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  1. Yeah it's Houston on the road for 4 so a split is a win. Really the only things to be concerned about over the 1st 3 games are Robert/Vaughn's bat and the pen. Everything else has been pretty encouraging.
  2. No matter how good he is this year there aren't a lot of teams that will want to take on $29M for 1 year or $49M for 2.
  3. I have exactly zero faith that Clevinger pitches well tomorrow. He will get lit up like a xmas tree.
  4. Entire team can't hit sliders. Idk why any pitcher would throw anything else.
  5. Moncada has a hole low and in as a lefty. He has never been able to cover that.
  6. I didn't realize it at the time until I saw the replay, but it's called having a 5-11 1B.
  7. This lineup can just get slidered to death. idk why they ever throw anything else.
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