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  1. Did you make a gigantic ass of yourself during the Patrick Kane saga? It's a shame we can't dig through that old subforum and find out. I'd imagine you did.
  2. That's funny considering you posted in the Clevinger signing thread plenty, but never once alluded to how he has a bad person. Does anybody take this fraudulent insider's opinion seriously anymore? He's no more reliable than the foodies.
  3. Rick Hahn could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue, and Jerry would still vote for him to become the president
  4. I agree with you here. However, saying that anybody taking the position of "let the process play out before calling him guilty" is a defender of domestic abuse is ridiculous.
  5. I agree it is rare. Clev is probably guilty. That doesn't mean we should jump to conclusions though. A 2% chance is still a chance.
  6. This. Why is it so egregious to give somebody their due process before saying he is guilty? Remember what happened to Patrick Kane?
  7. Stop being obtuse. It's an easy question to answer. Are you already deeming him guilty?
  8. Maybe the case isn't strong enough against him? Everybody here is jumping to conclusions and saying release his ass. It isn't guilty until proven innocent. Unfortunately, the only ones that know whether he is a guilty or not are Clevinger, his ex, and @Harold's Leg Lift
  9. I don't have the athletic anymore. Does it look like without question he is guilty? Thats what I'm seeing based on all the reactions here.
  10. Interesting stuff. I never noticed it late in the season, probably because I was watching less. Imagine if he shows up to camp in shape as well. A guy can dream...
  11. Stone is on a different level than Stacey King. Stone is super knowledgeable about the game, and there's nobody better to give insight on pitching. King is an absolute joke. His solution to everything is "feed the ball to the big man in the post". He has zero grasp on modern NBA basketball.
  12. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/35434317/sources-all-aaa-parks-use-electronic-strike-zone-23 Bring on the robuts! I'm excited for this. It's about time the game changes to robot umps. How do you all feel about it?
  13. I hope they have a special night to benefit NHL patients sometime during the season. Really sucks.
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