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  1. I find it hard to believe anyone truly gave a s%*#.
  2. For about 35 years, we had studs at 1B/DH one after another and now we have nothing. Its a weird feeling.
  3. What kids were squeezed out? Fletcher was bad to start the season(a lot of people here act like they've already written him off) and now he's back. Sosa has had a couple hundred ABs and hasn't looked good at all. It seems like they don't love him either. Colas? Doesn't feel like he's in their future plans. People trashed Getz when Ramos was brought up. Am I missing anyone?
  4. Everyone's joking around acting like this is impossible but if they kept Luis Rodriguez, who knows what could have happened.
  5. haha So your analysis is even more surface level than I previously thought. I figured you were arguing "Luis Rodriguez shouldn't have been traded for Corey Julks because Julks is older and I'd rather have Rodriguez because he is younger" when its actually "I don't want to acquire anyone unless they are early 20s no matter how little or insignificant the cost is"
  6. Ok. I'll answer your question even though you didn't answer mine. A GM of a team would trade for a 28 year old player if he thinks he's more valuable to them than the player they are trading away. In very rare instances, there is more to determining the value of a baseball player than how old they are. There was like a statistical revolution in baseball a while back. They have all sorts of ways to determine if how valuable a player is - birthday (most important, obviously), day of the week they were born, which hospital they were born in, etc. Ok... your turn again... Tell me why he shouldn't have been traded in addition to him being younger than the guy he was traded for.
  7. All things equal (and without knowing anything about the particular players), you'd rather have the younger guy. That's fine. But if you deal a couple of them that you don't think will "click" ion order to get guys you do want, its not the end of the world. Definitely not "fire-able" or "malpractice."
  8. We should sign 15 guys who can't legally drink from College of Dupage baseball team and package them for Ohtani + cash.
  9. Chris Getz was an awesome Farm Director. He had a hand in bringing along future stars such as Jose Rodriguez and Luis Rodriguez. Too bad he's the worst GM in the league and is getting rid of all this super elite talent.
  10. He's going to hit 92 twice in his next outing and half the board will start telling everyone the Astros unlocked him and he throws mid to upper-90s now.
  11. This is such a insignificant trade that I don't care. I wont pretend that I knew who either Julks or Rodriguez were yesterday but I am pretty sure neither one will be anything for any team. I'll trust the guys who see Rodriguez pitch daily over randoms at their work computer googling "Luis Rodriguez age." I'll also assume that if getting rid of Luis Rodriguez was such a horrible move that is a "fireable offense", we could have gotten something better than Corey Julks.
  12. Who gives a f***? Do you have actual opinions about Luis Rodriguez or are you just looking at their birthdays?
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