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  1. He'll do fine, look at their lineup and how they have performed. Now look at ours and how it performed.
  2. Surprised so many are surprised... See you for the number retirement Pito, and thank you for everything! Let's go AV!
  3. I've seen this M / Miami comment a few times. I don't see it at all. From 2012-2018 is was an art deco like M with a stylized Marlin. The current M is italicized with a Marlin. These look nothing like the new twins "M"
  4. Those new Twins uniforms are beautiful and it pains me to say it. Removing all the outlines really freshens the look for them, and the M/Star logo is a welcome addition too. Well Thought Out Twinkies.
  5. Nope, I HATE the '83s as well. It's like a street sign.... I love the 1917 jerseys with the flag on the sleeve. I also love the SOX logos that place the O and X within the S like in my avatar. I like the '59s with the large sleeve logo too. (AJ's walk off in those uniforms is a great memory.) Their current jerseys are solid. Their road greys might be the best in the MLB if they would just bring the Diamond Sox logo back to the sleeve. Their City Connects are probably the best out there from that collection but I feel they could be improved a bit.
  6. Agreed with everyone's comments, just a great series so far and episode 10 was fucking awesome.
  7. I think a main reason Grifol was chosen was his Cuban connection and how he could possibly help Moncada. Let's see what happens.
  8. Seems like you have a vendetta against him and can't understand the reasons he hasn't lived up to potential yet. Do you think Jose would have done as well as he's done for us if we asked him to play out of position in his first two years with the club? AV was a #3 draft pick and was deemed the most complete hitter in the entire draft. Play him a full year in his natural position and we will finally see that potential that "People here" envision.
  9. Thanks for everything Pito, we'll see you back to retire your number some day.
  10. What? Reached?! He hasn't played a full major league season in his natural position. We've asked him to learn on the job while playing him out of position on a team expected to compete for a WS. AV will be much better in 2023 if we position him at 1B for the majority of the season.
  11. See I think Vaughn has the potential to be really good, which by mid season could be an upgrade. He's been playing out of position for too long.
  12. still cracks me up that the payroll is actually physical, not digital that would be more of a hacking vs physical heist in this galaxy that has such great inventions...etc. loving all the easter eggs in Luthen's gallery as well.
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