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  1. That’s an interesting question. In this hypothetical scenario, if Fields is still starting at Week 10 he probably had a few good starts to extend his window a bit further. Even if Fields miraculously turned it around in 7 games and overcame every metric (aside from rushing yards) which has suggested he’s a terrible QB, I can’t believe we’d trust it. At that point, wish him look and hopefully some other team buys into it
  2. You figure, the Bears fans locally are already angry enough with the team. It’s like our fans’ opinions of the White Sox, how much angrier can you really get when the f*** ups keep piling on top of each other? We may see quite a few empty seats two weeks from now. The comments from Fields brought all of the problems to a national stage. Now a larger audience can see how dysfunctional the Bears are. That’s not even including whatever comes of Williams’ resignation; which many have been guarded to comment on. This could get a lot worse
  3. Yeah I believe in this logic too. If Fields fails, Poles can say: “Look i tried to give him the weapons to succeed!” It’s a safer bet for his job security than risking trading him and Fields developing into a great QB. Then at worst, Chicago drafts high again the following season with a better QB class.
  4. He’s not, and I believe most Bears fans, his own teammates, management, and everyone else knows it as well. But of course we have to suffer through the long, painful death of watching him “run out the clock” on the season. We all know the play-Bagent calls we get louder. Now it’s primarily the meatball fans, but soon enough, it will be everyone. Especially staring down 0-3 soon. If we were 0-7 as you mentioned a few days ago, it’d be really tough to justify what - if anything - is gained by throwing out Fields. Bagents evaluation as a competent backup QB would be worth more than throwing out Fields for trade value or tanking purposes
  5. Terrible. After the first drive, Tampa defense made an adjustment and that was it for the Bears
  6. My god, Moore looked open several plays right there. And yet again, he held on to the ball too long
  7. There’s no other possibility but them sucking. I’d be more impressed with Getz making the 2024 team a playoff contender, than I would be our 2005 WS championship. It’s a wasted year without direction, and I dont even need to see the collection of bums they collect during the offseason to determine that.
  8. I wonder if they’ll even have the courage to do that midseason, regardless of how Fields looks. Whenever Bagent finds himself in a game, whether because of a blowout or injury, the QB controversy will begin.
  9. I hope you haven’t watched the 1st quarter, so far
  10. He’s another coward like the rest of them. “Jerry wants to win.” How!? How in the world are they going to create a contender entering next season? Even considering the weakness of the division, I’d say it’s near impossible.
  11. Another legend passed, Terry Funk https://bleacherreport.com/articles/10087082-wwe-hall-of-famer-terry-funk-dies-at-age-79
  12. I’m fooling myself to believe Getz and Moore are just filling positions until the team is sold, ideally before the offseason.
  13. An extremely negative article breaks on Crain concerning the White two days ago, then yesterday - of all days - just happens to be the time they decide to fire Hahn and Williams? On a Tue? I’m willing to believe it was an attempt to distract from the relocation discussion.
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