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  1. I always feel that some guys are actually made to be a closer and other relievers are okay for 7th and 8th innings but are missing that "something" to be a closer. Lopez may thrive there but the choices are kind of limited if he does'n fit the role. Teams are screwed if they don't have a real closer.
  2. He will be good in Chicago's hot months at least.......................
  3. We added Pollock and Harrison last year.
  4. Or the Sox have already hired Kevin Long. Just waiting for the World Series to end to announce it..............................
  5. No. After choosing TLR last time, Washington would be a young choice this time around..................
  6. I think the really "hot"( 1-2) manager prospects will move on if the FO seems to be "restricted planning /upgrading the roster holes. But after that, guys will take a job in order to get a seat before all the manager jobs are taken.
  7. I would assume the White Sox would go very quickly to at least interview desirable candidates as soon as possible . That way they can cut down the list to 3-4 round 2 people. To say Harris has not been contact yet shows he is not high up on their list or they are not in a hurry.
  8. Every manager has his process and every team has their own set of personalities. Terry Francona is famous for having card games ( usually cribbage ) in the Red Sox and Cleveland clubhouses after games with his team.
  9. That is the real question. If the guy is already the choice and the Sox are just trying to look the part of getting different perspectives, then this is all in vain. Hopefully the FO is really looking at all the possibilities.
  10. Unfortunately, we really don't know how involved JR is/was. Most fans assume TLR was a JR hire, But we really don't know if Kelly was also a TLR hire or if Hahn did all the other roster moves except for TLR.
  11. Would Sandy Alomar Jr be in the same boat ?
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