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  1. He owns the website.A chicken s%*# mod wouldn't dare have an insulting multiple posts exchange with him. He's making the same point as you but oh look no one responded to it like they are with you.
  2. Wasn't there an attempt to call him the Condor at one point ?Conductor seems like a derivation or a mistake from the Condor name.
  3. That's what I've been saying all along. However the fact remains the since those last 2 $20M years are club options anyone trading for him can do so and basically ignore those last 2 years and just have him for the time remaining before those option years. They can decline those options if he isn't worth that money.
  4. Reinsdorf is still the owner. And I'm not into rooting for him to die. I do roots for wins. I just know we aren't going resign the 31 yr old Fedde and Id rather get value that results in 6 years of cheap labor than nothing for guys who are always injured or underperforming. I'll take more wins later at the expense of signing a bunch of old veterans who are the only guys Reinsdorf let's them sign usually and then they suck. I'm shooting for a Tampa Bay type team.Keep trading guys with 2 years left before they get expensive. Keep the youth coming it, and maybe JR doesn't live to 100 and a new owner is more conducive to hiring practices that allow the team to join the 21st century.
  5. Yes but all those guys and young guys like Lee , Cannon Kopech, Fletcher,Deloach Colas, Thorpe ,Sosa plus Moncada,Vaughn, Eloy and a couple more from the dumpster dives performing better could never mean getting close to that kind of record. I'd rather all the short contracts all stay healthy and play well and still get traded and not have the Sox even think about keeping Moncada and Eloy.
  6. Not really at the major league level. I knew it was a longshot to get much back from a lot of the stuffs they signed . Fedde and Crochet great. Got a decent relief guy for Grossman.Kopech bombed. Pham doing OK. But if they were even on track to match last seasons record it would mean more guys doing better. Moncada,Eloy and Robert all pretty disastrous.Couldnt get much worse results on all 3 of those guys in the 1st half. Benintendi too. Vaughn until recently. DeJong might net something but I'm hard pressed to think anyone else gets much. Brebbia maybe.Banks? Wilson unless they keep him. I keep thinking one of the youngish OFs ( Colas, DeLoach , Fletcher or Julks ) might get moved paired up with someone.
  7. Eventually but I've expressed doubts on both Robert and Crochet being moved this deadline.
  8. Hey you agreed with me when I said I had to root for wins because wins mean better trade returns and the kids are performing well when it seemed like half of Soxtalk was rooting for losses and total embarrassment.
  9. Had did have a scoreless 3 inning relief appearance that started his dominant run after he came back up. Then the last 2 starts of 15.2 inning of 1 ER.
  10. Quero 5 for 5 tonight 2 doubles 3 RBI His batting line for June: .482 .532 .786 1.318
  11. He said he went back down to Charlotte to work on some deficiencies but didn't say what they were. Didn't throw many 4 seamers tonight. Sweeper sinker mainly but good use of the change up too.
  12. Gotta root for the kids and anyone on the trade block if you want the team to maximize trade returns.
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