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  1. 1. Sign Rick Hahn to a long term deal. 2. Announce TLR is fully healthy and ready to roll in the Spring. 3. Announce Jerry Reinsdorf has the cardiovascular system of a 30 year old and is lookin forward to several White Sox WS championships before he turns 100. This would be a perfect offseason imo because it would grant me license to stop caring about this sickly, broken organization and let me go root for the Guardians or something.
  2. This game was a perfect microcosm of the season and the rot that pervades the whole organization. Just awful.
  3. .240 slugging. That's really incredible.
  4. Put Kopech on the 10 day IL and let Martin have one or two starts in there with the two off days.
  5. Ceiling something like Edgar Martinez. Probably more like Matt Holliday. He's won me over for sure.
  6. He was getting squeezed all night too.
  7. The last hitter for TB in the 7th had a 45% chance to reach base on a 1-2 count.
  8. BUmmer pitched to 3 in the 6th. Even if he didn't once the inning is over the pitcher doesn't have to come back the following inning no matter how many he faced in the previous inning.
  9. Starting pitchers: 13 innings 2 earned runs 5 hits 17 strikeouts 7 walks Small sample size and Tigers are meh but pretty encouraging.
  10. Burger's swing seems really long so far this year. Obviously only two games but it seems longer than what I remember in his short time last year.
  11. If the Sox get Manaea that means they could have Reylo, Velazquez and Keuchel (or Kopech) all in long relief to start the season. That is probably as good or better than most teams.
  12. He's a babbling old drunk who should be in a nursing home.
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