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  1. they give me the impression of a team who's talented, that the league has figured out and they don't have the personnel and technology in place to help them make adjustments, so they literally go out every night doing the same thing anyways
  2. Nothing about this should surprise anyone, they know they aren't competing next year.
  3. you want even more bullets flying through the ballpark?
  4. This reminds me of the argument that we shouldn't implement universal healthcare because health insurance employees will be out of jobs
  5. sticky stuff ban has destroyed our staff
  6. his velo drop was always alarming, the question is why did it happen
  7. like AJ said, the Sox never hit on minor league prospects that aren't first rounders. they aren't going to be competitive at the big league level until they tear down the entire farm infrastructure and start over.
  8. the wrong things are being discussed here less about whether Getz is gonna fix this team and more about how you'll show them that you aren't giving them any more of your money until they're better sticking around and just hoping that it works is gonna be bad for your health 😕
  9. most people who wear Sox hats aren't fans of the team so that wouldn't change
  10. There are so many similarities between Reinsdorf and Al Haymon.
  11. you think Getz is gonna hire a bunch of player development gurus, scouts, etc from successful teams like TB/LAD/BAL, etc? Sox need a total overhaul in a lot of areas outside of the major league ballclub, such as Analytics, Player Dev, Scouting. They don't even have a successful organization-wide philosophy on how to win at all levels If Getz doesn't bring in outside help from successful teams, then you aren't going to see any meaningful change at any level. It wasn't just KW/Hahn being bad at their jobs, it was also a failed top down approach on how to achieve long term success Hahn felt you could just draft consensus top players and throw them into the farm system and they'll all eventually turn into all stars
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