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  1. I've chuckled a bit. Whose alt account is this?
  2. BA Mock 2.0 https://www.baseballamerica.com/stories/mlb-mock-draft-2024-version-2-0-first-round-picks-for-every-team/ I love me some Braden Montgomery and boy does the system need more legitimate bats.
  3. Not gonna lie. I had written him off already. The swing sure is sweet though.
  4. 2 RBI double for Quero. He good.
  5. Who didn't see that coming? Anyone?
  6. Didn't get to watch any games, but looks like Batista had a solid line.
  7. I'm glad Max is posting again.
  8. Law's top 15 out of that 50 from his updated rankings.
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