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  1. Which would be admirable until it becomes farcical given the game situation and already in scoring position.
  2. LOL So Andrus steals 2nd, takes off for 3rd on the previous pitch and somehow doesn't think they may try to pick him off ? Andrus with head up his rear. And in the 8th inning down by 3.
  3. I don't know why you want old guys back. This was supposed to be a rebuild filled with youth. Instead Hahn did what they did when the team was mired in mediocrity, filled it with a bunch of old guys and expected them to make a difference. They haven't and even worse the young guys get injured like much older guys except for our 1st basemen who they play in the OF.
  4. Bunch of weak contact after the hits. Was hoping Perez could knock one in and take some pressure off himself.
  5. LOl I'm in a Bangles concert video on youtube at a HS gym in Pasadena from almost 13 yrs ago. Well the back of my head is constantly in the way of the person taking the video behind me .
  6. Good Catholic kid from the Southwest side. I'm much older but had classmates who went to St. Rita while me and other Classmates went to Quigley South on 79th and Western which ironically now is a part of St. Rita. Hustle and talent got him to where he is now. Probably will make a good coach some day.
  7. The Moncada situation is kind of like the Bellinger situation. Bellinger was even better than Moncada. Bellinger was a 4th round pick so he didn't come with the hype or expectations of Moncada. His 1st 3 years his fWar was 3.9, (ROY) 3.8 and the MVP yr was 7.7 in 2019. 2020 Covid shortened season 1.6. His downfall can probably be linked to a couple dislocated right shoulders diving for ground balls playing 1st base and celebrating a HR and his subsequent shoulder surgery after the 2020 season. His fWar 2021 (-1.0) and 2022 (1.3) seasons . Dodgers total investment The Dodgers paid him $1.8M for his 1st 3 seasons .After that he was $11.5 M in 2020, $16.1M in 2021 and $17M in 2022. Total investment $46.325M. The Dodgers did not extend him . His higher salaries were due to arbitration. He is now 27 yrs old and likely to be non tendered. Moncada: Let's start with his salary . $31.5M signing bonus by the Red Sox who then had to pay 100% Tax making their outlay $63M. 2017 $535K, 2018 $555K, 2019 $575K at which was his breakout season w/ 5.5 fWAR. Early March 2020 The Sox signed Moncada to a 5 yr. extension worth $70M with a team option for 2025 . That $70M includes the 2025 buyout. Between his signing bonus with the Red Sox and his extension with the White Sox Yoan will have collected $103.165M guaranteed . $71.165M from the White Sox. 4 months after signing the extension Moncada got Covid. Was Hahn to blame for signing a player to an extension in the middle of a pandemic ? Did they know Yoan's personal life and did that personal life lead to getting Covid ? Is Covid to blame for his downfall ? Is it lifestyle ? Effort? or more injuries ? He seems to be hitting well from the RH side this year when he's always been better LH. Is the oblique still hampering his LH swing.? That injury happened in the last game of Spring Training so quite a while ago. He's also been hampered by quad and hamstring problems and seems very good at fouling pitches off himself. So the Sox have invested quite a bit more in Moncada than the Dodgers have in Bellinger and the Sox can only Hope Moncada can rebound because they can't non tender him. Bellinger also has more fWar in his career , both are 27 and both have had injuries and struggles at the plate either because of them or the usual other baseball reasons for hitters losing it.
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