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  1. Impossible to defend Giannis, but at least they did a good job of trying. Zach's shot being off may have something to do with the knee not at 100%; just speculating. Things don't look as bleak as they did a few days ago.
  2. His range is the essence of my original post. I have no quarrel with his overall accuracy.
  3. If returnable kickoffs and a field goal that fell short cost them the game, that's two in a row for Cairo Santos.
  4. Might be some movement of those three names and soon, two of them anyway. Zach needs more time to get his shot going and is likely not tradeable anyway. They're a badly constructed bunch and playing like it.
  5. Trigger happy and not that smart mods, especially on the old board. If they parsed something as controversial, even if it wasn't, you were banned. This site makes a poster feel free and we seem to be acting like rational Sox fans and getting along.
  6. I don't totally believe this, but he could be doing it BECAUSE of the bad O-line and WR group. Either way, one really good hit and he's a different guy.
  7. Situation normal. I've endured a lifetime of it. You too? Who can forget that magic moment. It's not a defense, but he and EE were both drunk and looked it, prolly from a sip of bubbly.
  8. That's what I remember. Great trade. Jaime needed a third pitch, among other things. Fastball, slider and nothing else of any use. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  9. At crunch time, outcoached, outdefended, outexecuted. Ugly but entertaining slop.
  10. Lauri wanted more than he was worth. Strus bothers the hell out of me too.
  11. More hustle than the next three guys and a great attitude. Whole lotta other guys I'd rather wave goodbye to. But, it's true the production could have been better.
  12. You're right but I coulda sworn he was bigger. I also didn't remember how awful his passing stats were. Fields has already surpassed that level, but still overthrows some. If these coaches can get him fixed, it's an indictment of the last Bears' staff and his college coaching.
  13. He does evoke memories of Bobby Douglas, as the radio booth kept telling us. But Bobby never took that final step as a passer. It's not for sure that Fields will, but at least he's gotten this far. Running so much increases the chance that he'll get broken in half by some bozo and he's not an oak tree like Bobby was, but keep the faith.
  14. Spring Training will be of really big importance in 2023. Didn't you feel TLR just let them do it on their own in 2022? Gotta instill a new culture in these mopes.
  15. I take it that you manage people somewhere? Look, your approach worked for Cairo, for about a week. Long term, ass kicking gets stale real fast. It's 2022, not 1922.
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