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  1. It's only 2 years. Me too, I was a huge stan of his as a prospect. was stoked when the Sox got him for Sale. Moncada was absolute dogshit last year offensively and his defense still pulled him to 0.9 fWAR.
  2. Yes, let's trade our best defender on a team that has a lot of shitty defenders. I'd rather ride out the last 2 guaranteed years on his deal and hope he gets his s%*# together than trade the best defender on the team.
  3. If they're trading Montgomery for someone like Chisholm/Reynolds I can get behind that.
  4. Bryce Harper has a great contract. Jerry would have been wise to sign that exact deal. It's also likely Jerry wouldn't be around to see the end of it.
  5. Nice. Was fishing for that meme.
  6. I didn't read it that way. I read it as we, as Sox fans, are classically conditioned to cheap ownership and we use mental gymnastics to explain to ourselves why we're not allowed nice things. Everyone gets it. We're just resigned to our fate. The FO has contempt for the fanbase because we come back every year and they think we're a bunch of fools.
  7. Vaughn could have the same numbers but only be worth 3-4 WAR because he plays 1B and not RF.
  8. Vaughn's ceiling is Maggs 1st 3 years in Detroit IMO.
  9. No. Option has to be exercised by both parties. It's either a 1/12 or 2/20 deal. It's just deferring $4M until next year.
  10. Reynaldo doesn't have enough good pitches to start.
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