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  1. Finley might have been a terrible owner to work for but he won numerous championships in Oakland. Veeck traded off every young White Sox star after the 1959 season. (Cash, Callison, Battey, Romano, and Mincher) Those trades cost the team at least 2 pennants in the 1960s. Veecks second ownership of the White Sox produced four of the worse teams in the history of the franchise. Veeck also wanted to move the team to Denver. Everybody has there own opinion but I would rather have had Finley as the owner of the White Sox.
  2. Jack Brickhouse contacted one of the business people in Chicago who came up with the rest of the money that Veeck needed. Brickhouse was the announcer for the White Sox for years on Channel 9. He didn't want to see the White Sox leave Chicago. He still had a soft spot in his heart for the White Sox.
  3. In 2020 Moncada hit 225 and last year he hit all of 212. He's had one great season offensively (in 2019). I think we are stuck with him. I wouldn't think too many teams would want him.
  4. Burger can hit but can't field. Moncada can field and hasn't hit the last 3 seasons. Also Moncada is making alot of money. I can't help but wonder if Moncada will be traded. i would like to think the White Sox would have to pickup some oh his money if he gets traded.
  5. SOX WIN!!!!, SOX WIN!!!!, HOLY COW, SOX WIN!!!!
  6. Charlie Finley bidded to buy the White Sox. The Comiskey family sold the team to Veeck instead. I always wished that Finley had bought the team that year instead of Veeck.
  7. White Sox historian Richard Lindberg once wrote that building the upper decks in 1927 changed the character of the park and should have never been built.
  8. Burger can hit but can't field. Moncada can field and can't hit anymore BUT makes millions of guaranteed dollars. Something has to give here. The only way out of this is trading Burger. I can't imagine anybody trading for Moncada or him being released.
  9. I like you optimism!!! I agree with you. Its going to be a great year and the team is playoff bound.
  10. I can't help but wonder how Cohen reacts if the 2023 Mets have a bad year.
  11. A good move. He'll help the team get into the 2023 Playoffs.
  12. Its going to be a playoff year for the White Sox. White Sox fans will be dancing in the streets this October.
  13. Its going to be a great season. The White Sox will be going to the playoffs in 2023.
  14. I read on the CWS site that they think Montgomery could be switched to third base. Both Andersons and Moncadas contracts have 2 years to go. Maybe they might sign Anderson and put Montgomery at third base in 2025.
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