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  1. Carlos did a check-in on 1st round picks in his newsletter. I was kind of shocked how poor a lot of these first rounders are doing. https://carloscollazo.substack.com/p/issue-12-checking-in-on-2023-first
  2. Jacob Gonzalez has an RBI double to the RF wall in his second at bat.
  3. Fedde is going to bring back a solid piece at the deadline.
  4. I'm starting to wonder if Wetherholt is in play at 5.
  5. Downtown Brown has to be someone's alt account right? They seem to exist to provoke Harold.
  6. Mariners would be an ideal trade partner. I'd love to pry Colt Emerson.
  7. Skenes is just absurd. 6 batters faced 6 strikeouts.
  8. I think he's a slam dunk pick. I like him so much more than Burns. If the position player side of the White Sox system was better I would be advocating for him hard.
  9. New Pipeline mock. https://www.mlb.com/news/mlb-pipeline-2024-mock-draft-mid-may?t=mlb-draft-coverage
  10. I don't think that's necessarily true. Lots of Griffin/Rainer smoke.
  11. Can we please have Korey starting at least 3/4 of the games?
  12. Early game for Bham. Eder has 3Ks in the 1st.
  13. Rainer goes immediately after Griffin in the 11 spot if anyone was wondering.
  14. Keith Law's first mock is out. Will post the top 10. https://www.nytimes.com/athletic/5490480/2024/05/15/mlb-mock-draft-2024-travis-bazzana-charlie-condon/
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