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  1. Joe actually did something right. It's about time
  2. So now knowing the facts would we do it again? Hindsight is 20/20
  3. My Dad and I did the male bonding thing and made it a tradition to go out hunting small game on T day morning, considering I was usually nursing a hangover, prob not the best idea....
  4. Very, add in the cost of a boat and you have a car payment for a while
  5. So scary, thank God hes ok, thanx for linky
  6. IIRC didnt the attending EMT's have to smash a few of his teeth to get to his tongue which he had swollowed?
  7. Lip this was during batting practice correct?
  8. This is the last weekend for deer in Illinois w shotgun, so the heats on! Yes its expensive, add the meat processing and it goes even higher. Fishing seems cheaper
  9. Recently its been 1st base, we seem to breed them like the Packers breed QB;s
  10. Back to Clevinger, couldnt care less about his politics or his vac status, just get the job done and I'll love you forever!!
  11. Gotta love square burgers, didnt they have those?
  12. If yr on an all night bender, Dennys not a bad place to end up at
  13. Good luck Jose, thanks for the memories and being a class act, I hope Houston wont teach you how to cheat
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