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  1. I think he's a good hitter but he's a 1B and if they could get someone with more positional value under team control I wouldn't complain. I wouldn't give him away, but someone like Alek Thomas or Jazz Chisholm I'd probably do without thinking twice.
  2. I think if they could trade AV for Alek Thomas, I'd do it. 1B is a pretty easy spot to fill. They could even entertain Eloy there if he objects to DH so much. I wouldn't because Eloy has no awareness of walls, but they could do that if they so choose.
  3. They have too many holes to work with a $180M budget. If they're not willing to approach the tax(say $215-220M) , they're not serious.
  4. I hate to break it to you, but Jerry's budget already says that they're not serious about contending. There's no way they could be with the contracts they have. I think if they non-tender Engel and Ruiz they have about $15M in budget space to fill their holes without subtracting from the roster. Idk if they traded Giolito and Hendriks if they could even pull off the modest offseason I put together. I know what I'd do if money was no object, but that's not reality.
  5. Burger was legitimately terrible vs RHP, I'm not arguing that. Also the shift ban should help Sheets
  6. Imagine having 30 years of Favre and Rodgers and winning only 1 SB each, with 3 appearances between them. SF had Montana and Young for only 19 years and won 5 SB.
  7. Sheets vs Vaughn against RHP isn't SSS. Burger played the first 6 weeks with the team until Yoan got healthy and he was crushing LHP. 110+ mph piss missiles on a regular basis.
  8. The only reason why I'm advocating it is because it could be legitimately their best option for 1B production with Abreu out of the picture. Everyone is convinced Vaughn>Sheets/Burger but the stats say otherwise. Vaughn and Sheets are close vs RHP and Burger has a huge power advantage over Vaughn against LHP, albeit in a SSS. Also, Sheets full season stats include before he made his adjustments in Charlotte, after which by the eye test(I can't find splits for before vs after he got called back up) I'm pretty sure Sheets was better than Vaughn against RHP.
  9. That trade has gone south for both teams over the last few years. Sale wasn't even a major contributor to the Sawx 2018 championship, as he was injured most of the season and only pitched a few times out of the bullpen during the playoffs.
  10. See post about Sheets/Burger platoon vs Vaughn.
  11. Actually, this is very calculated. I know Burger was a SSS, but Sheets+Burger as a strict platoon outperformed Vaughn last year in OPS and SLG. Burger outperformed Vaughn vs LHP by a lot actually. Sheets vs RHP .250/.301/.736 Vaughn vs RHP .260/.309/.753 Vaughn vs LHP .307/.363/.744 Burger vs LHP .326/.388/1.039(!!!!) So Sheets and Vaughn are similar vs RHP and Burger is a huge short side advantage. Also Sheets was way better after his trip to Charlotte.
  12. The catch is that if he still sucks you bring up Sheets and Burger to platoon there.
  13. What are the odds A. A. Ron retires in disgust this winter?
  14. Get him out from behind the plate, less wear and tear. They have to pay him anyway, might as well try to maximize his offense. I admit it's a pretty wonky thought, but if they're dangling Vaughn it's not the worst idea.
  15. Also, outside the box pick at 1B: Grandal
  16. Did Kyle Lewis actually get traded to AZ or is Twitter just melting down?
  17. Colas actually got average to above average grades in CF from the scouts this year. He shocked everyone with his fielding.
  18. What I expect: Signings: Cueto Manaea Brantley Segura Trades(for what, idk, let's say prospects) Giolito Hendriks Lineup DH Jimenez 2 Grandal 3 Vaughn 4 Segura 5 Moncada 6 Anderson 7 Brantley 8 Robert 9 Colas Rotation: Cease Lynn Manaea Kopech Cueto Pen: LR Lambert LR Martin MR Foster MR Diekman MR Kelly SU Lopez SU Bummer CL Graveman Bench Garcia Mendick Zavala 4th OF ? at this point, Haseley if he's still with the org
  19. They're going to go with Cueto and Manaea while trading Giolito, aren't they?
  20. Krause also built a solid young core by 2000 and then traded away Ron Artest, Brad Miller, Jamal Crawford and Elton Brand for aging vets and lotto picks.
  21. Vaughn for Alek Thomas an OF that can actually play OF.
  22. The 83-86 and 87-90s are the s%*#.
  23. Everyone knows he's playing out of position. Hahn isn't that dumb and neither is everyone else. He should be valued as a 1B/DH. I'm sure teams have some algorithm where then can assign slightly below average 1B defense and spit out a WAR number.
  24. You've got the data, and I know that you know your s%*#, so I'll take your word for it. 18 months puts Crochet back in MLB in August then. Man, he's going to miss most of this season as well.
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