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  1. Yeah, but consider the absolute trash website you’re explaining common sense to.
  2. Not surprised they roped it off with yellow tape. Imagine being in the vicinity of those 3 legends.
  3. He's still pops up on NBCS Chicago to tell us "I'm Adam Eaton, and you're watching White Sox Baseball".
  4. This is the only explanation I can think of. It wasn't even like he was a coach's pet or favorite throughout the season or anything. I honestly did a double-take when I saw Mendick.
  5. Wow! Was there a single person here that had Mendick? The pitchers are right. I would not have excluded Goodwin for Mendick. Goodwin has a 124 OPS+ against RHP!
  6. Thank you, rabbit, for inside information. To have “flies on the wall” within the organization posting here like rabbit and Harold’s Leg Lift is greatly appreciated.
  7. Any chance Joe West gets the World Series? Bullshit he got screwed out of the LDS.
  8. Tony La Russa looks absolutely stunning for 77. Here's to him winning a World Series in his 4th different decade.
  9. I just looked at the standings and the Padres finished 79-83. WTF!
  10. I feel bad for the Blue Jays winning 91 games and not getting to play in the playoffs to make room for two lame asshat franchises.
  11. I watched every game but 3 all season and then didn’t watch an inning after we clinched. Oops.
  12. So cringy. I won’t miss that on the postseason national broadcasts.
  13. Don't know if anyone's watching postgame but Gordon Beckham is saying if we win the ALDS, we improve our chances of making the World Series.
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