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  1. Considering his production, why would not Moncada be in this boat first? Realistically they’d be selling low. But “a number of reasons” should make a less productive player more vulnerable than the more productive one.
  2. I remember a day when the Sox could have done that. But it would be sacrilege if you’re Chicago.
  3. Aha. So that’s what you were intimating the other day. Not the shakeup we needed however (eyes dart to the left)
  4. Same. Low point. Mostly because this team had high expectations. But the suits failing over and over the last number of years to finish their work is like gut punching every year now. Watching them struggle with this endless trash show parade of stumblebums in the outfield is hard because it’s seemingly their limit of performance. Someone above mentioned how low expectations have gotten because there are people on this forum that are cool with this. Yeah Gallo . Could be worse I guess
  5. It’s shocking how little effort they’re giving right now on the field and off. I had thought they might try and mend fences with the fans a lot more than this. I don’t know how Pedro is going to raise this up.
  6. His reputation seems better than his production
  7. I once saw him scissor kick Angela Landsbury.
  8. Figures this was plan A from the beginning. So Soxy
  9. What does he, strike out 40% of the time now?
  10. The anticipation of this microscopic lotto chance is more exiting than any point of last season.
  11. As a basic talent deployment, transferring the talent from the edge to the middle does make for optimal deployment. Especially if Moncada isn’t providing power at a power position. If we aren’t getting much needed lineup power, shore up the middle.
  12. “Pretty unlike the Sox” now I have to think that thru. Trading youth for youth? Prime years for prime years?
  13. I just don’t want the Cubs to pick higher than us. That is all.
  14. Well that’s outlandish. But it shows how wrongheaded the Sox decision on him was. Thats my only takeaway.
  15. Solving problems with intentional actions. According to quantum theory, there is a universe out there where this type of thing is done by the Sox
  16. https://ontapsportsnet.com/white-sox/mlb-winter-meetings-2022-chicago-white-sox-preview-rick-hahn until proven otherwise, 100% this
  17. IMHO, a top level prospect deal for Reynolds requires more years of control. And people are overpaying with their multi-player offers.
  18. This is obviously about his contract situation, his agent hoping that someone in the organization is interested in another team’s possible offer. So gin up some offers. But it seems like a hail mary pass by Reynolds.
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