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  1. If they're going to hire a former Sox player to manage, it should be Jermaine Dye or Aaron Rowand. Thome would be a disaster he has no energy.
  2. NO. REBUILD. If they try that, Im boycotting. They made us sit through a decade of losing already. If they rebuild again its time to fold as a franchise and move it to Vegas.
  3. IT hurts, hurts really bad. I would say bulletin board material for next year but I don't think anybody on the sox cares.
  4. And you surmised all that because he didn’t give you a Twitter thread on Tony La Russa’s DUI arrest 2 years ago. Just LOL.
  5. Its impressive how you twist every single post into an attack on Tony regardless of the context. For a guy who hasn’t even coached the team in a month now, its getting a little concerning. Find some new material.
  6. Jim Leyland. Sox mistreated him in the 80s.
  7. Hopefully they lose every single game for the rest of the season because I don't think anything less would get Hahn fired, and maybe not even then. The Sox need to bring in an outsider to the role, maybe hire some consultants from the Cubs organization because they seem to actually know what the f*** they're doing. I'm afraid in another 2 years they will again be the clearly superior team in Chicago. The rebuild is offically a bust but that doesn't mean its time for another, there are still ways to salvage this but Hahn cannot be involved in it.
  8. Wow, the Cairo stans disappeared real quick.
  9. Great article. I should have seen tonight coming, being a fan I didnt want to. I remember early on in the season saying that this is one of the only times I can remember watching a season and not even being able to enjoy the wins. They are such a bad team even when they stumble to a W. Huge amounts of talent coupled with piss poor fundamentals and attitude. Ive never so thoroughly disliked a White Sox team as this year.
  10. I’d like a manager who actually holds these bums accountable. Cairo is to blame, and so is the rest of them aside from Abreu.
  11. Robert and Eloy suffering injuries that keep them out for a huge chunk of the season is already a given at this point. Season ending wouldnt be surprising at all.
  12. The season was over on May 9th when they gave up 6 runs to CLE in the ninth inning. We all should have known right then what this ballclub was made out of. I wont make that mistake next year.
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