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  1. cant wait until i dont have to watch josh harrison play anymore like seriously do we purposefully look for guys with horrible plate discipline and no power?
  2. I think this is what most people expected. especially after this year has been a complete melt down.
  3. quit watching a few days ago.. but i see the meltdown is still on go
  4. romy reminds me of sebby.... cant hit a 93 mph fastball down the middle. not really mlb quality for the long run.
  5. dear luis robert.... quit swinging at the first pitch every fucking time. is there any common sense coaching going on? how do they keep letting him do that.
  6. sox suck... but no one expected the guardians to be 14 games over .500 Cairo totally fucked up the bullpen tonight... but its not like we dont know he isnt the brightest.
  7. team showed what is made out of when it matered most made out of losers besides like 4 players
  8. likely the last game i watch this year f*** diekman.. but also f*** this fucking b**** ass ump he cost cease at least an innning
  9. what a shitty way to lose after all that effort
  10. yeah twins should have there... just dumb
  11. sorry when you havent scored in the first two extra innings you gotta bunt the guy over in the 3rd set.... just have to
  12. no one can complain about sox injuries if they have seen the s%*# show the twins are having to run out there the past few weeks.
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