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  1. I have zero expectations this year. Just going to enjoy baseball. If the Sox are competitive that's a bonus I cannot peg this team at all so no predictions from me
  2. There's not one player on this team I completely trust to have a good season. Anyone can tank. Cease is probably the player I trust the most, but he has walk and gopher ball problems.
  3. Honestly I'd rather Moncada be healthy than derail his season by rushing back from injury like he did last year.
  4. We all gotta hope that they renew the sponsorship agreement because it's up soon.
  5. I'm not out of town but I go to Wisco a lot and it's nice to be able to watch the games on my tablet.
  6. It's nothing crazy but Fegan said he's not returning to games until June.
  7. Fucking hell RE: Schultz. Can the Sox ever catch a break on the injury front these days?
  8. If Hendriks misses the whole season it would be incredibly shitty to not pick up that option given that they have to pay him the money either way.
  9. Now are they going to use the dead money as an excuse next winter?
  10. You could tell something was bothering Yo last year in ST. He looked awful. Night and day from last spring.
  11. If Vaughn is injured/has a bad season then the Sox really missed a chance to gain a useful piece for him and roll with a Sheets/Burger platoon.
  12. Moncada is a good player most of the time, his swing and miss issues make him volatile from season to season. I don't blame him for 2020 as long covid is a very real thing. I believe he was battling something last year but if you average out the last 4 years he's a 3.2 WAR player and that's fine, even if it isn't worth 25M in 2025. He's a good player, but again everyone holds it against him because he was the #1 prospect in baseball and isn't Jose Ramirez. You going to hold it against Benintendi too? He was the #1 prospect in baseball as well. There's nothing that he can do to make a segment of this fanbase happy other than to suddenly start becoming Jose Ramirez. I thought he'd be that good too, I'm disappointed as well, but you can acknowledge he's still a solid regular.
  13. The only thing that crossed my mind is that Jerry has a really good accountant. And given his background working for the IRS and as a tax attorney, it's not surprising.
  14. https://twitter.com/BNightengale/status/1638944455578517504?s=19
  15. This. Moncada is a very good player outside of 2022 but he's not a franchise changing superstar and those were the expectations. The fans (wrongly) think he's a bust because he's merely a 3-4 WAR player most years and not Jose Ramirez.
  16. Yeah I heard he hit 98 last outing.
  17. If not the Sox, I want the Mets to win 3 titles in a row just so cheap ownership across MLB has no excuses anymore. Cohen and the SD ownership have it right. You play to win the game. You don't play to just play it. /hermedwards
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