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  1. At least heading toward June, 9 games under .500, the Sox appear to have 2 very good starting pitchers. It would be great if they can finish the next 5 weeks 9 games over .500 as they head toward July.
  2. The Celtics beat the Sixers with Doc Rivers the last two games with a "really" rookie manager this season. Managers do have some input but the organization and the players are the real key.
  3. "I’d lean towards no." is how Hahn responded to the Sox 38 game performance so far this season. Hahn should be livid on the way he has handled this years's roster and the on-field performance of this team. It is not a "lean", it is..............................
  4. Don't look now but White Sox will go in to Tampa Bay series in Cell with a one game lead over KC.
  5. How about Benintendi has an average of .295 and none of the other starters have an average above .240
  6. No. White Sox didn't have an advantage last year. White Sox were a mostly a .500 team against EAST-Central-West and Inter-league. They were a .500 team against every division by 1-2 games in each direction.
  7. I thought you had a great summary in the first paragraph but I think you lost it in the 2nd one. In 2022, the White Sox finished 15-17 against the East, 37-39 w Central, 18-16 w West and 11-9 against inter-league. So in 2022, they basically finished within a game of .500 against every division in baseball. So the White Sox did not "benefit" from playing their own division since they were really .500 against every division they played. They were really a perfect .500 team.
  8. Even with some minor injuries to Eloy and Moncada and a more serious injury to TA, the Sox have been hitting the ball pretty well. I am concerned about BB since the Sox continue to not be patient at the plate. But outside of Cease the starters and bullpen have struggled. I do hope the offensive will be good once the lineup is restored but further injuries will hurt because the bench seems pretty weak. The Pitching needs to come around or the Sox will really struggle since most of the starters and relievers have been up and down.
  9. That would be Chaim Bloom the former Senior VP of Baseball Operations who the Red Sox hired in 2019 to become Chief Baseball Officer. Bloom's new roster construction quickly developed a last place finish in 2022 and the 2023 outlook is just as bad as the White Sox. Bloom may be is on thin ice for 2023
  10. I asked you the same question last week. Despite a very mediocre season last year, the Sox increased attendance by 300,000+ in 2022. While will attendance crater this year if it increased last year despite TLR and a lot of injuries? I think 2023 will see attendance up by over 500,000.
  11. White Sox attendance was up in 2022 over 2021 by 12.5% despite a poor showing. I think it will be up again to 2 Million this year.
  12. I think it is too early to determine that. As long as the Central is mediocre, the Sox can trend at .500 till August and then push into the 1st spot in September in the Central. However, if any Central team other than Sox opens up a large lead, then trending at .500 may put the Sox outside looking in if multiple East or West teams are having good years.
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