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  1. It has also been shown — repeatedly — that Reinsdorf only moves on from the status quo if that status quo is national embarrassment. It's why Thibs got canned (leaking stuff to the press that show Bulls dysfunction), why GarPax got jettisoned (the ASG protests), KW/Hahn finally being fired, etc. Now imagine if the status quo is national embarrassment? Getz has done f*** and all to show that he can put together a roster, with his best MLB acquisition so far being (using fWAR for the sake of something quantifiable)...Kevin Pillar and Steven Wilson. So a guy that they dicked around in free agency and a reliever that was part of a trade package for their ace. Pedro will be this year's sacrificial lamb, but if they're hysterically bad (I'm talking minus-60 wins) while Reinsdorf is trying to get a stadium deal — Getz might actually feel heat. If he gets them to even 70 wins, his job is safe.
  2. I enjoy that Getz says this after adding 23 new players to the 40 man roster.
  3. Lol, Greg I think I only have hard copies after a hard drive crashed, but if I find it in emails to my professors I'll DM it to you.
  4. Eh, to be fair, Lopez and Soroka are decent buy-low fliers that were included with Bummer. The rest, however...
  5. Hey asshole: I wrote my thesis on Minnie Minoso, watch the Dash every time they come to Brooklyn, bought my dad artwork of Aparicio, own jerseys and hat for three of their minor league teams in addition to the Sox swag that makes up my wardrobe and I'll be dead before I root for the team that failed my grandfather before he died (my mom's side was Cubs fans, she converted). Despite all that, I want the owner who's stomped on my fandom, his lackey GM and braindead manager to get their just desserts. But you go back to pissing on what could be the best thing for the Sox in decades in the form of a new stadium because you've got some vendetta against dirt.
  6. This is my reminder that, unlike his approach to trading Cease, Getz blew his load on adding guys like DeJong and Maldonado
  7. Martin Maldonado is clearly worth the $4M to be a coach on the field, or so I've been told.
  8. With Getz so good at being a GM, they don't need the #1 pick.
  9. Amazing that Maldonado is still far and away the worst.
  10. Lee DHing is so mind boggling in its own right. He's better defensively than Maldonado except for reputation. You can hit Gavin at DH because splits don't matter when one hitter has a .083 average with a .245 OPS and the other a .333 average with a 1.159 OPS. Not only is this team poorly built because Getz can't GM, Pedro can't even make simple managerial moves that a computer could make.
  11. Rose Lonzo LaVine Robert is just six weeks away from returning!
  12. I am once again pointing out that Getz is GMing like most people play The Show
  13. Somehow missed this buuuuuut Nick Madrigal having a higher WAR than the 3 drafted before him doesn't matter. Rodon was the consensus 1-1 draft pick until teams fell in love with Aiken and Kolek, but would you rather have Nola (who was getting mocked to the Sox quite a bit if I recall). ReyLo - Relievers are people too. He was acquired as a starter. Somehow through two games, he's been a good starter for the Braves. Kopech - Chris Sale is arguably a bigger nutcase. Kopech has flashed dominate stuff as a starter. Adolfo - I loved Adolfo as a prospect and suddenly he fell off the map. They needed a RF. If he was ready in time, well, he would have been there. Lambert - Eh, ok. I'll concede this one. Fulmer - Will concede that he was basically busted by the time Getz oversaw the farm. Bailey and Bush - You weren't here at the time, but Bailey and Bush had smoke about their raw talent. The thing is, you asked for a list. These are guys that an org like the Dodgers or Rays churns out and we all stare at in envy. Spencer Adams - A fringe #100 after his dominant rookie ball debut, but will concede that like Fulmer, pre-dates Getz. Clarkin - Just because other orgs can't figure it out doesn't mean the Sox get a pass. Dalquist has 1 IP of relief. He is, until further notice, horrendous. At draft time he had a lot of talk about his, for lack of a better phrase, pitchability. However, since you mentioned Adisyn Coffey, Getz will get a big W if he develops. Dude should have a note on Baseball-Reference that says "drafted to help sign Garrett Crochet and Jared Kelley."
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