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  1. The only reason to make this thread is to scum gather the weird Baltimore people into one place. I applaud It.
  2. Whatever takes my eyes off the same people regurgitating scouting reports as their they are their own opinion (ssk5 and the like) I just want it over with.
  3. Why is this “I come in peace” dickbag even an issue? Suck a boner and f*** off.
  4. Wolkow is exactly the player you dream on, and he’s been better than any person could reasonably expect.
  5. Jesus Christ. Cease is a loose 1, strong 2. The return for him was solid. thread over.
  6. Would love if we could discuss things without the low blows.
  7. The rationale is the belief he helps the young pitchers. I don’t know if I buy it, but it’s a rationale. I realize Maldy is awful in every measurable everything. But if they believe he brings some sort of long-term benefit to the young pitchers in terms of preparation, I get it. Duke Ellis is a pinch runner at best. He has no measurable value to a rebuilding team. I’m actually bummed to see him leave, but it’s not a big deal.
  8. Are people really arguing this much over a 26 year old pinch runner in AA? If you need this type of player, you can do what the Mets just did.
  9. Ellis is a fun player, but guys like him can..you know..be claimed off waivers.
  10. Even if he can do it, I wonder if it’s worth it for him to split his focus. Curious to hear your opinion on that. I’d probably let him play around with it in the minors and see how he handles it, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t sceptical.
  11. Don’t see too many LH 3B’s around. Not sure about LF.
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