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  1. https://www.archivebuttons.com/ Paste the link, click the last button at the bottom (12ft.io), on the right hand side
  2. Dbacks broadcast saying Robert isn't a threat to run, wonder what they heard. Or are they just assuming that he's still hurt
  3. Nightengale said he would be surprised if the Sox don't dismiss Grifol after 2024
  4. Mena was the better prospect, are you suggesting that it was a fair trade? cmon dude
  5. this team is garbage and they should feel bad for taking people's money
  6. of course trading him would be a mistake, but what other option do you have when you're 100% not extending him because your owner is a cheap miser
  7. for anyone who didnt see the mariners broadcast, they thought he was 100% legit, had nothing but praise for him all night
  8. maddux was pretty bad in his first full season, FIP 4.50, ERA 5.61, WHIP 1.64, HR/9 about 1. that was 1987. he had a cup of coffee in 1986, 31IP, numbers were about the same after maddux 2nd season, he was more/less dominant every single year until 2003 and he was still pretty good that year my point being, it's way too early to start overanalyzing Thorpe. he doesn't have the experience, plus he probably won't have the tutelage here either, which is unfortunate. i kinda wish they would fire Grifol and just promote santos
  9. dude was pitching in his ML debut for the worst team in baseball, and still managed to leave the game w/ the lead. once he's settled in, that's when you'll start to be able to grade him. he had to be nervous as fk last night lol
  10. he played like 140+ games last year, so he can stay healthy. i have a feeling there's gonna be a couple teams at least willing to splurge for him
  11. wait, you're telling me they lost another lead? and the bullpen blew it again?
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