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  1. Alot of talk regarding the Hawks choosing between Demidov and Levshunov. https://x.com/Hockey_Robinson/status/1804505001554792655 This is an interesting rumor. Rutger McGroarty (Nazar's teammate) is likely going to be dealt by Winnipeg. I like that kid alot. Not the greatest speed but has size, compete and is character personified. I would trade #18 pick for him in a heartbeat. Then Kyle can draft Levshunov at #2. Sets the team up nicely down the road.
  2. McDavid is willing that Edmonton team to the cup. What we're seeing is historic greatness. He should be the Conn Smythe winner regardless who wins game 7.
  3. I don't think Ben Cherington nut hugs his prospects like the Baltimore GM but I could be wrong.
  4. https://twitter.com/talkinbaseball/status/1803805012956725262 I mean.. not wrong. Pirates do make alot of sense.... which means their management won't do it.
  5. Seems to me you can't teach an old dog new tricks... For those who actually know who Aly is/was before they came back get that one.
  6. Quero is absolutely en fuego.
  7. I still don't trust Crochet's arm to hold up. I would definitely sell high on him while you can. He is quite a talent but he is entering very serious territory with innings on his arm. Already a Tommy John on his record too. His unorthodox delivery could be an issue too down the road.
  8. Don't tell @TaylorStSoxthat. I'm sure in their mind there's no cliques still and the clubhouse is all roses.
  9. Happy for Thorpe. First Sox game I've watched since the 2nd game in April and he was very good in his debut. Then I turned it off after he exited and the Sox were up one. Of course they lost.
  10. So Moncada hasn't been on the team since April 9th even though he's still in the dugout, clubhouse and is still getting checks from the White Sox. Got it.
  11. Give me Caba please. That kid is going to be an absolute stud.
  12. Maybe not player vs player (who knows) but I highly doubt most of the players are fans of their manager/coaching staff. Korey Lee is already on record basically calling out Grifol. I still wouldn't be surprised if the locker room is still "cliquey" either with the Latino players only hanging with each other and vice versa.
  13. I know it's a dream come true for the kid and happy for him but am I the only one who would rather not have any of our prospects near this losing environment with this toxic team and that locker room?
  14. Yup sell him before the injuries start creeping back. Such a shame too the Sox have to trade away a talent like this. They really have no choice though.
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