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  1. Was just reading this and I was like "cool, they send us Gleyber. Makes sense. Who else? Ahahahahahaha."
  2. A Cody Bellinger, Kolten Wong, Jose Quintana offseason seems both super White Sox and somehow unobtainable.
  3. What are you talking about? Our outfield defenders all improved under him.
  4. Seems to be "don't show up high." https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/28804440/mlb-players-subject-penalty-using-pot
  5. Abreu on that Padres team will absolutely shatter my heart because they'll give him what the White Sox should have.
  6. I don't understand how this thread is still going with Bellinger being a free agent.
  7. All types of bad. All. Types. Of. Bad.
  8. And both of these are preferable to getting injured like Chris Sale or Tatis Jr.
  9. It's easy to eliminate teams based on this map.
  10. Dark blue needs to be bluer. Way too close to black.
  11. I mean in the first batch of City Connects, the White Sox and Miami were the only top tier ones. Now you've got more good ones like the Angels and Nationals.
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