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  1. Am I understanding this correctly. Eloy and company never tried to play a majority of a season before? Now, the plan is to not only do that, but to do what nobody else is doing, like an iron man. Eloy is a troll guys.
  2. All the things you could’ve got done. But you didn’t. Because you got high, and had to write that post.
  3. that's propaganda meaning, they don't think Getz has the leverage to get what he wants. It doesn't necessarily mean it was out of line. They perceive the Sox and Getz to be too weak to be able to get their asking price. Again, people need to slow it down, and wait for the leverage. What's the hurry? Can't wait to get to our 95 loss marathon?
  4. Circling back. Meaning Getz sticking to his guns on trade compensation was perfectly reasonable. People are just impatient
  5. From my sources, Getz is building a team in his own image
  6. He's figuratively Adam LaRoche, Kevin Youkilis,.... this list goes on on on Sox lore
  7. If people accepted that they aren't trying to win, all the stress goes away
  8. Those guys will craft any narrative which goes against the grain of popular opinion, because everyone else is stupid. They're so much smarter, and they endeavor to belittle.
  9. Sox fans hate buses and trains. That’s a shame. Place will be empty You’re right. We haven’t seen renderings yet, so obviously it’s going to be a fan-unfriendly dump.
  10. Why was Jerry able to do this, and not Kevin Warren? This question is not being asked, but for Bears fans, inquiring minds want to know. This has the potential to upend the new Bears Chief
  11. So I haven’t kept up how this is able to be financed at least in part with public assistance that is ostensibly not available to the Bears?
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