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  1. I don't think he ever gets another head gig again. It failed spectacularly both times. Good OC, terrible HC.
  2. Yep. I just hope he can get back there in a Sox uni. If he can pull that off the next two seasons then he's worth his 2025 option. Most of the board is pretty down on Yoan though. He's still crazy talented and even though the ceiling isn't stratospheric like it once was, it's still pretty good.
  3. I think his ceiling now is his 2021 with around 18-22 HR. He will hit somewhere around .240-.270. Walks and OBP will be erratic from season to season. I would hope that in 2023-24 he realizes he's playing for that 2025 option.
  4. This is why the Sox are paying Moncada $46M over the next 2 years, in case anyone forgot. It's really a shame that the combination of the juiced ball+long covid derailed him. We'll never know how much. All I know is that he's not that guy anymore and that guy isn't coming back.
  5. That's understood. I understand how lotteries work. What I was saying is however unlikely, even if they jumped to 6 I'd be thrilled.
  6. They're drawing for 6 spots, correct? Since the Sox pick 15th right now any jump would be great.
  7. I think they're going to sign Brantley, because Kenny gets his guy........when they're over the hill. #jadedsoxfan
  8. BTW next time I'm being intentionally negatively hyperbolic I will do #jadedfan so you guys know I'm not serious.
  9. No I don't. I was making a comment about how everything points to Fields being the guy(finally) but the history of Bears quarterbacking still being in the back of my mind telling me it's not real or it won't last. I'm not polluting anything idk what you're talking about. Fields is the most promising QB the Bears have ever had. He keeps getting better every week. I'm just not quite ready to anoint him the absolute guy. I'm incredibly encouraged though. If he keeps this up the rest of the season, and into about mid-season 2023 then I think we can be pretty sure. I don't blame anyone for jumping the gun because you're probably going to be correct. At the end of the day it's just me being a jaded fan. Honestly 100% of my negativity is this. I was making a joke about me being a jaded fan and everyone took it out of context. OMFG Parkman had a positive thought? No way!
  10. I actually dgaf. Go crazy, Bears fans. Enjoy the ride, however long it may last. The Bears have been waiting 70 years for this s%*# and we've been waiting our entire lives. I doubt there's anyone using these forums that remembers Sid Luckman.
  11. No man....I'm excited as f*** about Fields. I couldn't be more glad to have been wrong. He just gets better every week. This time feels different. It's literally Bears QB PTSD. I can't help but have that creeping thought that it's all going to come crashing down because Bears. How could this possibly go wrong? I also have Culpepper and RGIII in my head. That's how bad it is.
  12. Heart: f*** yeah, we have a QB! Brain: It is only 6 games. Rex Grossman had a great 6 game stretch.
  13. It was 100% the right move. That core had run its course. Just like the Sox admitting that the previous rebuild failed and tearing it down again would be the right move.
  14. I still wonder if the Sox will be in Chicago past this decade. Even though I think Grandpa Ricketts is a turd, the Cubs are actually run like a competent, large market team. The Sox are going to start bleeding fans whether to apathy or jumping ship. If I had a kid I wouldn't want them to be a Sox fan.
  15. You still think they're a world series contender?
  16. If the budget is really $180M they shouldn't be trading guys like Vaughn, Crochet, Montgomery, Colas, Vera, Schultz, etc. Just dumpster dive to fill holes and hope for the best. And they should trade Hendriks and hope that either Graveman or Lopez can close. They should be just fine going into the season with holes on their roster because they aren't serious about winning with that budget anyway.
  17. Yes. You can trade recently drafted players at the start of the new season calendar.
  18. JMO but I think with Giolito his velocity and carry are correlated. He never had even average spin. What he did have is carry, and that was way down this year.
  19. I think it's a toss-up and it's really about where he is physically. Can he hit 95-96 mph regularly again? If not, his ceiling is a lot lower. I trust that he'll put in the work, but I don't know if his body will cooperate. That being said, what pitcher on the market for 1/$10-11M has as much upside as Giolito? Idk. It just seems like they're going to trade him for whatever they can asap and grab two of Clevinger/ Quintana/Manaea
  20. Yeah, because it doesn't make sense to trade him after the season he just had and it seems they're dead set on doing so.
  21. Is it possible that Giolito is on Jerry's s%*# list for going to arb over $300k?
  22. Ok. I guess it was playing weak offenses then. Never mind.
  23. I was talking about just September. His command was way better. He was a different pitcher.
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