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  1. Poor Bears fans. This is a dreadful football team.
  2. Hiring someone from outside the organization that seemingly has shown success in what they do? I don't understand.
  3. Are you a user name change? (Does this show somewhere?)
  4. Not surprising. Was hopeful he could have stop-gapped second until something better came along. The impact was just not there. Which seems to be a common trend lately.
  5. The Athletic interviewed Dave Wilder. First interview he's given since he was fired/jailed. Some not so surprising comments within. https://theathletic.com/4853621/2023/09/12/white-sox-exec-bonus-skimming/
  6. Another reminder of how far off this team is from being competitive.
  7. As only a casual NFL fan, were/are the Bears supposed to be good this season? This seems underwhelming.
  8. Lots of Mariners fans are calling him Erik Bedard for this one.
  9. I really don't enjoy being an overly pessimistic person, but man I can't shake the feeling that we whiffed hard on Gonzalez. Bleh.
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