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  1. Man was destined to be either a superstar closer or that guy that every fanbase falls in love with cause of his name and he bounces around to like 12 teams. C'est la vie.
  2. Which also @bmags, Zach Franklin ain't doing too bad considering the expectations.
  3. Jack Young is this year's Zach Franklin?
  4. https://hawkeyesports.com/roster/jack-young/
  5. God, I hate the MLB draft almost as much as I hate the NBA cap and I am grateful for you to explain it.
  6. With Duke Ellis gone, Phil Fox is my new favorite name in the system.
  7. Cleveland is an org that can cry poor but actually operate on a budget.
  8. So far I'm feeling whelmed by this draft, but I'm gonna reserve judgement.
  9. Pre-draft discussion thread
  10. Sox select Arkansas LHP Hagen Smith, prep SS Caleb Bonemer and prep LHP Blake Larsen
  11. Day 1 Draft thread Day 2 Draft Thread
  12. Posting links to all discussions here.
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