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  1. The White Sox will go to the Playoffs in 2023!!!!
  2. JR tried buying the Mets before he bought the White Sox. Some other person outbidded JR for the Mets.
  3. JR might be a total failure as a owner but he has come out of it a billionaire.
  4. It will be curious to see how this plays out. There have been rumors for years as to where the new stadium will be located in the Chicagoland area. I've also met people who think they will renew the lease at the present stadium. The present lease is a sweetheart deal. They probably won't get the same deal at a new stadium.
  5. The KC Royals announced that they want to build a new $2 Billion Dollar Baseball stadium . The present lease runs out in 2030. I think the White Sox lease runs out in either 2028 or 2029. I wonder if we're going to hear of a new White Sox stadium in a few years.
  6. Brickhouse was the man who made sure Veeck had enough money to buy the White Sox the second time. Brickhouse introduced Veeck to a Chicago Business man who provided the extra money for Veeck to buy the White Sox. Brickhouse didn't want the White Sox to leave Chicago. Brickhouse always thought it was wrong that the Chicago Cardinals left Chicago for St. Louis. He didn't want the White Sox to leave also.
  7. Most owners would have gone to Channel 32 in 1968. Channel 32 gave the White Sox $1 million dollars a year. Channel 9 wanted to keep the White Sox but only offered $350,000 a year. There were other factors involved also. The move to Channel 32 came at a bad time in White Sox history. The teams of 1968-1970 were 3 of the worse teams in franchise history. Also, not too many White Sox fans liked TV announcer Jack Drees.
  8. JR should have waited on Sportsvision until the Chicagoland area was wired for cable. Pay Tv became a goldmine when it went to cable. Buying a box for one channel didn't workout. I've always thought that the Sportsvision fiasco hurt Einhorn deeply. When Florida wanted the White Sox, Einhorn was all for moving the team. When the White Sox stayed in Chicago Einhorn sold most of his White Sox stock to JR and he left the scene.
  9. Would be a good move if Murphy comes to the White Sox.
  10. If JR wasn't making enough money from the White Sox he would have sold by now. I wouldn't be surprised if the Reinsdorf family kept the White Sox after JRs passing. They tried buying the shares that were sold to Hobson last year. I was under the belief that Hobson bidded more money than the Reinsdorf family.
  11. I thought WSI went out of business a few years ago. I always thought that WSI was one of the oddest things on the internet. It was a G rated forum. If you said anything of any substance you were banned.
  12. The one part of the organization that is up to par with the best organizations in baseball is that of making money. This franchise has been a goldmine for JR and his investors.
  13. They had Soxfest the winter after the dreadful White Flag Trade. GM Ron Schueler didn't show up at Soxfest that year.
  14. i talked to my ticket rep a few days ago and was told there would be a Soxfest 2023. They must have changed there mind.
  15. The Cubs will still have the highest ticket prices in MLB. Going to a Cubs game can bankrupt the average fan. Its much cheaper going to a White Sox game. The White Sox have numerous games where the tickets are discounted.
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