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  1. Well Sheets too, at least at home but there's no place for him this year unless Hahn keeps hibernating.
  2. Before we heard about the supposed payroll cut, Benintendi seemed like the most obvious pursuit of an OF FA. Then I decided if JR was going cheap to switch my focus to pitching and defense with OFers way cheaper but with MLB ready, athletic, skillful profiles.
  3. Sleep deprivation is not a good thing for anyone around you or yourself.
  4. That's how I've been approaching it , pitching and the OF, speed , defense, power, LH, younger. Operate on the margins to improve the team. We already have the new manager and coaches. Grifol is preaching energy. He saw that in Cleveland with a bunch of hungry young talented players with a strong pitching staff. They gave the Yankees a good run. They have a great manager.
  5. Neither are Engel or Cespedes. What now every acquisition no matter how minor even for depth purposes has to be LH ?
  6. Correct poor hit tool but had plus WAR because of his power and defense. Depth piece. Highlight reel type arm. Outman also has a 60 rated arm . Colas not sure . Gotta be 55- 60. Had around 10 HRs in 250 ABs, About an equal rate to Bellinger . Working in the margins here.
  7. Aquino is like the 3rd guy I mentioned for OF depth. Arestides Aquino. I know you must remember him from 2019 . He broke records for the most amount of HRs to start a career and has a gun in RF. All I'm saying is that the OF depth is so poor that even Aquino is a better depth piece than Cespedes ATM.
  8. Outman and perhaps Garrett. No one can say with 100 % accuracy how all 3 of them are going to turn out. All we know right now is that all three are good defenders and hit for power. Outman and Garrett had full AAA very good AAA seasons while Colas worked his way from A+ to AAA. Garrett and Outman had small samples of success in the Majors while Colas has yet to make his debut.
  9. That's where I've been trying to help the team , on the margins by adding depth to the OF that is better than any other OFer we have besides Colas and they are possibly his equal.
  10. I emailed the Sox fan feedback yesterday and put attention Rick Hahn so I'll let you know. Wasn't sure where to find a reliable email address for him so I just looked under " other" and I gotta. Email address for fan feedback from a page listing all current Sox executives.
  11. I don't think so. Sure, I guess ,if the only OF you want to get are guys you can't afford. 1. To be a playoff team again the Sox need more health, better defense, more speed and power and to trade money to spend money. You say reset but you're talking another rebuild in the time we were supposed to be competing for championships for 10 years . While the position players core has sucked , the pitching hasn't. Lynn was good until he got hurt. Giolito got Cy Young votes for 3 years, Cease 2nd place finish this year. Rodon had one great 60- 70 % season and promptly dumped. Keuchel in the short season was worthy of Cy Young votes. Kopech still has promise. Cueto came in when Lynn got hurt. Problem is the Sox pitching goodness has too spread out and inconsistent. If the Sox can get some health luck and finally put players when they belong improvement on the fringes specially defense and speed can actually be a huge boost to the Sox and the only way to do that is identify fast young defensive MLB ready talent with offensive upside. I find it odd that you think it's spent money or rebuild yet when I suggest MLB ready talent in their mid 20s with speed , defense and big power that would help the Sox on the fringes and also be the types u look for in a rebuild you generally crap on the idea. Nothing great is going to happen with this team unless quite a few guys we already have step up. If they do ,I'd really like having, mid 20s MLB ready speed and defense in OF to help the pitching staff and energize the team and fans . I think Grifol is looking for the same thing .
  12. I know my proposals for the OF haven't been well received but I am at least working under current perceived financial parameters and keeping needs in mind, namely, team speed, defense , power, LHness, youth,depth energy , SP and the future. The situation is what it is. More than one decent FA is a dream and it should be a SP.
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