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  1. Yeah not sure why you use Graveman with a 6 run lead in the 9th. I know this is a must win, but maybe you let Ruiz try and get a few batters???
  2. Twins get Sandy Leon from Cleveland
  3. The Rodon contract has that poison pill in it.. which is he can already opt out for 2023 if he wants. But if he gets hurt at some point between now and the end of the season, he can opt-in and get all $22 million for 2023 and the team is stuck with an injured Rodon and a $22 million invoice.
  4. ok TLR. Now you've got a LHP starting... swap Garcia for Harrison at 2B.
  5. it's a weird rabbit hole to go down, but on Tuesday's game, Lambert comes in, throws all of 2 pitches and then TLR puts Kelly out for the 7th. He could have easily let Lambert pitch the 7th, thus not using Kelly at all and him having to pitch on back to back days. (or swap Kelly with Graveman in this scenario) His constant insistence to not use Lambert or Lopez for more than 1 inning, causes over-usage of the bullpen and "could" have potentially saved Kelly's injury.
  6. AZ Trades: Madison Baumgarner and Cash to the White Sox CWS Trades: (2) A/AA Prospects Then either the Sox trade Cueto now, to a team in need of pitching for a few months, since he'll be a FA and get some prospects back, or they keep Cueto in the rotation now, move Kopech to the pen for the last few months of the season to bolster that, and make the rotation... (1) Cease (2) Giolito (3) Baumgarner (4) Lynn and (5) Cueto. Rotation for 2023 would then be set after Cueto exists and Kopech moves back into the rotation again.
  7. Agreed on allocation. Saddled with the Keuchel salary does handcuff them dramatically. but if you could either a) have Rodon at $22 million with (2) AAA level guys in the pen and Leury as your starting 2b or b) have Velazquez/Lopez/Cueto as the SP but Kelly, Graverman in the pen and Harrison as starting 2B which would you pick? They cost about the same.
  8. If Jerry would spend unlimited cash then sure. But that’s not how he is. There’s no way they have a starting rotation of… Rodon- $22 million Keuchel- $18 million Giolito- $7.5 million Cease- $750k Lynn- $14 million ~$62 million for their starting 5?!?!
  9. Pre injuries, what’s Kopech’s role if they sign Rodon? Another year in the bullpen?
  10. Nothing but best wishes for Carlos but not sure $22 million a year for each of the next 2 years would have been a wise investment for the Sox. Hope Carlos stays healthy but he hasn’t been able to put together a full, healthy year of quality starts since 2016. so yeah it would have been nice to have him on the team and I’m sure if they could have gotten him for $10-12 mil or a 1 year deal they would have, but where the market set his price, this team couldn’t go to.
  11. so I literally bought tickets, last night, for the Sunday 3/27 game at home vs Diamondbacks. Now I see that game is no longer on the Schedule and the tickets magically disappeared from my MLB Ballpark app. The 27th is now a Dodgers home game vs the Sox, Has anyone heard how they are handling tickets purchased to games that dont exist? Refund, exchange??? Thanks,
  12. Mr. Consistency with the batting average over the past 5 seasons. .270/.271/.279/.271/.267
  13. I'd vote... Vizquel (just to keep him "on the ballot" until the MILB case has been determined Jones Wagner Helton Buehrle Ortiz
  14. 2012 Rays do an extension with Longoria for 6 years, $100 million that would have kept him in Tampa thru 2023. 2017 Tampa trades him to the Giants, with cash, for a bunch of guys who never really contribute.
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