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  1. No, Colas is. You bring in Kelenic and Brantley and if Kelenic or Brantley sucks, Colas is ready to be called up.
  2. This, but only if you have a decent contingency plan. Something like Brantley.
  3. I wasn't very disappointed in 2021, because Robert and Eloy got hurt by May 15th long term and that killed my vibe.n Last year was an underachievement even I couldn't expect. It was basically Murphy's law. But really, would 5 more wins have made a difference? Idk because I was expecting about 86-88 wins from the Sox in 2022. The failure at the individual level was shocking.
  4. you do know that my constant negativity is a protection mechanism. Never have any expectations, and you can't be disappointed.
  5. I actually forgot that Eloy hurt himself running to 1B this year, so even playing the entire season at DH is no guarantee of his health.
  6. Zips has them as a 76 win team as currently constructed, and I think that's about right. if they make some additions they might be able to get back to .500.
  7. I don't expect bouncebacks from a lot of the underperformers. Robert I think he is what he is, he doesn't have enough plate discipline to go on much more than a 1 month hot streak here and there. His injury in 2021 sapped his elite speed and he's now a negative defender in CF. Soon there will be serious discussions about moving him to LF. I think Moncada could bounce back to 2021 levels because his LH swing was fucked this year and never really got right. Eloy could take a step if they play him at DH. Unless Giolito gets his heater back, I expect more of the same from him next year. Grandal is cooked I expect a similar season as 2022 from Lynn. Kopech could get better, if he remembers how to miss bats. If he's striking out less than a batter an inning in 2023 I expect him to be kinda bad tbh. Cease almost certainly won't be as good as he was in 2022. Every season is different, and as usual I'd expect gains in one area to be offset by negative regression in others.
  8. Sorry, I think Cleveland is just better. I think they would have been in 2021 as well if they didn't get decimated by injuries.
  9. It's really hard to see the Sox winning 80+ games next year with the payroll constraints. They've basically rebuilt to end up right back where they were in 2016.
  10. Of course not, but relievers are very volatile and it makes more sense to allocate resources in the lineup and rotation than in the bullpen.
  11. Yeah, it sucks but they kinda have to trade Hendriks and hope that Graveman or Lopez can do the job.
  12. Value wise it's not terrible but when you consider: 1. It makes the Sox even more right handed 2. Donaldson is a racist asshole and as acted as such toward TA then, you realize it's dumb.
  13. I said I agreed with you outside of Clevinger, and in principle. Ideally, you have both guys.
  14. They could sign Clevinger for about the same amount of money and at least Clevinger still threw 95 mph last year. That being said, beyond him I agree with you.
  15. I thought we decided that we weren't starting threads that have to do with the wiener and ass scope?
  16. As much as Chris Sale has been injured, this is only true from a player standpoint. Boston has a banner from 2018, so I guess they accomplished what they wanted to accomplish. The Sox do not. In terms of a player for player standpoint, on a long term basis, I agree with you.
  17. Anyone see this? Not that I think that account is credible whatsoever, but It's a weird thought.
  18. They better not play Fields, otherwise they're idiots and it will undermine a lot of patience that I have for the new FO/Coaching staff. Fields needs to sit through the bye at least.
  19. They can't put him out there with this.....right? Right???????
  20. Opinion: He's out through the bye, but they're debating about whether or not to just shut him down. The OL blows, and they know it.
  21. Yeah Colas got adequate to good reports as a CF from scouts this year.
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