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  1. Been catching up on stuff, totally obsessed with Yellowjackets. Second season starts this weekend.
  2. NHL Outdoor games have not been killed. They just played the Stadium series at NC State and the Winter Classic Bos/Pitt around New Years. I believe the Heritage classic is also still played.
  3. yeah i think i read it as he was just asking about him not comparing, my bad.
  4. I think he's talking about in a season.
  5. yeah not very encouraging AB's from him.
  6. I'm making no judgements on this team until at least Memorial day. They can start off as hot as possible (which rarely ever happens) and still I will not believe, at least until they show some consistency for at least a couple of months. Prove it.
  7. TA just is clueless. Seriously you should just STFU and play. How confusing is that? and yeah it is sad that he's become so unlikable now....
  8. "the PC one?" WTF is he talking about?
  9. no you would have to keep increasing the dosage, unless he was getting something like liquid which I think is much more powerful.
  10. why don't we just do it for every inning.....? so dumb.
  11. For the millionth time, he wasn't acquired for his power but I get that it doesn't fit your Troll agenda, so raise your head out of the sand in a couple weeks and say the same tired schtick.
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