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  1. agreed. it’s a terrible situation. apathetic to antagonistic fanbase, awful product and replacing a guy who was respected and let go for bad reasons. I’ll cut him some slack. he’s just a young guy trying to make the most of his big break.
  2. only thing left to root for is maximum embarrassment for jr. of course, he has no shame so there’s nothing to root for at all.
  3. getz saying he doesn’t like the team, then going out and assembling a much worse team makes a lot of sense when you consider jr’s disdain for his fanbase. probably why Getz was hired.
  4. yep, this is it. he’s in his last phase of ownership of this team. everything in his background suggested he’d make a hire like getz, because it was easy and comfort. and this is 100 percent about his comfort and zero percent about building a great baseball organization.
  5. thanks. i doubt it drops that low, although it probably should.
  6. what’s the sox record for lowest attendance? i’m thinking total and average.
  7. is this what an obsession with winning looks like? asking for a friend.
  8. “hell, this guy’s dead” we’re getting close to that
  9. i think that was a huge load of bs jerry sold to explain a gm hire no one else would have made.
  10. at times like this it’s bad form not to.
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