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  1. today was a case for our manager being hot s%*#. Pinch running for no good reason, not pinch hitting when the game was for the taking. Just overall looking like a complete dumbass.
  2. Of this entire season? Not a bunch of ripe and talented young players to be developed - just a bunch of JAGS. Draft order? Is that the point? Doesn't seem as important in baseball. I don't feel sorry for one player on the team. They should all be relegated for being a total fucking embarrassment.
  3. translation: it's not my fault - He should get fired.. but honestly i cant say he owns as much of the losing as we want to believe. It's a joke of a team with a lot of injuries and the most not give a f*** constructed bullpen of all time.
  4. MLB needs relegation. That way shyster teams like the white sox can't get away with fielding teams that have zero interest in competing for years.
  5. mlb is the worst of all the major sports when it comes to officiating. They suck balls.
  6. ya so much for 1 start wont make or break you. slight above avg fastball with a bunch of unimpressive off speed pitches. No future.
  7. umpires are so bad at balls and strikes this year. I guess they know they are getting replaced with robots soon so aren't even trying anymore. It's atrocious
  8. this is the worse baseball team ive ever watched for about 10 innings this year...
  9. I've hardly watched any games this year - after being a regular viewer for 33 years. Congrats white sox on such a shitty product that I can't even motivate myself to FF DVR through it.
  10. Jason is a solid announcer and seems like a decent guy but we really don't know him. However, he always annoyed the s%*# out of me as much as i thought he was good. I couldn't care less tbh honest that he is gone.
  11. This has been mostly our intact line-up that was supposed to be formidable... Wow is it bad... it's pretty remarkable how shitty the offense is. We are not missing anyone that wasn't supposed to be a threat... and we can't do s%*# on offense.
  12. dude is a joke and that is saying something with the managers we have had lately
  13. if you didnt catch it... lead off error followed by a balk with the bases loaded.... quality coaching and player development
  14. i dont see how this dude can keep is job... man tonights fiasco... no way this guy deserves this job
  15. gavin sheets just go away please.. ugh what a scrub
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