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  1. Something tells me we will be snakebitten in the desert
  2. I'm skeptical. I've seen Charlie Brown get the football get pulled from him as he falls on his ass too many times. But I wish him the best
  3. I believe that was Dick congratulating Ron at end of video? Probably one of the few times....
  4. More deck chairs arrangement
  5. Oh well. No repercussions. Pedro and Getz will still have thier jobs in the morning
  6. There should be a skunk rule in MLB. This is getting ugly
  7. I've lost track now. How many loses in a row? Is it 13? 16? Or 21? Seems like 113.....
  8. Did Garrett get the boot in this rain delay too?
  9. Cubbies r 2 games under now
  10. I'm quite certain a decent AA team could beat us
  11. Wait till the trade deadline. We will be at 23 wins and Getz trades our best players for obscure "prospects". So we go 2 months with even worse players. I predict 33 wins
  12. How about a one way plane ticket back to his native Puerto Rico?
  13. If losing big time hastens the departure of Pedro and Getz I'm all in. But we know it won't
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