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  1. Brief scouting report from 2021 https://www.prospectslive.com/scoutingreports/jb-bukauskas Highlights include: "Violent operation that puts stress on Bukauskas' arm and shoulder." "he drops down and slings the ball from a low three quarters delivery with a heavy crossfire finish. This leads to continued issues with strike throwing as he'll consistently lose his release point." "the amount of action on his fastball leads to serious bouts with his command where he'll lose the zone entirely with the pitch." "He'll struggle to command [the slider], much like all of his pitches leading to less strikes than you'd like to see from a plus or better pitch." "Overall: Bukauskas is the perfect example of how great stuff only takes you so far. His command profile limits his ability to project long term in the rotation and leaves some doubt around his ultimate effectiveness in the pen."
  2. ..... you signed a career utility player to a 3-year, $15.5.M extension to "beat the market".
  3. Dunk tank on centerfield concourse featuring Jerry Reinsdorf. All proceeds go to the Sign All of the Relievers fund.
  4. Benetti doesn't have a contract Benetti loves Nicky Lopez Sox trade for Nicky Lopez 🤔🤔🤔 Jerry back on his "friends and family plan", smh
  5. This is so frustrating to watch. I get that Grandal is dealing with whatever injuries, but there are times he grounds into a double-play and he's barely in frame when the second out is recorded. I'm cynically expecting him to get thrown out at first by a RFer this year. And he's definitely not the only culprit (but is the biggest offender).
  6. I always thought he looked like a dummy when he was running but I couldn't put my finger on it. Definitely the running upright thing, that makes a lot of sense now.
  7. Didn't hear what he said, but I expect this is off-season "coach speak" and won't read too much into it. He could see Eloy there once or twice that first week and say "cool, I've seen enough."
  8. For me it was this game. I was at the game and in line at concessions on the concourse, and I *heard* the impact of the pitch. Like, we all know the sound of the crack of the bat, and this was very much not that. Everyone rushed out to see what was going to happen because everyone there knew tensions were high all game, place was a powder keg. Tl;dr Joe Kelly lights a match when he needs to.
  9. Also feel like there's some desperation there on SF's part to get someone locked up. They had Judge, then didn't. They lost Rodon. Correa was there, then he wasn't. The dollars might be a "hey we CAN'T miss on this guy with so few options left" move.
  10. It's gotta be BS - why are the stats for the players using 2020 numbers? 5.7 WAR and 37 saves from 3 seasons ago seems like these are old photo/trade props that were photoshopped together.
  11. This write-up on Santos sounds eerily similar to ReyLo's scouting report. Whatever we've done has worked in Lopez, so worth a shot on Santos.
  12. I like this plan, but also fear Jerry will stop after the "Hendriks for Gleyber" part and just pocket the savings instead.
  13. I'd be happy for him. With the amount of s%*# we give Leury, it would be like that health inspector character in Ocean's 13 that they abuse all movie but then make him win the jackpot on the slots at the end.
  14. I mostly just want this trade to happen with the Mets for the music and intros. Imagine Liam coming out to the didgeridoo before Diaz and his trumpet intro. Make it happen.
  15. And Benintendi spelled two different ways in the same paragraph, both of them wrong. I applaud the hustle.
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