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  1. QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Jun 20, 2015 -> 01:08 PM) 1. I posted the link. You could choose not to follow it. I think it's sort of hilarious that you said this. They raised a flag. You could choose not to give it any weight. It's free speech, guys. Whether you agree with what it stands for or not, it's anyone's right to fly a Confederate or nazi flag. And Balta, you never really answered the question of what you would do to prevent a shooting like this. You just made a smarmy remark.
  2. QUOTE (KyYlE23 @ Jun 19, 2015 -> 11:43 AM) DA, you dont want to blame anyone except Soxtalk. Its never the players, managers, or coaches fault, just the people who are pissed off that this team looks and plays like s***
  3. QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Jun 19, 2015 -> 10:54 AM) So the White Sox struggles the past 3 seasons are all on Robin. If they would have hired Dave Martinez, there probably would have been playoff appearances and capacity crowds? Nope, but he's been a factor.
  4. QUOTE (chitownsportsfan @ Jun 19, 2015 -> 10:34 AM) Balta really nailed this one. So did 90% of the other posters but Balta's takes were spot on. Maybe KW and Rick should poll Soxtalk on the new manager. The majority of posters were right. Funny to look back on the last few pages, though. Lots of people mocking the outrage a little too early.
  5. QUOTE (KyYlE23 @ Jun 19, 2015 -> 07:58 AM) well, after reading the first 20 pages i saw that Marty34, SOXOBAMA, and WHITESOXRANDY loved the move, and SoxBadger was for it as well. And that's basically it. That's surprisingly one-sided for Soxtalk.
  6. Nobody thought the Ventura hiring would work out. It seems like the only thing Soxtalk has ever agreed on. And the thread proving that is actually hilarious in retrospect.
  7. QUOTE (ChiSox_Sonix @ Jun 19, 2015 -> 07:33 AM) I agree. Season's over. Try and get whatever you can for some of these guys. I can't believe it's mid-June and I have completely checked out of the season already. It's just been so hard for me to care about this currently constructed team. They have been incredibly frustrating to watch and follow this year. This post could've been from basically any year between 2007 and 2015.
  8. Feel like I've been watching the same thing for about ten years now. And I use the term "watching" very loosely.
  9. QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Jun 17, 2015 -> 12:55 PM) And I would counter that there's a solid chance that the additional stress of being a police officer offsets any skill or training they receive in such matters, and then submit a proposal to the national science foundation to study such things if I were a social scientist. I would then be told no, this research is unimportant because social science is not a "core science" according to the current Congress. Maybe just pick one social topic to harangue about at a time? You get hard to follow sometimes.
  10. QUOTE (fathom @ Jun 1, 2015 -> 04:44 PM) Gallo promoted to the Rangers. Pretty cool to see his debut. No, it's Callo. With a C.
  11. Did any of you book readers notice the likely introduction of, or at least nod to, Strong Belwas?
  12. Well, you guys have successfully ruined this thread. Take this crap to the buster.
  13. Perhaps Littlefinger expected Ramsay to basically rape or degrade Sansa, believing that it will push her in a direction he wants. I'm sure he's aware of Ramsay's actions in the past and the Bolton family's current state, and because of that, I'm sure he's aware that both Ramsay and Roose know full well that they can't flay the last remaining Stark.
  14. I know it was a rape and all, but what did they really show that has people so angry? Maybe I wasn't paying close attention, but all I remember was Ramsay making her turn around and bend over, tear some of her clothes, and then Theon's face as you hear Sansa crying.
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