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  1. Just my opinion, but It is 20 miles and 25 minutes between the Trop and Raymond James Stadium. It takes me 42 minutes to drive from SSC Florida to the Trop. It takes an 1hr13 minutes to drive from RI to Fenway. Again ,for Tampa bay fans to Trop is a walk in the park. Their fans just are not real baseball fans old stadium or new. Now the Lightning and Bucs fans are real fans and would go to St Pete or Clearwater or where ever to see their teams.
  2. Not sure why geography would affect a site for a new Trop. I am a snowbird and have attended Rays games in April and Red Sox the rest of the year. Red Sox fans think nothing of driving 90 minutes or more to attend Red Sox games. In addition, Boston is a very busy traffic area in all directions around Boston. Tampa is a moderate traffic area at best but is growing somewhat the last few years. It seems to me that Tampa or St Pete are not a real baseball towns. Maybe the weather provides too many other thngs to do. In addition, many people are transplanted from all around the country and settled in Florida so their fan base is limited. They don't draw even when the team is having several years in a row of success. But it looks like the Trop is going to get a new stadium. My guess is by 2030, the newness will wear out and the team will be back to drawing small crowds. Miami draws limited crowds as well.
  3. Charlotte has 12 games left while White Sox have 18. Not sure what the rationale is giving one of our better prospects less games as the season winds down. I would think Colas should be getting as many MLB at bats as possible before the season ends.
  4. The Cubs had a rookie manager in Ross in 2020 and they look like they are doing pretty well. It is not the years spent as manager but the success rate he can achieve once he gets the job.
  5. I guess I would feel that a younger player would still be excited to improve their game. But it does seem like the team is just on a downward spiral. Getz has a lot of work to do in the off-season.
  6. It depends what "high" means. The pitching staff needs addressing and the Sox need several #2 type starters. Hopefully not starters who are #4-5 starters looking to rebound after being released somewhere else. We also need some everyday FA players in their prime who are looking for a new home. We should know how the team is going as the roster is constructed this fall. If it is the "same old tired faces" in next year's lineup we are screwed.
  7. If Getz is now the SVP/GM , then I am rooting that he can start to move this team upward. Most of us are true White Sox fans , so we should hope that Getz starts to mold this franchise into a competitive team. Probably won't happen next year but we hope to see progress in multiple areas of the organization. Like many fans, I have my concerns that JR doesn't have a clue what he is doing. But as a fan, I hope Getz can start to turn this team around. We will see fairly soon how much money is put into this team to start building Robert's new team around him.
  8. I disagree. I would think a player at this juncture wants to be picked up by a team with a chance at the playoffs. After the season, Gio can still decide where he wants to go next year. So at least Cleveland is still in the race and Francona is well liked by his players.
  9. One statistic that jumps out at me this season. Sosa had 115 PA and he had 1 BB and 12 SO. Hopefully in the off-season he will work on what pitches not to swing at.
  10. If Hahn had taken another job or just left in frustration we could have appreciated his time with the organization. But to be fired after his performance does not merit appreciation. Instead, don't let the door hit you on the way heading out.
  11. I think the parking lot attendants could be in trouble. Too many for so few cars.
  12. How about if the fans showed up outside the stadium and chant "sell the team". That way the point gets across with out the team making money off ticket sales.
  13. I would be concerned that JR will decide that he needs another year because the White Sox don't want to pay 2 managers. There is also the question as to who picked him( assume Hahn but this is the White Sox) and he maybe should also go
  14. Must have been a lot of school bus trips last night!!!
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