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  1. I think this is probably the best time to move Kopech if the return is good, he's actually healthy
  2. I have a feeling some contracts are gonna be dumped, guys who ppl weren't expecting to be traded
  3. It's absolutely a coaching/development issue. Guys like Wong and Kepler could go to Houston or NYY and perform well because those organizations understand all that goes into getting the most from just about every player on their 26m roster. This is what worries me about the Sox. I'm glad they shook up their coaching but idk if they picked the right people. I know that the ones who were here before absolutely sucked at their jobs and had no respect from the players.
  4. friend of mine who watched a shitload of NLC games the last 10 years: "Dude he's not the same guy now that he was in STL, plus he's getting fat"
  5. to be fair didn't they have the highest offer Wheeler got?
  6. question is, was his down year just your typical regression/age, or was it due to a league change/unfamiliarity with AL pitching
  7. is this the poorest built $180+ million team ever I'm sure someone will pick a Yankees or red Sox team but this one is pretty meh
  8. Doesnt the MLB have a league wide rule against using any federally scheduled drug?
  9. Jake Burger is AAAA fodder now? come on
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