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  1. One of the better posts you'll see on this site. Honestly I hate to say it but the only way this team can bring in legitimate young talent (that is close to MLB ready at that) is to trade away Luis Robert and get a haul back in a rich farm system. Dylan Cease as well depending on if his value isn't too tanked. It's a shame the Cease to the Orioles rumors didn't come to fruition. I wonder how many of those young outfielders they would've got back from it.
  2. Ozzie definitely does not like Grifol. He told a story that he went to congratulate him on the managerial position for the White Sox and what to expect in this city with fans and expectations and Grifol basically blew him off.
  3. Carolina lost today as well. Bears own #1 and #2 picks currently.
  4. They don't have much talent on the defensive side which was my point. He's good with talented players and the main playcaller.
  5. He is no different than Rod Marinelli. Good defensive coordinator for a team, terrible head coach.
  6. First preseason game in the books. Bedard is as advertised. Kid is going to be incredible. His linemates will frustrate the hell out of Hawks fans though cuz they can not keep up with him especially hockey IQ wise. I thought Korchinski looked great. Probably the best defenseman on the ice. Kaiser was probably the second best defenseman. Both kids were damn good. Kurashev had a solid game himself. You could argue was the second best forward tonight after Bedard (Reichel could have a case too for second best). That line was buzzin.
  7. They are very good. They play hard for Dan Campbell man. As I've stated previously by far the most talented team in this division and they're showing it.
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