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  1. Curious but I wonder if Jose has been battling some injury problem that has slowed him this spring ?
  2. Luckily the Phils pitched a career minor leaguer to start the 9th. I guess he will be back in the minors after this weekend.
  3. Unless Eloy gets hurt again.......................
  4. Getz is the "guy" managing the paperwork. Somebody on the "next floor up" told Getz to sign a bunch of guys but don't spend a lot of money on them. I got to assume Getz has at least a 3 year contract so he ain't being fired for doing what a higher up told him to do.
  5. Vaughn deserves an opening game home run for his efforts on behalf of the kids in the hospital.
  6. Boston does have some young interesting position players though. Might solve a few problems but wouldn't help with SP. Maybe a 3 way trade would work but that is kind of late in the preseason.
  7. That happens as long at Cease produces a haul of young players in July. If Cease doesn't produce a haul..............................
  8. Not sure on your rational? If the Sox take the best offer and it is average, the team is not going from 70 to 85 to 90. It probably is going from 70 to 65 because losing Cease may decrease the wins not increae them. So Sox need to be getting some plaers who will increae the overall wins not just bring it lower the next few years.
  9. I am surprised that a Royal's announcer would't be involved in this position. Many of the White Sox have former ties to KC. ..............................................
  10. "White Sox are engaged in “serious” talks to build a new ballpark in the South Loop on the site known as “The 78.”" Seems to be some confusion as to whether this is site "78" or 2078. How the hell old will JR be if it is 2078.............................................
  11. My concern is that the 2024 White Sox so far are probably worst than the 2023 version. Cease could be an elite pitcher next year but he also could have problems if he is constantly struggling to have the Sox score runs or give up additional runs because the Sox play poor defense. Hopefully, if the Sox decide to ride Cease out, he doesn't struggle with a really poor team behind him
  12. Not for Mayer, their top prospect, unless Cease is signing a long term contract w Boston. I could see Duran, Boston's 3rd pick Rafaela and a another pick for Cease.
  13. Seems like just right since Getz has yet to find a LH for the OF.
  14. A guy can be motivated to be a Cy Young candidate but there is other factors involved. Some players are solid year to year and others have periods of good and bad periods. Some guys have physical issues which can result in a bad season or even a few months. My point is if the Sox don't get a deal that works, they may have to wait until next July and see if Cease is hopefully a must have starter for a rotation as opposed to a struggling starter.
  15. One thing that I haven't seen much talk about is how will Cease react if traded this winter or not traded. Most of us assume a deal will happen and trade will have a new home. But what happens if the Sox don't get a deal for him and Cease returns to the White Sox . Will Cease be upset if he is not traded and return w a vengeance heading into July trading deadline or will he struggle next season since he could be disappointed he did not get dealt this winter
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