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  1. Yes the State tax is collected via IDOR. Illinois Dept of Revenue. I should have specified
  2. Was it here I read that if JR sold while he was still horizontal, the capital gains tax would be around $200Mill plus whatever IDOR would need? Thats a lot of quid going to Uncle
  3. Back in about 2000, I think Kelly was being interviewed on the score. For whatever reason the convo had something about getting puled over by the cops and whats the first thing you should do. Kelly said the first thing he did was hide his crack pipe!!😃
  4. I gotta think the other GM's are looking to fleece Getzie due to his inexperience
  5. Knowing JR, my moneys on some unkown communication major 23 yr old right out of college who will work for 50K Its the White Sox way
  6. The only new fans we will get will be the misfits, the losers and of course the masochists :)
  7. I'm surprised they don't make the 7th inning stretch 30 min for an afternoon nappy
  8. My guess at some point Atlanta will be bummed about this
  9. So whats on yr Winter to do list to pass the time until the 2024 season starts? Ive got some books to read, a bathroom to remodel and to clean up some areas of my house & business that really needs it
  10. IIRC John Olerud wore one too but not as cool as Dick
  11. Multi millionaires getting spa days and pampering? I guess this is 2023
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