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  1. I said "floated the idea", did you not? I don't see how this is unreasonable given that he sucks, and the payroll is big-time for a losing team.
  2. What are we thinking? Parkman floated the idea that he'll be non-tendered, and people grilled him for now. Now, it looks like a very possible scenario. I don't see why Jerry would want to keep paying this team salary for a losing team.
  3. The ground balls with heavy topspin don't kick up enough for Menechino's liking.
  4. Sightly edited my post. Ill tune in as well if there is a good interview or something like that. Taking calls is the biggest part I miss.
  5. Does anybody here really listen to Chicago sports radio anymore? I've found myself tuning into 1000 more than 670. Don't listen to them as much as I used to. Neither are particularly riveting now a days. I miss 670 taking calls. Barely any of the shows do it now a days. Ridiculous callers were some of the best parts of those shows. You'll never get clips like the call below anymore. I remember hearing this one on air. Pure gold.
  6. Agreed. Tyler Neslony has hit Birmingham to the tune of .326 .404 .578 over 64 games. He's clobbered it all season. He's definitely old for the level, but I'd like to see him get a chance.
  7. Dusty still doesn't know how to wear a mask
  8. Is he interested in being adopted by the Ligue's?
  9. I know somebody that did it that had some serious mental health issues, and probably was not on their meds at the time
  10. Jose can't catch up to those fastballs like he used to.
  11. The Chicago media is absolutely spineless. Cowley is the only one that will challenge Jerry. Everybody always says how ruthless the NY media is. I'm assuming there's truth to it, but I haven't paid attention to it much having never lived there. I wonder if TLR would be getting shredded if he was in NYC.
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