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  1. Phenomenal news for the 2025 White Sox.
  2. Somehow, TA wins a batting title in LA.
  3. The Sox fan in me wants Yamamoto sign with the Yankees to put pressure on Baltimore. Then the baseball fan in me wants to see LA sign him and trade for Cease to build an absolute monster and basically dare the other owners to step up their game.
  4. James has been Rick Hahn all this time and we never figured it out.
  5. I'm ready to see the Braves to turn Lane Ramsey into a monster.
  6. I mean a few years ago someone did Kershaw's hypothetical per pitch earning and it was $9,477. Man makes more than my annual salary in an inning.
  7. @bmags half-life theory at work
  8. Imagine an ownership group willing to spend money on Mookie, Freeman and Ohtani. And hiring a GM that made helped build the Rays farm system. Then he did it again. They didn't even really sign big free agents until Freeman and Ohtani.* We get Andrew Benintendi and prayers for prospects. And we share a spring training complex with them. The offices are right there! Just fucking network! Edit: I guess Bauer
  9. Is this the hardest flex on a cross"town" rival ever? Dear god
  10. Well... 1. Jerry Reinsdorf 2-50. Everything we've witnessed the past few years when the Sox were primed to build a fanbase 51. Ohtani on the Cubs
  11. Of all the things we've endured since then, how are you feeling anything?
  12. Most people around baseball: "Signing 26-year-old superstars like Harper or Machado are pretty much one of the rare opportunities you get where these deals might just work out for the majority of the contract. Contracts will keep escalating in price and you'll have them locked in at current superstar rates." Reinsdorf: "No."
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