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  1. TLR was a disaster, but they still made the playoffs his first season. Biggest blunder was going to pay tv and dumping Harry Carey not long after buying the team. Lost a generation of fans.
  2. I got an email from “Portillo’s Hot Dogs” this morning and my first thought was a White Sox source was giving me some insider info.
  3. On a normal roster, both would have value if the team doesn’t already have 9 DH/1B types
  4. It’s the date they won game 4 against Houston.
  5. I’ll be rooting for the Phillies in the WS, but I’m glad the Astros knocked the Yankees out.
  6. Is Tom Brady really going to go out with a whimper like so many greats before him?
  7. You’d think JR would’ve learned from the dysfunction of his Bulls’ two-headed GarPax monster and just let Hahn sink or swim on his own. You’d think…. Instead, we’ll be left guessing who hired the manager and made player decisions - Hahn, KW, or, ugh, TLR.
  8. This made me laugh today. Remember, as disappointing as this season was, it used to be way worse to be a Sox fan.
  9. Maybe I’m crazy, but I believe most of it. The Hahn, TLR, KW dynamic makes no sense. They simply can’t have 3 guys making personnel decisions. The Ohtani offer seems ridiculous. On potential of the Sox players mentioned alone, making that deal prior to this season would have been dumb. A team with limited resources can’t give away 7 young, cost-controlled players for one.
  10. Very disappointing, for sure, but the 1984 White Sox are still at the top of my list. Coming off a 99 win season with the returning ROY & Cy Young, they stumbled to 74 wins. I still don’t understand how that team crumbled so quickly.
  11. I guess my math’s a bit off…lol Rain would be a fitting end though.
  12. One under, .500, or one over are all perfect. Feels like they spent the entire season bouncing between those three.
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