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  1. Anyone with a stat on how many GIDPs for Vaughn? Seems like one every two games.
  2. He seems to miss to the 3rd base side quite a bit. Still obviously encouraging. A night and day difference from last year overall, really promising player.
  3. The Athletic has a good short piece today on MLB deadline sellers with the White Sox listed as, you guessed it, #1 seller. Mentions Robert but doesn't think there's much chance he'll go. Montes has 60+ potential as a left-handed hitter, 65+ power. Not truly elite overall but this org desperately needs that. He's not a true headliner but packaged with a 55 IF and 50 OF, I'm not sure you're going to do much better in this environment. I still think holding him til 2025 trade deadline is probably the best move.
  4. It would take 3 of their top 7, including Emerson or Young, and Montes. Maybe some young pitcher as well.
  5. The 3rd one is one of the sickest pitches I've ever seen.
  6. One of Beavers or Norby would be great. No chance at both. I think a young, talented OF with power who is far away from MLB is more likely, someone like Jonny Farmelo from SEA or Yophery Rodriguez from MIL.
  7. I feel like he's got a different vibe though, extremely high strung. Could be just my perception of course. But he really had no idea where the ball was going yesterday.
  8. I think he's a mess. If you put him in a true high leverage situation, with a full park, very high chance he implodes.
  9. A UCL injury several hours before a deal would have gotten done. J/K. I said the other day a top 200 guy and maybe change. If he keeps this up, it will be more than that. Borderline top 100 guy and another in the 250 range, one pitcher one OF? Something like that would be the dream take imo.
  10. That's fair enough. He's been a lot better than I thought, and I'm happy for him. Hopefully he keeps it up.
  11. It depends on how one defines 'decent' or whatever other adjective you wish to use. A top 30 org guy sounds nice, but that really means roughly a top 900 prospect in MiLB. Fedde's been good. My issue would be that he has no track record, not a guy who has ever sniffed the post season or really had a year where he'd be in the rotation for a contending team before this year. Also will probably come close to career MLB high in innings by the deadline if he continues to pitch well. That said, others have pointed out that there is always a stronger SP market than there should be. Could get a top 200 guy here, or more if lots of SP go down. I don't Flexen is going to get anything more than a total flier. I think Crochet won't because he's likely going to have to be shut down. He could command something good next year. Pham will almost certainly have some value, but it's capped because his position is pretty dime-a-dozen. Think most of the rest are likely fliers. Maybe if one of BP guys heats up.
  12. Tough to say if Cease would have done as well in Chicago this year. Last year's terrible team probably weighed on him, per his own words, and it likely would have to some extent this year too.
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