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  1. I feel like the sox probably have a better average, but their singles don't score anyone because they're so slow on top of having the worst 3b coach in ML history.
  2. That had to be the worst baserunning inning by a player I've ever seen in my life. He doesn't get to third on the ball that dropped. He doesn't score from second on an insane attempt at a double play. And then that.
  3. Nothing is ever easy with this team. Every game is it's own nightmare.
  4. Not sure I agree with this. There are provable hate crimes (the Buffalo guy being the most recent one). There are clearly racist words. I even acknowledged if the 2019 thing never happened it would have definitely seemed racist. Busting someone's balls who compared himself to one of the most important figures in sports history seemed like trash talk. It could have been 100% with racist intent, but I don't know that and won't act like I know that.
  5. So don't trust any media personality? I can get on board with that 😀
  6. Yup, I thought it was definitely messed up and racist when I first heard about it, but then heard about the 2019 thing. Obviously still a stupid comment, especially in today's climate, but I can't be sure it was 100% racist like the mind readers here. Lump me in with the "dumb Latino" crowd if there is one. Also, be careful, opinions like this are "telling on yourself". Whatever that is supposed to mean.
  7. So do you believe that Whitlock, Maher, and Rogan just say things that they don't actually believe in or feel? I've only really started following politics in the last few years after the Jacob Blake stuff was shoved down my throat, but apparently I should have learned to lean more left. Because they can read minds and I want to read minds.
  8. Why would we pitch to that guy with first base open? I'm so confused.
  9. It has been a weird season that hasn't been a ton of fun to watch. I think going into the season they were going to play a bunch of high PnR with Curbelo and Kofi. Curbelo gets brain damage, misses two months, and hasn't been the same. The offense starts to look a little better as they start to play a high-low with Grandison and Kofi off of some motion. What happens? Grandison gets Covid and then hurts his shoulder. Frazier hurt his shoulder before the year (you can see the sleeve). Damonte dropped 21% in 3 point percentage from last year. Right now when Frazier and Damonte are on the floor offensively they are almost handcuffed because of how limited they are offensively and how bad they are shooting. Just a frustrating season.
  10. That Rutgers vs Purdue finish was pretty amazing. This year seems wide open again.
  11. Not one holding call on the packers all day. Impressive.
  12. When I see the Bears in shotgun on first down I just assume it's a 3 and out now.
  13. And then the taunting call on Edwards after Rodgers grabbed his facemask.
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