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  1. It seems like he keeps missing because it looks like he keeps trying to pull the ball. He rolls over on pitches constantly grounding out to short. That last slider he struck out on, don't get me wrong that was a really good pitch, but if Tim was right, he would have recognized that pitch and shot it the other way for a hit.
  2. Good win. Tim's gotta get back to hitting the ball the other way. It's what he does best.
  3. Time to start warming the pen, Clevinger serving up meatballs.
  4. Yes, but the Sox did get a call go their way to end the 1st game. And to me it looked like that one should have gone the Yankees way. We're even now.
  5. Clevinger smiles when he gives up homers. Lance Lynn swears like a sailor.
  6. If they do 8 divisions of 4, would the Sox division include Cubs, Brewers, and...STL?
  7. If they play today, and Minnesota loses, and the Sox win both games (highly unlikely, I know), so basically if the stars align...there is a possibility of the Sox just being 2.5 games back today. What.
  8. God I wish MLB would get rid of these stupid ass blackouts
  9. Yeah but...look at what the other options are😂
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