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  1. Jason is a solid announcer and seems like a decent guy but we really don't know him. However, he always annoyed the s%*# out of me as much as i thought he was good. I couldn't care less tbh honest that he is gone.
  2. This has been mostly our intact line-up that was supposed to be formidable... Wow is it bad... it's pretty remarkable how shitty the offense is. We are not missing anyone that wasn't supposed to be a threat... and we can't do s%*# on offense.
  3. dude is a joke and that is saying something with the managers we have had lately
  4. if you didnt catch it... lead off error followed by a balk with the bases loaded.... quality coaching and player development
  5. i dont see how this dude can keep is job... man tonights fiasco... no way this guy deserves this job
  6. gavin sheets just go away please.. ugh what a scrub
  7. getz message to the team to show him who wants to be here next year was evidently quite inspiring by the play we saw tonight.
  8. AJ Pierzynski offers critical take on White Sox GM hire (larrybrownsports.com)
  9. we all knew in our hearts nothing was going to change. Have to keep things in the family... even with mostly failure and and incompetence for the past 30 years. joke of an organization
  10. yep i wanted to trade him... looks like a fraud and only been more the case
  11. i love boone... he was wrong on that particular pitch but diaz has always had no clue about the strike zone. but he stands up for his players.... something i havent seen around here forever.
  12. no offense because ive dealt with some good umpires but laz diaz sucks
  13. next big news is Midleton is going to tell me the sky is blue.
  14. anderson is a bag of hot garbage.. but f*** what anyone on cleveland says... garbage ass franchise that never tries to win s%*# anymore. they can suck a dick.. we are supposed to care what they think? Say what?
  15. watch the video above.. he almost collapsed again by the dugout... ramirez knocked him the f*** out. Ramirez has always seemed to me like he was a couple sandwhices short of a picknick... However, he showed Timmy what "slugging percentage" actually is.
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