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  1. Absolutely. I mean, instead of rando floor oriented college pitcher every time, try a catcher once in awhile. Or a high school kid. I like what Mike Shirley has been doing however. I don’t know they’re doing signing international catchers, but I see a couple guys in the system with some juice. Hell its all a crapshoot. Im just riding all the first baseman and DHs like whipped mules until they leave and people stop projecting Sheets in the outfield
  2. Well that’s witty. Dont quit man, stay in the game. The draft is a crap shoot. You can do it.
  3. Might want to think about drafting them high before first baseman and DHs.
  4. If the players union rank and file ever believed this is how the Sox actually operated, they could never field a team on the South Side.
  5. I don’t think so either really. But he might get more than a one year deal. and I doubt the Sox wanted to commit to that for either guy. By the way I would be just as surprised if Cueto did get more than a year than signing for the amount stated. But from opinion I am reading, his potential deal is being talked about like that
  6. The way I see it we have a DH and a first baseman. Platoon them whatever fashion is required based on the pitching. It doesn’t need to be everyday remedy to play them out of position. The Sox are the only team that thinks the solution to outfield s%*# is to play their stiffs. Complicating it all is nobody knows what to do with their overpaid stiff catcher. There is another way, they have to find it. If they get forced by circumstances that’s one thing. They have to plan for the season much differently than projecting a first baseman in the outfield again under any foreseeable vision. Sheets covering for roster fails is NOT a fallback option for a responsible organization.
  7. Not ideal. I’ll say. This team is not unfucked until they fix the fucking roster ffs. God dammit Sheets in the outfield again? Then we have the continued list of *reasons* why first baseman are playing all over the diamond again, and why it has to be that way.
  8. We’re missing a lot of scouting information that teams may be relying on for his evaluation.
  9. I mean, considering the names out there we’ve been talking about for the spending, I’d prefer just to use call ups to fill the holes. I media gave me better options, we can have a different discussion of spending preferences.
  10. This actually gives me more hope. 8 million really tampered my excitement response if that was all he could attract. Good news.
  11. Agree a lot. But the Sox are banking in a lower price tag imo more than upside. Which appears not very much believable considering the price tag. I like Cueto here, because he’s been getting by by being a pitcher more than with stuff, which could be easier to replicate than finding old pre-surgery stuff.
  12. I am in the Cueto camp. Because recency bias is sometimes warranted just by the inherent recency. Anyway, there are a million permutations and combinations possible. But if Clevinger’s velocity remains down, that distills the possibilities down quite a bit. If I had to distill my own concerns, they consisted of 2. Clevinger’s recent velocity drop Clevinger’s age of recovery from TJ His lack of serious interest around a league desperate for pitching probably verifies the concern(s). I mean, I don’t know what Cueto is gonna get. But if its a better offer than Clevinger, it feels like the thinking in front offices right now.
  13. I'll add a guess. His velocity hasn't come back yet. Projection remains murky.
  14. Now is the time for Kopech to grow the hair long again because, wtf Clevinger. Pretty sure a long haired Kopech is a Cy Young candidate.
  15. That's, really low. Were the Sox bidding against themselves lol
  16. If JR hates Giolito specifically, that's one thing. But if JR routinely goes after union reps, that's one way to alienate your entire roster and to ensure nobody would ever sign in Chicago.
  17. The realm of being petty over money is understandable to me. Its not like specific union reps cost him any more money, so there’s no practical point to it for JR. Is he gonna get rid of every guy that takes that role for no practical reason?
  18. Thanks for the background. Again, if JR took out his meta union philosophy on individual union reps for no good productive (Sox) reason, I'm stunned to learn about. MLBPA is going to see to it that rules are followed no matter who the team rep is.
  19. I mean, I can possibly understand JR has an attitude, but the fact that there would be no Sox upside to dumping a union rep, and that JR would take it that far out of spite would be surprising to learn
  20. Maybe Im not understanding, are the Sox known for union busting activities? The MLBPA isn’t going to be denied anything, Giolito or no Giolito. There are way too many powerful and interested parties on the players sides for the players to ever be denied anything as far as player rights these days
  21. Fair enough. Ill just add, my impression of TJ pitchers in their 30s returning to form is not good. Correct me if Im wrong. If the velocity is down, I’m not gonna be optimistic especially.
  22. I don’t think moot point is the right way to describe it exactly. Fatal flaw is better. The Sox in particular should be trading high on players, flipping for prospects and youth because other than the payroll blips, they seem big $ ticket item averse. If their scouting department can’t sign good prospects, then use other teams’ scouting departments.
  23. Other than a more fair percentage of revenue which the players have already gotten in recent times in all sports, every team has union reps, and its not a ‘problematic’ thing. More of an is what it is thing. From ownership perspective. The awesome return would be dumping his pus arm.
  24. I feel like Cueto is more likely to have a 3.35 ERA in 2023 than Clevinger.
  25. I don’t know Pedro or Colas at all, but I feel some kind of annoying platoon thing happening. That can also be Thanksgiving dinner reappearing for a final farewell
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