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  1. They wouldn’t. You’re not a real fan if you want them to move.
  2. Nobody will miss Benetti. Hopefully they bring Hawk back, or somebody of similar caliber.
  3. Its sad to think that if this was even a mediocre franchise we wouldn’t have to worry about them potentially relocating. The fan support would be there and the MLB would never allow it. But this is probably the worst franchise in professional sports, not even close to mediocrity.
  4. Our Chuck is right. TA has got to go.
  5. Sox should sign Bauer. He did nothing wrong as far as I can tell.
  6. They need to hire either Ron Washington or Jim Leyland this offseason. They will enforce discipline.
  7. You just pulled the bolded text straight out of your ass. Please provide some evidence that they hired Getz because he was white, passing up more qualified black candidates. Put up, or shut up because you're acting outlandish (and racist, frankly). There are so many reasons to dislike the Getz hire, I have no clue why you would choose to make his skin color the focus of your ire. Race baiting is tiresome.
  8. Dollar dog night… oh wait, nope… Dippin’ dots and good craft beers. Just don’t pay attention to the product on the field.
  9. Why would you openly wave the white flag and say we’re not going to try and land big free agents??? Who is going to want to play for this team? Even if you’re not going to spend money, just lie and pretend! The MLB needs to do something and take this away from Renisdorf. He’s openly sabotaging this storied franchise.
  10. They could get lucky, like in 2005. Thats literally thr best we can expect under this ownership. Rebuilding, developing talent- forget it!
  11. The sox can’t develop talent, so I agree with Jerry: WIN NOW! Rebuilding is pointless for this org.
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