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  1. The Error Estuary at the 78 Malfunction Marina Ballpark Catastrophe Cove Park
  2. is soxtalk anti-josh nelson? always wondered why nobody here ever discussed SM
  3. if he's on a tear for the first half, the sox would very much pick up a chunk of his salary to boost the return. they'd only be paying for between 1/3 and 1/2 of a season anyway
  4. imagine being competent enough to not only add guys who will add wins on their own, but to add depth behind them
  5. these are guys who they might be able to flip at the deadline
  6. i don't see Getz waiting til the deadline, that extra time allows a really bad Sox team to severely diminish Cease's numbers, coupled with a half season less of control for whoever he's traded to, the return would be less than if he's traded now
  7. I think Getz knows that his asking price for Cease is higher than what teams wanna pay, he's rolling the dice until suitors start falling off the table, that's when you'll see the price come down 100% sure that cease gets dealt, about 90% sure it'll be for way less than what Soxtalk feels is fair
  8. the solution is to stop caring about the white sox until they're no longer 💩
  9. lmfao he's such a piece of s%*# liar
  10. I think the Sox fan base's cynicism has reached a new level that hasn't been seen before in the last 30 yrs, i wouldnt be surprised if more front office firings happen in 2024, it's gonna be a s%*# show and I think the ballpark will more than reflect it. it'll be even worse than 2023 can you dig it
  11. only way he sells the team is if attendance keeps plummetting to the point where he's humiliated into selling
  12. maybe he sucks at Twitter as much as he sucks at being a journalist 😂 that's fair tho, maybe he heard something but I doubt it
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