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  1. He is never healthy and will never be healthy.
  2. I hate that the ineptitude of this franchise, being unable to win ballgames, made us trade away Cease. Such a likeable guy with Cy young talent, could have had his jersey retired here. Just a shame.
  3. Trust me, the Cuban and the shake is all I got lol.
  4. Precisely what I plan on getting. And the milkshake.
  5. Clevinger VS Rodriguez I'll be at the game today. First game since 2022. O's just got swept so maybe the Sox are catching them at the right time...although they're probably looking at the Sox and thinking to themselves "Thank Gawd." Clevinger starting definitely gives me a lot of hope in this one 😏 LET'S GO CAMPFIRE MILKSHAKES!
  6. I was simply stating I think it would be wise to trade him vs keep him. I get your "go out on a limb" sarcasm...the Sox have, more than once, made dumb trades for the wrong price.
  7. I just don't think Robert is going to stay healthy. I think it would be wise to trade him for the right price.
  8. Bummer. I'm going to my first, and probably last, game of the season on Thursday. Was looking forward to seeing Ramos play, was hoping he'd be better by then.
  9. Moncada won't be traded. No one is taking on that contract with that injury risk. Even if it is just half a season.
  10. Hey nice job at learning how to quote. I did actually say that. 2 things can be true at once. Luis Robert is a good player, and I would not want his jersey.
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