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  1. Shotgun season starts here in Illinois Nov 19-20th, then Dec 1-4th Be nice to be outside and hoping to get a trophy buck!!
  2. It makes you wonder the What Ifs, as in what if Ed Debartolo would have bought our Sox?
  3. An;other thing JR did to piss off Bill Veeck was saying "We are going to run a class organization" implying that Veeck didnt. IIRC Bill then went to cub games. I swear JR is a one big PR gaffe
  4. Pasadena? We almost neighbors, I lived in Encino many yrs ago
  5. Thanks Lip for the linky What a mess this organization is in. Dysfuntional as f*** (as bad as my spelling) Oh I thought WSI went out with dial up internet
  6. Like a few other applicants, I know nothing about him, what does his resume look like (dare I ask)?
  7. Time doesnt permit me to read the last 200 posts, but why was Joe Espada eliminated?
  8. I think it was 1983 or 82, i just moved back from SoCal to where I am now, I went out and bought a TON of Reeses P butter cups in anticipation of Halloween, anyway I sat home that night and waited but IIRC it stormed and rained cats & dogs and I didnt get even one trick or treater that PM. I was so disappointed, back then even though I was into competiive bodybuilding, I got depressed and at about 8PM i said F it and proceeded to smoke a bowl, got the munchies and must have ate 30 Reeses cups and went to bed. My blood sugars must have been thru the roof I vote more fun as a kid
  9. The Grinder

    2022 Catch All

    Good to hear Tex, continue prayers going out to you
  10. We cant recycle 2 former managers in a row can we?
  11. The only Ozzie I want to see on my TV next yr is Osbourne
  12. Got me wondering why they cant start before given the fact it was a short series that just ended? You think the sooner the better esp w the weather in Philly can get pretty nippy in Nov
  13. Since I deal w Brooks Boyer a number of yrs ago, I emailed him re the next manager, he replied that the Sox are talking to many choices and he hasnt really asked Rick about who might be hired and that we are all disappointed and so on.. Lip service no doubt but expected
  14. Yes being bi-lingual is a huge plus but from the other side shouldnt these Hispanic and Latino players make an effort to learn English as well? Its not like they or even the team cant afford it. I used to teach ESL (as a volunteer) to immigrants years ago and most picked it up quite well
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