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  1. should've traded Giolito after his no hitter
  2. i'd trade Vaughn for him, but it would sting now that abreu already signed with houston a shame the sox couldn't have tried to pull this off last year. would've allowed them to re-sign abreu for a couple more years and solidify their OF i wish we had a real GM
  3. giving away all our top prospects for a 3 win player? what am i missing
  4. weren't Cease, Lynn, Kopech, Giolito all traded for with their own guys
  5. youtubeembedcode.com/es/regler uno
  6. a lot of guys on this team desperately need a reboot that's for sure, hopefully there's an entirely new atmosphere in the clubhouse and the coaching shuffle is enough tbh I'm worried about the team defense, doesn't look good as of now
  7. if Vaughn struggles this year while Abreu is killing it, oh man, the fans are gonna lose their s%*#
  8. will be interesting to see how often he DHs in Houston. If I had to guess, it'll be pretty frequently
  9. I'm with you here but should the Sox have given him 3/60 for his age 37/38/39 years? one of those shitty situations, even harder decision to make than Rodon last year (Sox should've obv sent him a QO)
  10. and they just let their best DH walk
  11. my point being it didn't matter how he produced, they were gonna let him play regardless of whether he busts out or not what's his projected fWAR for 2023? 😂
  12. Should've dealt Vaughn 2 years ago if they could get something decent. I feel like they pencilled Vaughn in as franchise 1B the day they drafted him
  13. Good for him, has a legit shot at a ring now
  14. idk, Team D is still atrocious. Both IF and OF and behind the plate.
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