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    Buehrle's perfect game. It could be ruined with one at bat, unlike the WS.
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  1. In case this is serious: https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/friendship-ended-with-mudasir
  2. Sir, I made this checks notes two years ago and I look forward to using it again.
  3. I'm about 50/50 on flipping Elvis and Romy, but I'm not torn up on it at all.
  4. Let me do the TLR version: 1. TA - SS 2. Leury - 2B (making the team) 3. Benintendi - RF 4. Eloy - LF 5. Grandal - C 6. Robert - CF 7. Moncada - 3B 8. Vaughn - DH 9. Sheets - 1B
  5. lmao one second after I read this I get a notification on the MLB app: 1. TA 2. Robert 3. Vaughn 4. Eloy 5. Yoan 6. Benintendi 7. Grandal 8. Elvis 9. Romy
  6. Personal but if Ozzie doesn't win ROY then my brother probably has a different childhood idol and isn't such an asshole.
  7. But it becomes a fun thing where the original firing caused the return.
  8. Worse move: Original firing of La Russa or second hiring of La Russa?
  9. I cannot wait for the first veteran that accidentally has this put on their jersey.
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