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  1. Agreed. I don't consider them a real player for Cease.
  2. ATL probably isn't going to trade Smith-Sharver. I think they are planning on having him in the rotation. Past that it's Waldrep who looks like he could be great but is a few years off and can't be the centerpiece. Past that? No one who's been past High A. Just not enough there imo, especially with all pitchers.
  3. They have alot of older minor leaguers, minus the catchers. They wouldn't be my preferred trade partner.
  4. I would say Busch, Frasso and maybe someone like Wrobleski.
  5. He's been a great bargain his whole career, minus like two seasons. Finally getting paid at age 34.
  6. Basallo and Ortiz with a 20ish ranked young guy would do it for me.
  7. Any chance Philadelphia would still be interested after the Nola deal? One of Painter or Abel plus Crawford would be an interesting core imo. Crawford is young but huge upside and fits what Getz says he wants to focus on.
  8. All the earned runs he's given up for LA have been on solo homers.
  9. Lots of late movement on Nastrini's slider. Looks like he could develop two separate breaking balls out of that, a harder one that rides more and a softer one that dips. more like 12-8 spin. Like how he pounds the top of the zone with fastballs to left handers. Small sample size, but impressive.
  10. He should be traded, and Burger should play first full time, with Sheets spelling him occasionally and when Burger moves to 3B because Moncada is hurt.
  11. Thanks for the shout out!
  12. Last time he saw 275 was about 2018.
  13. 0/5 pitches reached the catcher's glove on a fly, I think one got past the plate on a fly.
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