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  1. Doesn’t change anything in my first post. He was a better GM than anything since regardless of his attitude toward the owner or anyone else. I’m out of here.
  2. He acquired a lot of good and better pieces by draft and otherwise to fit around the GOAT he was handed. I respect what he did. Does it matter that he got along with JR? Would you be happier if he didn't? Do you know of any GM's who don't?
  3. If all Krause did was say "yes" to JR's whims, what else would I conclude? Do you say no to your boss a lot? There's such a thing as carrying the cynicism too far.
  4. Are you saying that Reinsdorf scouts, drafts and trades? Seriously?
  5. Jerry Krause is looking less and less like an object of ridicule and more and more like a GM considering what's been trying to do the job since he departed.
  6. Like that great line from A Christmas Story, "Got a whole goddam team of utility infielders." But if you watch the TBS version, it's been cut out. Merry Christmas.
  7. Either way, he went from our gascan to NL whiz when he went to the other league. Anyone remember which old Sox GM always tried to get two for one when he traded a player? Was that Frank Lane or Hemond? Five for one sounds like a winner if that's how these things are graded. Anyone r
  8. Bears may have been boring Thursday night, but NU and Illinois were anything but boring today. Two nice wins for the local guys.
  9. As they say in matters of taste, it's a matter of taste. Joe McConnell for my 2 cents, "Old Timer."
  10. And not getting that much playing time because there are better players at his position on the team.
  11. Been seeing this for 25 years. It's gotta be on target sometime, right? Law of Averages don'tcha know..
  12. Rational and welcome. A petunia in an onion patch.
  13. Larrivee was a Packers fan. Rooney was a Cardinals fan. They both wanted to go where their hearts were. Ain't love great?
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