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  1. Veteran GM's don't want to work for him. He doesn't give them anything . He's king of his domain and he and his investors all did well and he intends to keep it that way until he can't.
  2. JR says and does whatever wants. He has no intention or interest in making Getz job easy. Hired because he failed upwards and rookie GM happy to just get the opportunity . Wondering if JR is ever told you know most teams have staff 3 times as large as ours, you could invest in scouting and developing like TB . We could win the division a lot with young players who we then trade when they peak , get better prospects back since we sell high, keep the high level young talent coming in , really invest in making them the best they can be with staff and equipment. In the end it costs less, JR ,Staff costs a lot less than players but payroll stays low because our players are so young. It's not easy, always need the best talent evaluators and commit to it .
  3. Actually from what I understand there have always been a lot of Santander trade talk in the past . I think even some White Sox rumors too. Santander and Hays get asked about more than Mullins now because Santander is the closest to Free agency and Hays just had a better year than Mullins who is viewed as slowed down a bit by age and injuries. It's not really about who more expendable. It's about getting value now for guys going to Free agency. The Rays trade guys before they get too expensive while contending and plug in younger guys. Os need to get the ball rolling in their OF and on top of that need starting pitching. They need to get their asses in gear before they regret not getting assets for impending free agents and fritter away a season where it's possible to win a World Series . The Rays would have traded Santander 1 -1.5 years ago.
  4. In general I agree with you. When you have a talented 40 that's a roster crunch . When you are a bottom feeder your concern is all these bums are pretty much the same , I really hope I don't give up the one guy who will end up being a good player. But when you can't develop your own players, that's going to be on your mind. But yea ,I'm not concerned with giving up 27 and 28 yr olds at this point who have little value . There is no roster crunch. They have 70 guys in camp which tells you there's no roster crunch. Anyone among those NRIs who makes the squad is fine by me. I doubt anyone will rue the day the Sox let Banks, Peralta , or Sheets go. We're not exactly talking about letting go Fernando Tatis Jr. here.
  5. Why do you torture yourself about the Orioles. ? They move slow. They will reassess the health of their pitchers in a month . In the meantime they might find a quick fix like Lorezen if he isn't too rich for them. Would you give up Mike Soroka or Touki Toussaint for Santander ? The O's more than likely wouldn't do that. But would you ? I would, even though the Sox OF seems full now you can delay playing Fletcher to flip Santander. Santander might be flipped for a better prospect than Soroka will be eventually. Seems like Santander could be traded by the Os maybe along with a prospect to get immediate SP help better than Soroka, but who needs a RF for 1 year and is willing to give up a decent SP ? Maybe Hays for 2 years gets you a little more. Cease is still going to have to pitch well this season to convince the O's to give up more than they offered before and that goes for anyone else who thought the Sox were asking too much for Cease. It's a big gamble by Getz but if he feels the offers weren't good enough so be it. But you're barking up the wrong tree if you are expecting anything soon.
  6. I have no idea what you are saying here but have a nice emoji for having said it. I think it's sarcasm about something .
  7. Never a doubt Perez nor Merrifield were coming here when their budget never allowed for it. Certainly wasn't a thing to get all up in arms about. So the Sox might waste some money on some over the hill vets. Not like that's ever happened before. But to be frank , I'll give Getz the benefit of the doubt that had he the budget for it he'd have better options to spend money on.
  8. This is a good story of a baseball lifer. He worked for the Rays for 18 years for those who wanted us to poach more coaches from that system. Pretty cool how he ended up in the movie "The Babe" as pitcher Charlie Root on the mound as The Babe ( John Goodman) points his bat towards the Wrigley Field bleachers in the 1932 World Series for the infamous called shot HR. EX UIC pitcher now the pitching coach at AAA Charlotte.
  9. Major League , 3WAR , switching hitting , starting RF for a team that won 100 games who's hit 61 HRs the last 2 years, has a good arm. Why wouldn't there be a market for him when conservatively 90 % of all minor league players will never see an AB or pitch in MLB ? Surely someone somewhere would think he'd be a fine edition to their team and be willing to find something reasonably close to equitable for him.
  10. I saw he is 6' 230. That's a lot of muscle on that height. Still only 24. I see Russell Wilson (the QB) is still loving baseball now with the Yankees. The Panda Pablo Sandoval is trying a comeback with the Giants. For anyone thinking damn I thought he was 50 years old, he's 37.
  11. Yes I knew there were multiple ways but it never sounded like a BP stint was a viable way to keep him prepped as a starter. It's not just about getting the innings in . It's about how it would ve been too difficult to prep him as a starting pitcher which would disrupt the Sox ability to use him the way they do other relievers on the team. If he is going for being a starter you don't use him as a relief pitcher on the big club which you seemed to think was just as good just to build up innings. That was our fundamental disagreement. Crochet's interview shows that's how he wants to approach it also now. It'll be interesting to see how it plays out.
  12. Maybe so but at least they have guys to plug in and impending FA OFs to trade for their pitching needs if they can. That's why I'm surprised Santander isn't gone yet. If they are going to keep their prospects and try to be like the Rays then Santander should be traded before the deadline. The Rays in the same situation would already be looking for prospects for him ,Mullins and Hays. The O's can't afford to let any of them reach FA and get just a draft pick back if they are going to never sign high priced Free Agents. Maybe things change under new ownership but too hard to say when or what new ownership will do differently.
  13. But Bradfield and Beavers may be choices at the beginning of next year . They have 4 OFs close enough to ready to replace 3 OFs who will be gone soon enough. It doesn't leave as much good prospects capital left except their top guys to trade for Cease if they have to keep the OF prospects. So now people think the O's will give up Mayo or Basallo.
  14. You ' ll have to point it out to me where he named a source that said the Orioles called. He said Bruce Levine sounded sincere. He said he had heard . He also said he believed Cease would be traded before the end of January. I disagreed at the time in writing in the thread. But who are people going to think is right or Jimmy ? Him of course He's got sources and everyone salivates when he makes posts and says ohh he made cryptic posts and ooh later he said this. It's his passion to be a noted source of Sox info . It's his job to drum up interest in his content. I got nothing at all against James Fox. I tune into his content more often than most of you. I watch the new Future Sox content on YouTube where James and the others are more active now than before. I often think James and I think a lot alike when it comes to the Sox. Back when I wanted Stone Garret when he was released James also thought it was a good idea , one of the few to say so when others were dismissive. Ultimately it makes no difference that you believe Jimmy was saying for sure the O's have surely contacted the Sox again since it became common knowledge Bradish and Means we're injured, nor that I believe it was just his opinion. The point was that if they recently called the Sox people get excited thinking it could happen soon. That's why you said of course nothing is close or it may not happen at all. That's not obvious to everyone thinking oooh the O's called recently it's on again!! Let's go !! Jimmy was stating the obvious that he was disagreeing with the earlier posts that the O's were done dealing with the Sox and I agreed with him , not because his post was all mysterious and cryptic but because they have injured pitchers and the Sox have a pitcher they've already had trade discussions with. That's why Getz was willing to pitch Cease in season to make those teams who earlier thought he was asking too much, up their offers. The O's may not offer much more right now based only on their own pitcher's health but if Cease pitches well AND their pitching is still suffering and everything else aligns there will be a trade with the O's, or the Yankees or the dozen or so other teams who would covet a reinvigorated Cease.
  15. Thank u for pointing out the mistake. When I read the part of of my post u quoted I was thinking I didn't write that ,did I ? I was fully aware only Santander was a free Agent after this year and Mullins and Hays the next year. I have written about it a few times before. That's why later I said we'll see what happens with Santander but it wouldn't surprise if the other 2 were traded (meaning with the extra year on their contract for pitching. )
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