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  1. Maybe in 10 years the Sox and Bears will be good again. Maybe. I'm 29 years old. I got hooked on the Sox and Bears because of their 05-06 seasons respectively. Neither have had much to show since then. I've basically been a disappointed sports fan throughout all my teenage years and 20s. Why do I continue to be a fan of these teams? Am I just easily duped?
  2. Cardinals have built a foundation of sustained success for decades. I'm sure this is just a blip on their radar and they'll be back on top of the NLC in no time. Rockies and Royals don't really have a hope for competitiveness in the near future either. You can at least make a case for NYM and SD.
  3. Idk which team is worse to be a fan of right now. Sox, Angels, A's, Mets, Padres, Royals or Rockies. All of those are pretty damn horrific.
  4. I am curious, after this debacle of a season, what the attendance numbers are on this board with attending Sox games. Personally I usually attend 2-4 games a year, I have attended zero games this season and stopped watching in May...have watched probably the least amount of games since 2010.
  5. God it sucks being a fan of Chicago sports teams.
  6. JR pretty much said as much in his press conference when he said they were going to start policing players' offseason plans instead of just taking their word for it. To me, that is a not-so-subtle way of saying at least some of these guys aren't doing what they should be doing to prepare themselves for the season.
  7. Funny because doesn't Jim live in Nashville
  8. I really hope Getz brings in outside hires with people tied to organizations with track records of having multiple stretches of winning seasons, such as STL, TB, LAD, ATL, HOU. Bring in the people who know how to win in today's game and have experience in doing so. If he does that, I will be on Getz' side. Right now...I have gone from a die-hard watching almost every game fan to a casual fan who just reads message boards and listens to podcasts. It sucks that I am so lukewarm about this team and have been for some time. I want that excitement back. The initial hire of Getz does not garner any excitement. And Jerry saying "we won't spend Ohtani rates," while quite obviously they weren't going to, it isn't a great way to get your fans excited about the future.
  9. I was actually fairly surprised at how aware Jerry was off what people were saying. I just figured he was totally disconnected. While it's obvious, and quite frankly sad, that he does not know how to bring in the right people to build a winner, I think it's apparent that he does care and does want to win badly. Just doesn't know how to do it anymore. Ugh, sucks all around
  10. If Getz brings in people with ties to the Rays, Cardinals, Dodgers, Braves or even the Astros to work in his front office, I would be willing to give him a chance. As it stands right now, I will continue on next season as I have since about the end of May this year... not watching any games.
  11. Ballpark villages are pretty freaking sweet. I've been to the one in St. Louis and it was one of my favorite things about the park. Just provides an awesome pregame atmosphere. Detroit kind of has one when they block off the streets on game days. I've heard they built one at Wrigley but I haven't been. It just automatically enhances the fan experience. The Sox park is a good one, definitely underrated around the league. I would say the one valid complaint I consistently hear is there isn't much to do around the park. Ballpark village instantly addresses that issue. I know we're talking mostly about a new park but if they can pull it off at the current stadium it would be pretty awesome.
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