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    They don't ban realism/dissent like WhiteSoxInteractive.
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    Farmer, Fisk, Kittle, Buehrle, Pierzinski
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    Carlton Fisk's 2000th hit, Tom Seaver's 300th win, Mark Buehrle's perfect game, Carlton Fisk scaring Deion Sanders
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    Farmer, Fisk, Kittle, Buehrle, Pierzinski

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  1. He even sucks at dodging and deflecting. He sucked at hitting, sucked at player development, sucks at building a team, sucks at media management, has a goofy deer-in-the-headlights look on him perpetually. Is there anything he’s good at?
  2. Lighting a fire would not make up for the lack of talent but it would at least make the effort more aesthetically pleasing.
  3. I don’t doubt you but it’s really unbelievable given the business of baseball. Of course no one would win with this team but shouldn’t they signal to the fans that they care a little bit? (In theory of course, I know Reinsdorf hates Sox fans.)
  4. Every day I come here expecting to read he’s been relieved of his duties. Yet here we are in the middle of June and nothing.
  5. One playoff appearance in a real season and an embarrassing playoff exit is no reason for optimism. The data we have show that the White Sox cannot develop players or keep them healthy. There’s no reason to believe that has changed in the last six years. In fact all the evidence seems to support that they have regressed in both these areas.
  6. Had to be that Getz knew him from KC, no?
  7. At this point keep him. Who doesn’t want to see history made? We can always say we were around when the Sox lost 130 games.
  8. In 2024 and beyond who really cares if the team you root for up and moves unless you’re a season ticket holder. You can stream, still use satellite and cable, you can watch them more than you ever could have in the past.
  9. I don’t know what this even means but it’s just hilarious to watch anyway
  10. Of course 1994 had the season cancelled when the White Sox were poised to reach the World Series. The person spearheading the shutdown was Reinsdorf. He doesn’t get credit for anything post 1994.
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