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    They don't ban realism/dissent like WhiteSoxInteractive.
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    Carlton Fisk's 2000th hit, Tom Seaver's 300th win, Mark Buehrle's perfect game, Carlton Fisk scaring Deion Sanders
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    Farmer, Fisk, Kittle, Buehrle, Pierzinski

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  1. Reinsdorf doesn’t get credit for offering Machado $100 million when there were poison pills in there and he had no intention of ever paying that money. It’s as credible as any one of us offering Machado $100 million. Same for Wheeler. It’s easy to offer something that won’t be accepted.
  2. Disagree. I’d rather see a game in which the team I root for loses while fighting hard rather than seeing a team go through the motions. Its night and day. if you’re on the team a loss is a loss. If you’re a consumer that’s not quite the case.
  3. Does one earn extra points for remaining a fan of a team when they're winning? If one isn't getting enjoyment out of a sports team they support for entertainment should one be shamed for looking elsewhere?
  4. Forgive me I’m a bit out of the loop … is that the going rate for top relievers these days or is this a massive outlier? Seems a lot for a reliever, even a good one.
  5. (I am currently replaying this 1979 season in APBA. It was a different game back then.)
  6. I’m not sure Getz knows more than a drunken LaRussa or an aged Reinsdorf. He has that deer caught in the headlights look perfected.
  7. Actually it seems that they peaked in 2007 and haven’t sniffed that since 2008. I know we are still coming out of a pandemic but even before it was 10% off the high.
  8. I’ve heard plenty of people complain about the latter and how much it costs to go to a movie today. Your first paragraph is true but people deserve to keep their money if the price to watch is too high.
  9. Reinsdorf would have made a great bureaucrat.
  10. I suppose it’s better than Royals cast offs.
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