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  1. This has been a weird front office thing for a while. Not putting people on the DL, not putting them on the 60 day DL when its obvious that they are not coming back for a while. Its almost like Hahn has no idea on how it works.
  2. Great, then he should be a DH day one. Playing him in RF sends the wrong message. Especially game one of the preseason.
  3. I think the RF choice is the more pressing issue. They went out and got a LFer because he couldnt keep healthy playing the field. Now we are going to pretend that him in RF at any reps is any better. How about the fact that he has a noodle for an arm. Lots of dudes going first to 3rd on him this year if he plays the field. He should be a DH day one just to press this home that this is his position. Not letting the inmates run the asylum.
  4. I am very shocked that Hahn acquired another reliever.
  5. Rick Hahn is back in his natural habitat.
  6. Well I am so glad we hired the KC Royals ex-coach and we are dumpster diving in the Royals end of the pool for scraps. The money will be spent. I am ready for the parade.
  7. Yet this guy still wears a sox uniform and cant be fired due to his ability to keep JR informed of the dugout.
  8. The Indians and the Twins would love to see Eloy in RF. It would make 1st to 3rd almost an automatic with his noodle arm.
  9. Short arm action vs long arm action means more with arm climb at foot strike. As long as his arm is in the correct place at foot strike the rest doesn’t matter. The arm spiral and layback are usually the same. Short arm is used a lot to simplify moving parts. The more worrying thing is this guy keeps changing his mechanics every year or so.
  10. If you think thats boxing then neither have you.
  11. Yeah, for the older non athletes. Sure its difficult. But for elite athletes, that is a cake walk. Just because I cant do it doesnt mean a professional athlete in their prime is held to the same standard.
  12. Luis Robert is in game shape. If this is his personal trainer he needs to be fired yesterday. Part of the offseason plan was for these guys to take care of their body and get into a shape that can extend through the season without any major issues. That looks to be an abject failure here.
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