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  1. I can 100 percent say without any hesitation that Nick is a tremendous person. Comes from a great family. He was great to deal with and cover from all the way back to Naperville Central (2011-13) and the times I've spoken with him since the Royals drafted him in 2016.
  2. Covered Nick for his three years at Naperville Central (2011-13) and I'm very happy for his family, who won't have to travel far to see him. Nick and his parents are class all the way. Kind of sucks because he's going from a 100-win team to a 100-loss team, but we'll see if he gets tendered a contract. Gold Glove caliber defense, obviously. Sox only had the other Nick who graduated from a Naperville high school in 2013 (Nick Solak; Naperville North) for 48 hours back in April.
  3. https://twitter.com/whitesox/status/1722630678188322842?s=46&t=eeY21BfKgZu40yfsX8JL2w
  4. https://twitter.com/whitesox/status/1697255530560102482?s=46&t=vqbtQOVFWdQM2PLrIJrpAw
  5. Hopefully in 10 years, come 2033, New Comiskey will play host to the 100th anniversary of the first All-Star Game (1933). But we all know MLB can be challenged at times to do the right thing.
  6. Understand why TLR is giving Abreu the day off, but it sucks Abreu wasn’t able to join Cecil Fielder in AL RBI history. The three three-run homers Perez had in two games against the Sox in KC is what really got Perez in contention for his eventual league RBI win. Well, hope Abreu and the boys get a ring at the end of the month or early November instead...
  7. Would anyone be willing and able to burn or copy Sox playoff wins on to DVDs? I’d like to not clog up my parents’ DVR. I have a DVD recorder with a hard drive that was able to get the WOW! signal through the wall up until May when the DVR crapped out and the cable guy cut the signal coming from the wall. I’d just need any potential Sox wins in the ALDS and ALCS because I do have an antenna that gets OTA channels (ABC, NBC, FOX) and I’d be able to record any World Series games. I’m not sure if there’s a way to download the games off MLB.com or whatever. I’m 38 and it’s the seventh time they’ve made postseason in my lifetime (1983, 1993, 2000, 2005, 2008, 2020 and 2021), so we all know how rare it is for franchise. I’ll pay to get it done - if anyone’s willing. Advice welcomed in DMs.
  8. Unfortunately that isn’t gonna happen. https://www.google.com/amp/s/espnpressroom.com/us/press-releases/2021/06/dynamic-diverse-and-accomplished-team-to-present-espns-nhl-coverage-to-fans/amp/
  9. I’m a Naperville Central alumnus and covered Lopez when he was with the Redhawks and he’s a great guy with great family, but you hit nail on head with that. Constant refrain from Benetti every time the Sox play the Royals. Does get a little old sometimes.
  10. They did, Lip. 2016 was the last year, I believe.
  11. QUOTE (fathom @ Oct 22, 2016 -> 10:37 PM) Only part of the rebuild they got lucky on is Arrieta and Hendricks. Try getting Rizzo for Cashner while Hoyer was Padres' GM, in addition to Russell.
  12. BBaum21


    I'll take a PM, Rock, if you're willing.
  13. QUOTE (Jose Abreu @ Jul 5, 2014 -> 11:15 AM) ESPN has Sale, Ramirez, and Petricka making the all-star team... Just curious, where did you see that? Saw a page with ESPN experts picking their respective teams and Petricka wasn't found on any of them. Glad to see they all had Sale in, as he deserves it despite that DL stint.
  14. QUOTE (HickoryHuskers @ Jun 6, 2014 -> 12:21 PM) Clearly they think they are going to need to sign their #3 draft pick underslot to be able to pay for the first two. Completely understandable, although I would loved the guy from SDSU that the Twins took. That bullpen might be good quite quickly.
  15. QUOTE (scs787 @ Jun 5, 2014 -> 09:45 PM) I want Burdi if he's there....could be a LH SU(or closer) man next year if not sooner. Burdi isn't left-handed.
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