the team to KC, Detroit, Minnesota or Cleveland, you’ll only have six less games per divisional opponent to watch them outside Chicago.
  6. More deflection from Hahn. “We weren’t able to improve to club.” No buddy, YOU weren’t able to
  7. Probably, It will just take 30 minutes to say it
  8. I expect a “Tony expressed confidence in the current roster and didn’t feel a move was necessary” comment from Hahn
  9. I agree with standing pat as well, but I’m sure it’s not by design. Hahn’s low bid offers weren’t accepted. However, let’s not act like the winter will be any different than past years.
  10. Probably nothing. Playing .500 ball through the the next week and a half, they’d (likely) only lose a few games in the standings. But they’ll be close enough not to justify any significant coaching changes.
  11. Right, and I’m not sure what it’ll take to remove the current group.
  12. Something about dangling the carrot, right? And so many White Sox fans are right there alongside Reinsdorf, as if its their money on the line. “Rodon isn’t worth the QO risk or a Two year deal.”
  13. B….b…but they have spent the money! Foolishly. Next offseason we’ll go through the same motions again
  14. Dallas would probably agree it wasn’t his fault.
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