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  1. It's Iran.. the US has plenty of reasons to get up to play that country (then again, so does Iran). I'll make a prediction that I highly doubt this game ends up tied. One of these teams will beat the other. No question in my mind.
  2. They tied England so now beat Iran and they're in. They control their own destiny.
  3. Wow Iran just beat Wales 2-0. If USA beats Iran, USA pretty much goes to the knock out stages regardless of the game against England today.
  4. Baker Mayfield I believe played with that same injury last season. Jimmy Garrapolo too. It isn't a death sentence. It's up to Fields how long he can tolerate pain but an injection shot and he'll be ready to go. Profootballdoc has a great piece and video of the Fields injury.
  5. Wong's defensive metrics have declined the past 2-3 seasons it looks like. But at least he can hit unlike Josh Harrison.
  6. Selfishly, I want to see Fields reach 1,000 yards rushing (he's only 166 yards away) and still gain experience he sorely needs, but I can't fault them for shutting him down either.
  7. Bears right now are scheduled to pick #3 in the draft.
  8. It's Hossa's night and he likely wanted him there. You are acting like this is Rocky Wirtz with another outburst or something.
  9. Balta and ShoelessRob don't know the full story, but I'm sure they'll pretend like they do.
  10. Grossman never had a historic stretch like this. Stop it. You'll say anything to diminish what this kid is doing just cause you didn't like him after watching 1 game in college. What Fields is doing is unprecedented. NOONE in the history of the NFL did what he's doing. And he's doing all of this with by far the worst o-line, WR group in the league.
  11. Fields plays well again and the Bears passed Detroit now in the draft standings.. I call that a win in the long haul.
  12. Papa Tatis gotta load his son up with the juice before he signs.
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