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  1. Something actually going our way? Really?
  2. I cant say I miss him iconic as he was
  3. Not to digress but I love biographies and autobiographies of famous or semi-famous or even infamous people, esp hockey players from the 70s thru the 90's, like ex Hawks Rick Vaive, Stu Grimson, Theo Fluery, Bob Probert and Mike Keenan and Bernie Nicholls
  4. The optimistic side of me says 99 or even 100 wins The pessimistic sides says 75 wins The realistic side says split the wins at 87
  5. Im holding out a glitter of hope for Yoan but the OP point is well taken. Like comparing the sinking of the Titanic or the Lusitania, which one was worse?
  6. I got a bruised Playing hockey, trust me they hurt. It hurt just to breath but I wasnt out too long. Hope same w Yoan
  7. I recall some of the concourses having exposed sewer piping and eroding cement around it
  8. Totally agree, I cant figure which one I miss the most. Apparently there was no way either one could have the all important corporate suites installed to meet the owners financial needs plus Im sure both places were racking up some huge deferred maintenance fees At least they both are basically in the same place
  9. Sad to say if this were true, we'd have 25 Leurys on our team
  10. Watched the first 2 vids last PM, what a place that was Thanks to our very own Mark Liptak on his input for this project Another handsome poster here at ST 😃
  11. Didn't Melton fall off a ladder to injure his back?
  12. and 2 yrs removed from the Titanic
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