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  1. it’s a great piece and sums things up well. josh nelson has a good twitter thread on the state of things today that is also excellent (although it outlines steps the org will never take). I’m sticking with the team, probably more out of habit and the hope we’re near the end of this leadership group and i find the possibility of a new ownership group and taking better advantage of being in a major market compelling. if they moved i’d have reassess. with that said, i think this season has the potential to be the ugliest I’ve seen. the fanbase is already super pissed and we haven’t played a game.
  2. it would be annoying, stupid and another middle finger to “outsiders” (fans, media, etc). that said it isn’t going to influence how the team performs next year, so i choose not to care.
  3. i actually like the players they have quite a bit. i don’t think the core they assembled is a massive failure, they just didn’t aggressively complement it enough and still haven’t, which is frustrating. regarding ownership, it obviously sucks. second-place jerry is a pox on the franchise. the only solace i take is that we may be near the end of his awful stewardship.
  4. e.g., blow us away with an offer or go pound sand.
  5. first time we’ve adequately addressed an obvious need in a long-ass time so great.
  6. i’m gonna need confirmation from @haywoodjablome.
  7. i refuse to believe hahn’s big offseason move would involve getting rid of a reliever. it challenges everything i know about the guy.
  8. it's been a hallmark of this sox organization to do just not enough. whether it is signing over-the-hill vets instead of more established players, being just short of acquiring top free agents or willing to skip filling a known gap and hoping a cheap in-house option can work, they've done it again and again. all part of jerry's second-place strategy.
  9. yeah, roster/budget management since we accrued the “core” has been atrocious. i have no idea what they are trying to do and it’s a way bigger issue than who’s sitting in the dugout (unless tlr was somehow responsible for overallocating resources on the bullpen and over-the-hill vets).
  10. hey, at least mendoza's a mystery candidate from a team that's been successful. i half expected officer karkovice to emerge as a darkhorse.
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