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  1. If he's throwing 89 he's toast. Hopefully he's trying to build muscle memory.
  2. I'm having a hard time putting my thoughts into words, but you did a nice job.
  3. I'd target Michael Pittman Jr in a trade with the Colts.
  4. Lovie was great at getting meaningless wins with the Bears.
  5. What would you guys think of Santiago Espinal? To me he seems like a younger Harrison. Idk how much that's worth on the trade market. I was ok with Biggio until I realized how bad his contact issues are.
  6. It's fucking 8 million dollars. That's not that much in baseball free agency context.
  7. I have no idea why they didn't sign Adam Frazier. 1/8 is not terrible.
  8. Yeah that's where the confusion came from. D'oh.
  9. It's not really fair to evaluate Fields as a passer because he has NOTHING around him. OL is terrible and so are the WRs. I thought Mooney and Claypool were ok but clearly not. Jenkins is too injury prone. They need 10 new starters on offense.
  10. Yep. As bad as Jerry is, he doesn't hold a candle to the Wirtz family in shitty ownership.
  11. He would argue that the money was spent on locking up the core. Which is dumb.
  12. He looks like a rookie 5th round pick out there.
  13. I have no idea what everyone sees in Braxton Jones. He's terrible.
  14. Profar really is a perfect fit. Can play the OF and 2B, switch hitter.
  15. Disagree. If Grandal is cooked both catcher and 2B will be a disaster.
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