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  1. He seems outwardly as a guy that stays healthy. He is a tank.
  2. Need: Good enough defense to keep the first baseman on the bench. A Vaughn rookie year at the plate Expect: a typical rookie learning the pitchers and plate coverage. Average defense with some upside.
  3. If he wasn’t 110%. That appears to be the standard often used.
  4. Shallow group of starters. Even if you like them, use the realistic projections. The Sox need some young arms that can step in, these guys don’t have the outward appearance of an iron staff. My worst nightmare is considering what the Sox are gonna be giving up at the deadline trying to keep the season going at all costs
  5. Tatis is the Sox’s Tatis. Colas we didn’t get by dumping an old pitcher to a desperate, silly team. Other than that, he is.
  6. Benetti’s homer calls are not much better either. The way he forces the home run yell high volume and over pronounces consonants at the ends if words.
  7. Loved everything about him other than his home run calls later in his career. They became contrived and over the top after he added the “Yes!”. I liked it much better free form and spontaneous. Homers became cringe time.
  8. That’s just a reminder not to sleep on Leury haunting this team forever. Hanser is fine of course. Unless the karma police get wind of Sox fans turning the page too soon!
  9. I felt sorry for myself. And must hang onto my fear and depression until he is out of the organization. He’s an injury away.
  10. I don't disagree on that point. Only that his valure as a player on this team would be based on his bat, not third base defense. And for some reason, third base defense is regarded as sacrsanct in the Moncada discussion. Way overrated.
  11. Moncada's salary balanced against his actual production is a reason you couldn't trade him for anything. There, gave ya another. April 3 my man.
  12. You telling me Andrus couldn't play third as well as Moncada can? Honestly I don't know where Moncada should be playing. And this past situation at second base, nothing says Moncada simply improved in the field in general since that small sample size snapshot in his career, and could play second base passably, where his occasional power would make him even more valuable. Sacrificing power at the altar of defense for third basemen is not a widespread model for sure. It would be very easy to replicate. Team don't do that for a reason. Power is that reason
  13. i've never been anti-Moncada per say. Just that he shouldn't be playing third.
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