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  1. You think Reinsdorf will all of the sudden become patient at his age?
  2. Stacey King also thinks it's 1990 and that consistently feeding the ball to Vuc in the post is good idea. The guy is a moron.
  3. Don't let Jerry see my post! Packaging Moncada with Cease at the expense of prospects in return is music to his ears.
  4. I wonder if we can package Moncada along with Cease so we can cut some payroll.
  5. Why would we want him in a deal? This team isn't competing anytime soon.
  6. I think it makes sense that they will be holding him until the pitching market dries up further.
  7. That's a bit disappointing. Was really hoping he'd stay at SS. I wonder what they do with Ramos if he forces their hand next season. His numbers were solid for a 21 year old in AA.
  8. How does Bowden have a job? It's mind boggling thinking he was ever a GM. His trade proposals are always so completely asinine. Is that his schtick or something?
  9. With how often caulfueld feels the need to correct people when they misspell or misreference somebody/something, this brings me great happiness. Suck it @caulfield12.
  10. The dissent on Outman is interesting to me. Some people think he's "just a guy", and some think he's got huge value. I wider why this is. His first year numbers are pretty damn impressive.
  11. You don't move a gold glove CFer in the prime of his career. I don't think moving him to LF or RF would help/preserve his career either.
  12. Believe it or not, I miss SS2K5. Hope he is well.
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