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  1. Playing with a tiny basketball and a standard size basket too. Shooting percentages ought to be higher than the mens' version.
  2. Underlying problem. Women's basketball is on the level of a good boys' high school basketball game. OK, it's boring. The league has lost money since its inception and there's a reason why.
  3. The difference was the pitching as it was the previous year. Lost their three best players and won it because of their pitching. (Frank, Maggs, Lee). It’s always the pitching.
  4. Just gotta find the right inning for Kopech. It might be the 12th.
  5. Kopech made it hard yesterday when it should have been easy so he wasn’t available today. Like he’s any good anyhoo.
  6. If this was the NFL he's get 15 yards marched off. But I like his stuff and control of it.
  7. Who paid off Ricky? After a playoff appearance.
  8. Was gonna put in Mariano Rivera but he's not on the team.
  9. This season’s crowds could fit in Thillens Stadium if anyone goes back that far.
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