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  1. I really don't enjoy being an overly pessimistic person, but man I can't shake the feeling that we whiffed hard on Gonzalez. Bleh.
  2. Yeesh. Nastrini has bounced 5 pitches so far in the 1st. 2 of them wild pitches. 2 walks. Edit: Has added a 3rd wild pitch and a 3rd walk as well.
  3. It sure would be cool if the Ramos/Montgomery tandem pan out and we have 2 IF spots locked down for the forseeable future.
  4. I feel like a lot of folks don't understand there is a draft lottery now. You aren't guaranteed your spot anymore. https://www.tankathon.com/mlb Feel free to click sim lottery if you are bored. And if the Sox land in the top 6, due to market size, they can't pick in the top 10 in the next draft class.
  5. I haven't watched much of him, but I believe he is a statcast darling.
  6. I still love the rationale for staying internal is they don't have the time to familiarize someone new with the org and the system. Let me tell you Jerry, boy do you have the time before your baseball team is good again.
  7. The Reds game can't start soon enough.
  8. They are so acquiring Salvador this offseason.
  9. Kohl Simas probably blew out something yesterday if yall didn't see the video.
  10. He also suggested that both Burger and Collins were draft pick selections that were mandated from the top.
  11. Wow. The stories of front office meddling on 1st round draft picks sure is damning too. Telling scouting directors no, you can't take that player. Mentioned Haber in specific as well.
  12. Oof the talk of outside scouts burying Jacob Gonzalez is not what I want to hear. But it surely tracks. Pretty much concluded there is no impact to be seen. An average regular at best if he pans out.
  13. This is a great listen with Law. @Harold's Leg Lift He seems to echo some of your sentiments.
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